Guiding Light Update Thursday 10/24/02

By Eva
Proofread by Susi

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At the Spaulding Mansion, Alexandra decides to do some redecorating. Olivia asks Alexandra to wait on her Evita routine until after the wedding tomorrow. Alan asks Philip to keep Alexandra company while he and Olivia discuss last minute wedding details.

At Towers, Ben tells Holly that he wants to take Marina out to eat. He feels guilty about all the trouble she got into because of him. Ben tells Holly that he and Marina are just friends. Ben wants Holly to talk to Frank and Buzz and persuade them to let him go out with Marina. Holly sees through Ben's story, so Ben tells her if she will talk to Frank and Buzz, he will promise to take his school work more seriously. Holly agrees to speak to Frank and Buzz.

At Company, Marina complains to Lizzie about how unfair her father is because he won't let her go out with Ben. Lizzie tells Marina that she caught Bill and Beth together.

At Towers, Beth talks to Bill about how bad things are between her and Lizzie. As hard as Bill and Beth try to say good-bye, they can't keep their hands off each other.

At the Spaulding Mansion, Olivia asks Alan if they can move into the Beacon after the wedding because she just can't stand living in the same house with Alexandra. Alan refuses to do that because they have to stay in the house for the sake of his plan. Olivia asks Alan if they can at least not invite Alexandra to the wedding. Alan says she is planning the wedding, it wouldn't be right. Alan tells Olivia to just hang on because what he is planning is huge, and she won't be sorry she did as he asked. Olivia makes Alan promise to make Alexandra suffer, and then, suffer some more.

Philip asks Alexandra just how far she is planning to take this game. Philip wonders if he and his children will have to move out of the house. Alexandra says she would never ask him to do that because she loves him and his children. Alexandra says she did all this to protect his children because no one should be allowed to take a child away from its mother. Philip then figures out that Alexandra wants revenge on Alan and Brandon because they took her son away from her. Alexandra denies the accusation and says Philip is just mad because his ex-wives stood up to him. Philip says that when Alan strikes back at her she shouldn't come running to him for support because she won't get any.

At Towers, India arrives to tell Holly she is leaving tomorrow. When Holly introduces India to Ben, India tells Ben that his mother was a wonderful woman. India hands Ben her card and tells him if he ever needs anything, he shouldn't hesitate to give her a call.

At Company, Marina tries to distract Frank and Buzz by talking to them about their lack of a love life. Her efforts don't work, and Frank says she can date anyone she wants except Ben. Bill arrives, and when he spots Lizzie he gives Beth a call, so Beth can come over and talk to her. When Lizzie sees Bill, she starts to leave, but Bill offers to buy her a soda to stall her. Lizzie refuses the soda, so Bill sits down and says he wants to get to know her better. Lizzie says that there is nothing more gross and disgusting, then a guy who is just a few years older then her being with her Mom. Bill says he isn't such a bad guy once she gets to know him. Beth arrives to talk to Lizzie, but she says she is late for Olivia's wedding rehearsal and stomps out.

Marina says Frank and Buzz are being unfair about Ben. Holly arrives to plead Ben's case. Holly tells Buzz and Frank that Marina is almost 18, and Ben is only a few years older and a good guy; so what would be the harm in letting them see each other? Frank still refuses to let Marina see Ben.

At the Beacon, India tells Olivia she won't be able to stay for the wedding because she is leaving tomorrow. India offers Olivia and Alan her best wishes. India tells Philip to take care of himself and be careful. Alan thanks Alexandra for not telling Olivia and Philip about his fake heart attack. Alexandra says she still might tell them. Alan says if she does that, Philip will be more angry with her for not telling him when she first found out. Alan taunts Alexandra about how lonely her life is without a husband or children around. Alexandra says she still might object at Alan's wedding tomorrow, when the judge says is there any just cause why these two people should not marry. Philip warns Alexandra not to do anything to stop the wedding, or she will never see here niece and nephew again. Alexandra promises him she won't cause any trouble.

At Company, Buzz asks Holly why she has been avoiding him. Holly tells him she needs her space. Holly admits to Buzz that she is scared of being hurt again, like she was with Roger and Fletcher. Buzz agrees to give Holly her space but says he won't wait forever.

Ben arrives to plead his case with Frank. Frank tells Ben he is not to have any contact with Marina. Ben asks Frank's permission to escort Marina to the wedding tomorrow. Frank says Ben is to have no contact with Marina.

Beth tells Bill that Lizzie is becoming friends with Olivia just to spite her. Bill, again, tells Beth all that Lizzie needs is time. Beth tells Bill she has been invited to the wedding. When Bill starts making jokes about what he will wear, Beth tells him she is going to the wedding alone.

At the Beacon, Lizzie arrives and offers a toast to Alan and Olivia. Lizzie says that she is happy that they are getting married because it has restored her faith that two people can have the kind of love that lasts forever. Olivia walks out after the toast. Alexandra sends Philip to check on Olivia. Olivia tells Philip that she doesn't think she can go through with the wedding.

At Company, Ben tells Marina that Frank said they can't see each other. Ben drags Marina into the hall and tells her that one good thing came out of all this, that now they know what the rules are, so they can figure out how to break them.

Outside the Beacon, Olivia tells Philip that she and Alan are connected because they like the worst things in each other. Olivia says they are not connected by a deep love, but she and Alan have always been searching for a deep love. Philip advises Olivia to tell his father she isn't sure about the marriage. Olivia says the only way she would give up a life with Alan, is if something better came along right now. Philip tells Olivia he can't have anything to do with her because of the way Alan feels for her. Olivia decides to act like the gold digger everyone thinks she is and go with the sure thing.

Alan talks with the person he has hired to make sure his plan is set. When he hangs up the phone he says his sister won't know what hit her.