Guiding Light Update Friday 10/18/02

By Eva
Proofread By Susi

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At the Lewis house, Josh and Reva hold each other as they talk and remember the party with all their friends and family. Josh worries because Reva didn't sleep at all last night. Josh tells Reva he didn't sleep either, wondering what he could say to the judge so Reva doesn't go to jail. Reva says that she is going to jail, but she wants to take good memories with her. Josh and Reva make love.

At Spaulding Enterprises, Alan and Philip worry about what Alexandra is planning. Alexandra tells the board she is worried about her brother's health, as a way to remind Alan that she will tell Philip and Olivia about his fake heart attack. Philip demands to know how his ex-wives can vote, especially since Harley didn't get anything in their divorce. Harley explains that when she was divorced from Alan-Michael, she did get some stock. Alexandra says she gave all the ex-wives more stock so they could vote. Mindy tells Philip she had to come, and Alexandra tells Mindy nobody put a gun to her head. Alexandra moves that she be named CEO as soon as possible. The votes stands 20 for Alexandra, 23 for Alan, and Alexandra votes for herself. Mindy reluctantly votes for Alexandra. Beth explains that she is making this vote for Lizzie's sake because she wants someone at the head of the family who will put Lizzie first. Beth votes for Alexandra.

At the Beacon, Olivia tells Bill there is no rush on the cottage at Mystic Lake. Bill thinks she was fixing the cottage for her and Philip, but Olivia denies the accusation. Lizzie calls Tammy, who tells her she can't meet with her. Lizzie shares her troubles with Olivia. Lizzie says that all the trouble started as soon as Olivia moved into the house and found Lorelei's diary. Lizzie tells Olivia she caught Beth and Bill making love. Olivia tells Lizzie she is sorry that happened to her. Olivia tells Lizzie to wait while she goes to get something. Olivia comes back with chocolate to make Lizzie feel better.

At Spaulding Enterprises, Harley explains that she, too, is casting her vote for Zach's sake and for the first time agreeing with Beth. Harley casts her vote for Alexandra. Blake explains that she is casting her vote because Philip has changed and become like Alan. In a sense, she is voting against Alan, in casting her vote for Alexandra. Alexandra again reminds Alan of his bad heart. Alan and Philip vote for Alan, which puts Alan ahead by one vote. India casts the deciding vote and even though she hates it, votes for Alexandra. Alexandra proudly announces she is CEO of Spaulding Enterprises, with all the benefits including living in the mansion.

After the meeting. Alan asks India why she voted for Alexandra. India says she is very sorry, but Alexandra paid her, and she needed the money for expenses. Philip asks Mindy why she voted for Alexandra. Mindy says she had no choice, and Alexandra interrupts their conversation to give Mindy an envelope containing nude photos of her. Alexandra invites all the ladies to the Beacon for champagne. All the ladies leave, as Alan worries that he has lost everything. Philip says that in 6 months, they could bring the matter up for a vote again.

At the Beacon, Olivia asks Lizzie to be her maid of honor. Lizzie says yes and shares with Olivia that she worries about her dad because no matter how hard he tries to make things right for everyone, he is always lonely.

At the Lewis house, Marah, Shane, and Josh give Reva an early Christmas celebration. Marah gives her Mom a Bible with a message from each of them inside it. Shane gives his mom a radio to take with her. Josh gives Reva a ring made from the hair of her favorite horse's tail. Josh decides to keep the ring because he doesn't think Reva will need it.

At the Beacon, India taunts Blake about not having a wedding ring. Beth tries to talk to Lizzie, but Lizzie gets angry and leaves, after she tells Beth that she will be Olivia's maid of honor. Alexandra toasts Alan. Mindy puts her glass down and says she can't believe she was forced to be a part of this. Mindy tells Alexandra that she doesn't know the meaning of the word family because family doesn't stab each other in the back. Mindy tells Harley and Beth to watch their backs and walks out. Alexandra thanks the ladies for their votes.

At Spaulding Enterprises, Alan feels betrayed by Alexandra and begins throwing furniture around the room. Alan vows that Alexandra won't win. Philip walks in and asks if Alan is trying to kill himself; he tells his father to calm down.

At the Beacon, Olivia is introduced to India. Beth tells Olivia that Alan is no longer in control of Spaulding. As Olivia begins to leave to be with Alan, Beth confronts her and says that she knows the only reason she asked Lizzie to be maid of honor, is to get to Philip, and she won't allow her daughter to be used that way. Olivia says she loves Alan, and the only reason she asked Lizzie to be maid of honor is to make her feel better because she was upset about catching her mother with her latest boy. India asks Blake and Harley why Philip and Beth broke up, and they give her the details. India tells Harley she admires her for what she did today, and the three ex-wives bond over the fact that Beth ruined all of their marriages to Philip. Bill sees Beth, and he tells her about her latest fight with Lizzie.

At the Spaulding mansion, Philip tells his father things will be OK. When Alexandra arrives, Philip says that now she will have to answer to him. Alexandra asks to talk to Alan alone, and Philip leaves. Alan tells Alexandra that she will suffer for what she did. Alexandra tells Alan there are more surprises in store for him.

At the Lewis house, Reva gives Shane her car for Christmas if she goes to jail. Reva gives Marah her grandmother Sarah's opal. Reva urges her children to make memories and write them down, so she doesn't miss anything while she is away. Reva sends Marah and Shane to get the car. Reva gives Josh a kiss, and they head out the door.