Guiding Light Update Wednesday 10/23/02

By Heidi
Proofread by Susi

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The show opens up with Harley and Zack playing hide-n-seek in the Spaulding “Den of Iniquity.” Phillip enters to let Harley know that Zack needs to go get ready for school. Once Zack leaves, Harley tells Phillip that she is willing to do whatever she has to, meaning...break up with Gus, to get her son back.

We are now at Eden’s hospital room, and Gus has shown up with magazines for Eden. He has a new black suit on, and he looks mighty good in it, too. Anyway, Gus is visibly unhappy, and Eden asks if he is still planning on sending her to jail. He doesn’t really answer her, but he does say that jail is where she belongs.

Now, we are at Beth’s hotel room where she wakes up and places a call to Bill, who is working at the Boring Hotel. They begin to set up a breakfast date, but someone knocks on the door. Guess who it is… it’s Lillian, and she is irate. She yells that Beth is a grown woman with responsibilities, and Beth cancels her breakfast date with a very concerned Bill. Bill’s dad Billy walks in and overhears Bill on the phone.

We are at a visiting room, where Cassie is meeting with Reva. They are talking on the phone, and are separated by a Plexiglas window. They both press their hands against the glass, and this scene is really corny. Credits

Cassie asks Reva if there is anything that she can get for her. Reva tells her that Josh can handle all that stuff, but Cassie insists. Cassie apologizes to Reva, but Reva tells her that the blame does not fall on her.

Back in the "Den of Iniquity,” Harley is happily examining a painting that Zack made for her, and Phillip walks back in. She tells him she meant what she said, and that she will break up with Gus, but she also wants him to drop the charges against her, so that she can get her job back. He agrees, and says none of this was done to hurt her, but to protect Zack. She says Zack did not need protecting from Gus, because Gus is a great guy. He tells her that she does not sound like “a women who is about to break up with him,” and she says that is because she loves Gus. Beth Ehlers delivers a heart breaking “I love him,” and my Phillip hatred has reached an all time high. He tells her that as soon as Gus is out of her life, for good, he will return Zack. She tells him that she is on her way to see Gus right now to break up with him. Before she leaves, she tells Phillip that he has no idea what he has cost her, and that he should remember this moment whenever he wonders why nobody really likes him anymore. Commercials.

India walks into the “Den of Iniquity,” and tells Phillip she never meant to hurt him or his father. Phillip asks her if she is staying for the wedding, and she says no, because she is leaving tonight. She tells him that her daughter is getting married, and Phillip has a good laugh over this. The conversation quickly turns to talk of a “fast growing” Lizzie, and then, Phillip tells India that he and Beth are definitely over.

Back at Beth’s hotel room, Lillian is still yelling and calling Beth "a bad mother." Beth tells her she has tried to get through to Lizzie, but Lizzie won’t let her in. Lillian is actually most upset that Beth has begun a relationship with a much younger Bill Lewis. Beth argues that she is the victim of a horrible double standard. I never thought I would say this, but Beth has a point. Look at Alan and Olivia. No one is objecting to their age difference. Lillian is saying some pretty hurtful things, but claims she is saying them out of love. Lillian leaves, and Beth looks thoughtful. Beth being thoughtful? That can’t be right. I’ll try again. Lillian leaves, and Beth looks confused. Much better!

Back at the Boring hotel, Bill and Billy are working on a light fixture. Billy wants Bill to come back to Lewis Construction. Bill does not want to. The conversation quickly turns to talk of Beth, and at this point Billy has no clue that the Beth in question is actually Beth Raines. Bill lets him in on this, and Billy isn’t upset. Then Bill tells him that he and Beth are already married, and Billy looks concerned. Commercials.

Back at Eden’s hospital room, Harley walks in. She thanks Eden for saving Gus’s life, and Eden tells her, “I didn’t do it for you.” Harley tells her she knows that. Eden tells Harley, that Gus told her, that Harley isn't gonna bring any charges against her. Harley tells Gus that she went to see Zack, and she needs to speak with him. They head out to talk. I have my tissues ready to go because I know I’m gonna need them for their upcoming scenes.

Back at the Boring Hotel, Billy is upset now. He tells Bill that he married a wild, red head; not a blonde, divorced, mother of two. He tells Bill that marriage is hard enough without adding step kids into the mix. Billy advises Bill not to flaunt his relationship with Beth in Lizzie’s face. Uh, it’s too late for that!

Back at the visiting room, Cassie tells Reva that she shouldn’t have ignored what Richard told her in her dream for so long. She then tells Reva that on the day of her sentencing, Richard came back to her and told her that Reva was a brave women, and she should be thanked for what she did. Reva expresses her concern for Josh and the kids, and Cassie is about to respond, when a guard comes up to tell them that Reva’s time is up. As Reva is taken away, Cassie yells that she is gonna get Reva out of there soon. Commercials.

Back at the “Den of Iniquity,” India is serving herself to Phillip on a silver platter. Really! She is making a pass at him, and this is truly sickening. Phillip politely turns her down. I guess if you want to date Phillip, you have to get in line behind Olivia.

Back at Beth’s hotel room, Bill shows up with coffee and flowers. They discuss how no one is happy for them and how difficult Lizzie has been. Bill apologizes, with kisses, for complicating her life.

Gus and Harley have headed to Company, and she stops outside and begins to cry. Gus tells her that whatever she is gonna say...  don’t say it, because he doesn’t want to hear it. She tells him that it is indeed over, for real this time and when she comes back to work she will be requesting a new partner. He begs her not to do that, because then he will never get to see her. She says that she cannot see him, and he tells her that they can still find a way to fix their problems. She argues that they have spent months trying to fix their problems, and nothing has worked. She just wants this insanity to stop. Commercials.

Back at the visiting room, Billy shows up, and he and Cassie work together to figure out what they can do to help Reva. Cassie decides to go to San Cristobel so she can track down proof that Richard had a living will. Billy gives her the money to buy plane tickets, and she leaves.

We are back at the “Den of Iniquity,” where India is still trying to get with Phillip, and he turns her down, again. You know… it is scenes like this one and today's scenes with Harley, that give this den its nickname. Anyways, Phillip convinces India to stay for Alan and Olivia’s rehearsal dinner. Lillian walks in and wants to talk about Beth, but Phillip tells her Beth’s problems are not his problems anymore.

Back at Beth’s hotel room, we are greeted by a post-sex Bill getting dressed, while a post-sex Beth is watching him from the bed. She tells him he would look good in a suit, and he replies, “Thanks, ma.” Beth takes offense to that, and he apologizes. Beth still looks upset, so Bill climbs back in bed for another romp; to prove just how sorry he is. The previous sentence can be taken several ways, but I’ll let you be the judge of what I meant.

Back outside Company, Gus is crying and pleading for Harley not to give up on them. She tells him, this is the way it has to be. She tells him that once Phillip sees that the two of them are really over, he will give her son back to her. Gus tells her that she is allowed to have a life, to be loved, and to be taken care of. She begs him to stop, and he finally gives up. He tells her goodbye, and he tells her that if she ever wonders if he really loved her, just know that he loved her enough to let her go. Awwww! Ricky Paul Goldin and Beth Ehlers rock! I see Emmy’s in their future.