Guiding Light Update Tuesday 10/22/02

By Heidi
Proofread by Susi

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The show opens up with a nervous Harley sitting outside of Company. Gus shows up, and they both agree they need to have a talk.

We are now in the courtroom, where the Lewis’s are very upset with the verdict. They are all yelling and saying how they wish they could have at least said goodbye to Reva. Edmond is giving Cassie a very mean look. Outside in the hallway, Frank has arrived to bring Reva to be processed. Josh wants Frank to let him see Reva, but Frank tells him that is not allowed. Edmond comes over to Cassie and starts to rub Reva’s sentencing in her face, seeing as how she's now forgiven her sister.

Cassie tells Edmond that she does not feel validated by Reva going to jail, but that she actually feels guilty, because it took her so long to forgive Reva. He accuses her of feeling guilty because in her heart of hearts she really wanted Reva to go to jail, and she has now gotten her wish.

Frank brings Reva to the room where she will be processed. We watch her get her mug shots, fingerprinted, and her processing paperwork done. The policewoman that is doing the processing also takes away any of her clothing that could be used to harm someone. Frank empties her purse, and catalogs her belongings. Frank then asks Reva to remove her ring. From the look on her face, she never thought she would have to take her wedding ring off, and therefore, this is hard for her to do.

Now we are at Company, where Buzz is on the phone, and Marina is helping out. Once he gets off the phone, he asks Marina why she is in such a hurry to grow up. She answers that she is ready to be free and make her own decisions. Buzz tells her that grownups do get to make their own decisions, but they also have to live with them.

Immediately, we are taken outside to Gus and Harley, who are at this moment living with their decisions and having to make some more tough choices. They start by nervously talking over one another, and Harley asks Gus if he was able to donate blood to Eden for her surgery. He says he was not a match. Hmmmm. Coincidence? I think not. Anyways, Gus tells Harley that although he owes his sister, she does not, so she can go ahead and seek charges on Eden.

Gus and Harley discuss possible new plans, and Harley lets Gus in on what happened at the Spaulding board meeting. They both realize that because Phillip is angry with her, their new plans aren’t gonna work. Gus asks Harley, “Where does that leave us?” and Harley responds, “Nowhere.”

Back inside Company, Marina tells Buzz that she will never be able to grow from her mistakes, if she is never allowed to make any. Buzz doesn’t really deny that, and he tells her that she has freedoms that Frank and Harley never had; those freedoms being the freedom to dream and, essentially, the freedom to be reckless. She asks him if that is a bad thing, and he says he will think about it and get back to her.

Back in the processing room, Frank is about to leave, and Reva thanks him for being patient. A transferring guard shows up to take Reva away. This guard is actually the same actor that plays Morales on the HBO show OZ, but for the purposes of this recap he will be referred to as, “Mr. Scared Straight.” Well, Mr. Scared Straight basically gets in Reva’s face and treats her like the prisoner she has now become.

Back in the courthouse hallway, Josh gives Marah and Shayne a pep talk. Marah says, “We have survived without her before, we can do it again.” Frank walks in, and an irrational Josh begs him to find a way for him to see Reva before she is taken away.

Reva comes back into the processing room in her fabulous new orange jumpsuit. Orange is my favorite color, so I don’t pity her in the least. Mr. Scared Straight is very rude to her again.

Back in the hallway, Josh is in Frank’s face asking him to bend the rules, and Frank agrees to try.

In the courtroom, Cassie tells Edmond she didn’t like being bitter and is glad she was able to let it go. They argue some more over whether or not forgiving Reva was the right thing to do, and Cassie vows to help her sister out of this mess. Edmond vows to himself not to let that happen.

Frank brings Josh to the processing room, but Reva is gone.

Josh is, yet again, being irrational. Now he is upset that they have taken Reva away so soon. He decides to stay behind when Frank leaves, and a few seconds later, Mr. Scarred Straight comes in with Reva. Josh lies to him about who he is and cons him into leaving him and Reva alone for a few minutes.

Back at the Lewis household, Shayne and Marah come home. They are upset, but don’t have a long time to discuss it before the door bell rings, and Marah opens the door to find Cassie standing behind it.

We are back outside Company, and Harley and Gus are still talking. She tells him that she grew up believing that there was no such thing as Prince Charming, that is, until she met Gus. He is her prince. She tells him that several times in her life she has had to give up on relationships that were so wrong, but never has she had to give up on a relationship that was so right. Gus looks very sad. I’m gonna cry, and this time I’m not trying to be sarcastic.

Gus consoles Harley and tells her not to give up on “us.” He holds her and tells her that he doesn’t have all the answers, but they will find a solution. She tells him that she is tired of plotting and planning, and although she really wants to be with him, more than anything, she really wants her son back. Gus says he understands and continues to hold her.

At the Lewis home, Cassie comes in, and Shayne tells her that her turnaround is “better late than never.” Cassie vows to them that she is “gonna fix this mess.”

Back at the processing room, Josh promises Reva that he will do everything he can to get her out of prison.

Mr. Scared Straight is sitting in the hallway outside of the processing room, and Frank shows up. Mr. Scarred Straight realizes that he was conned and busts into the processing room and rips Reva away from Josh. Reva is then dragged down the hall in chains.