Guiding Light Update Monday 10/21/02

By Heidi Anderson
Proofread by Susi

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The show opens up with Reva, Marah and Josh showing up for Reva’s sentencing. Ross shows up, and Shayne arrives with newspapers that have headlines calling for Reva to go unpunished.

Next, we are at the offices of Spaulding Enterprises where Olivia sees Alan’s portrait being taken away and Alexandra’s portrait going up in his place. Phillip comes in and explains what happened during the vote. Then he takes a moment to remind her that the other day she claimed that she would marry Alan whether he was rich or poor. He then tells her to put her money where her mouth is.

We are now at the Spaulding “Den of Iniquity,” where Alex and Alan are discussing her coup, and Alan threatens her. His threats are not even specific. They are vague and general. If Alan were smart, I would say he was doing this to make Alexandra paranoid, but he is probably just doing it because he does not have a plan yet.

Back at the courthouse Edmond shows up, and he and Reva throw insults at one another. Reva actually looks like she is going to punch him or something. She, of course, does not. She wouldn’t want to get arrested for assault, on the day she is to be sentenced for murder...  although, this episode could use a little excitement.

We are then taken to Richard’s grave, where Cassie is placing flowers. While we watch Cassie at the grave, we get Reva and Josh voiceovers where they discuss how Edmond’s “so-called grief” is the last thing on their minds, seeing as how he never really cared about Richard anyway. Wow! Reva and Josh’s sensitivity is bringing me to tears. Credits.

Back at the gravesite, we see Cassie once again. Did I mention she has a new hairstyle? Well, she does. I think her new style is symbolic of her burgeoning new attitude. Then again, this is a soap opera, and I doubt the writers are that creative. Anyways, the whole point of Cassie’s trip, to Richard’s grave, is to talk to him about what she should do in respect to her attitude towards Reva. She wants to forgive her but doesn’t know if she should. She asks Richard to give her a sign that the dream she had the night he died, was in fact, a sign that she should forgive Reva. Almost immediately a strong wind blows, and she stands up with a look of newfound understanding on her face.

At the courthouse, the hearing has begun, some time elapses, and the D.A. asks the judge to give Reva the minimum sentence allowed. Edmond gets up and points his vindictive finger at Reva and begs the judge to throw the book at her. Edmond is playing the role of the victim, and Reva is laughing under her breath. Yeah, Reva, that’s the way to get your sentence reduced... laugh at the victim’s family members! The judge will just love that! Ross then gets up and blathers on in Reva’s behalf. Is it possible that Tory Granger could come back long enough for her to succeed in getting rid of Ross? For good! Josh gets up next and plays the “she is a mother and our family needs her” card. Then the judge gives Reva a chance to speak her mind.

Back at the “Den of Iniquity” Wizard of Oz quotes are spoken, drinks are poured, and Alexandra and Alan continue to insult one another. She accuses Alan of ruining the family and taking her son away from her. Alexandra’s missing son keeps getting mentioned, so I can assume we will be finding out who he is very soon. I have my own guess, but I’m not 100% sure, so I won’t share, but I will give you a hint. She told Gus a few weeks ago that he reminded her of one of her sons. Was that a coincidence? I guess we will see... Commercials.

Back in the courtroom, Reva is now speaking her mind, and she is once again reiterating that she only did what she had to do, not what she wanted to do. She claims that what she did was out of love, and she believes she did the right thing. Cassie shows up unnoticed, with her new hair do and new attitude, right in the middle of Reva’s speech. Once Reva finishes, the judge asks if anyone else would like to say something. Cassie says that she would, and everyone turns around, surprised by her presence.

Back at the Spaulding offices, Phillip questions Olivia’s motives where his father is concerned. Then Olivia questions what his motives are for questioning her. Basically a lot of questions get asked.

Back at the “Den of Iniquity,” Alexandra tells Alan that she will never forgive him for the role he played in taking her son away from her. He tries to hurt her feelings by saying that although she may have the Company, she will be sleeping alone while he will be sleeping next to his beautiful wife. Alexandra quickly responds by saying, “At least [she] won’t be lying next to someone [she] had to lie to in order for them not to betray [her].” Alexandra then walks out, and Alan makes a phone call to an unidentified person, concerning a job he has for them.

Back at the Spaulding offices, Olivia thinks Phillip is harping on her loyalty to Alan because he does not want to focus on his own issues. He does not deny it. They look like they are about to kiss... again.

Back in the courtroom, Cassie apologizes to Reva and asks the judge not to send Reva to prison. Cassie sheds a few tears, so does Reva, and Edmond has an outburst. Cassie goes on to explain that she loves her sister, and she knows her sister loves her. Commercials.

Back at the Spaulding offices, Olivia confirms her love for Alan. Again. Except this time, she includes the stipulation that she will continue to be loyal to him, unless she has a good reason not to. Phillip asks her what would be a good reason, and she doesn’t really give him an answer, but she does lean into him to reach her purse. This is done to entice Phillip and it works, but she quickly pulls away to tell him that she doesn’t want to play games with him anymore. He looks slightly disappointed, or maybe that’s a look of confusion, I can’t really tell.

Back at the courtroom, the judge is back with a verdict. Reva…is…guilty…of…manslaughter. That’s right. She is not guilty of murder, but she will be serving two years up north. I hope she looks good in stripes. Commercials.

We are now at the Boring Hotel, where Alexandra is taking a seat in the lobby. Olivia shows up, cheap shots are taken, and Olivia warns Alexandra that when she took Alan on... she took on Olivia as well.

Back at the Spaulding offices, Alan tells Phillip that he has a plan in the works and not to worry. Olivia shows up and consoles Alan over his loss. He tells Olivia that he is allowing Alexandra to plan their wedding in order to neutralize her. I could have sworn Olivia was just at the Beacon, but whatever.

Back at the courtroom, Josh yells at the judge for doing his job; Reva yells her “I Love You’s," then she is handcuffed and dragged away, like the man slaughterer that she is, and all this is to the dismay of her family and a visibly shaken Cassie.