Guiding Light Update Thursday 10/17/02

By Eva
Proofread by Susi

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At Spaulding enterprises, Alan talks to his lawyer to see if he can find a loophole in the
Power of Attorney document. Alan suggests that they try to get the board meeting postponed,
but his lawyer tells him it is too late to postpone the meeting. Philip arrives and tells Alan that
Alexandra is moving into the house. Philip and Alan both suspect that Alexandra is trying to take
over the company permanently because the CEO of Spaulding Enterprises is entitled to live in the

At the Beacon, Alexandra checks with her butler to see if five blue envelopes have been
delivered to the five people, and her butler says the five envelopes were delivered on schedule.

At Company, Frank gives Blake the details of what happened to Marinna yesterday. Harley
arrives and tells them things have gotten worse for her. Harley says Eden will be OK because they
got the bullet out, and there doesn't seem to be any internal damage. Harley says the fact that Eden
took a bullet for Gus made her realize three things: how much she loves Gus, how much Eden loves
Gus, and how much Gus loves Eden. Harley says she was wrong to think she could ever break the
bond between Gus and Eden. Harley says that she is back at square one because she can't use the
evidence she has on Eden, which means she can't get her son back.

At Towers, Bill sees Beth and says he is sorry about what happened with Lizzie. Beth tells Bill
about the fight she had with Lizzie at the mansion. Bill says things will be all right, that all Lizzie needs
is time. Bill explains to Beth how he felt when Vanessa first began dating Matt, but in time he realized
that Matt and Vanessa loved each other. A shocked Mindy walks in on Bill and Beth kissing.

At the Beacon, Edmund checks with Alexandra to see if she got the gift he sent her. Alexandra
thanks him for the gift. They flirt for a little while, and Edmund offers his help in fighting the Spauldings.

At Spaulding Enterprises, Philip and Olivia still can't understand why Alan gave Alexandra the
Power of Attorney. Olivia says that if they can prove Alan is healthy, then the Power of Attorney would
be void, and Alan could get his vote back before the meeting. Olivia offers to sign a sworn statement
saying that she and Alan made love last night, so they can prove he is healthy.

At Towers, Beth tells Mindy that she and Philip broke up because Philip is becoming like Alan.
Beth tells Mindy all the things Philip has done. Mindy asks how serious the relationship between Beth
and Bill is, but Bill avoids the question by saying he is angry at Mindy for not calling him, to tell him that
she was coming home.

At Company, both Frank and Blake try to persuade Harley to use the evidence she has on Eden
to get her son back. Harley is confused because she doesn't want to hurt Gus.

At Spaulding Enterprises, Alan agrees to Olivia's idea. Philip starts to leave, to spend time with
the kids before the meeting, but Alan's lawyer wants him to stay to witness Olivia's statement. When
the lawyer leaves, Alan tells Olivia how much he loves her and how much he appreciates what she is
doing for him. Alan and Olivia kiss, as Philip watches them.

At the Beacon, Edmund tells Alexandra how much he dislikes her family and how he wants to
help her beat them. Edmund flirts with Alexandra, hoping she will tell him what she is planning, but all
Alexandra will tell him before getting ready to leave for her meeting is: that it's all about power.

At Towers, Bill and Beth tell Mindy that they haven't had time to define their relationship. After
Bill leaves, Beth tells Mindy how special Bill is to her.

At the Beacon, Alexandra's heading out the door when she is stopped by Olivia, who throws her
out of the hotel and takes back her invitation to her and Alan's wedding. Alexandra says she was moving
out of the hotel today, and it doesn't matter if she isn't invited to the wedding because she doesn't think
there will be a wedding. Alexandra says Olivia's days are numbered. After Alexandra leaves, Olivia says
it's your days that are numbered.

At Towers, Mindy tries to persuade Beth to take it slow with Bill because while these relationships
are nice, they don't last. Beth avoids the subject and leaves Mindy with a worried look on her face.

At Spaulding Enterprises, Philip and Alan are both surprised to see India arrive for the meeting.
India says this meeting was very important, and she felt she should be there for the vote. India asks
Philip if he and Beth are headed for another trip down the aisle. Philip says he and Beth are over for good.
India says those are words she thought she would never hear come out of his mouth.

Alan shows Alexandra the papers that prove he is healthy again. Alan says he is going to call her
bluff because he knows she is too soft-hearted to hurt him.

At the Beacon, Edmund brags to Olivia that Alexandra is going to beat the Spauldings. Olivia tells
him Alexandra is in for a rude awakening.

At Spaulding Enterprises, Alexandra tells Alan he is right about her, and as her last act as CEO
she wants to lead the board meeting. Alan agrees to her request, despite objections from Philip. When
the Board meeting begins, Alexandra tells the board how disappointed she is that Alan's head has been
turned by the charms of a gold digger. Alexandra also tells the board that Philip used to be such a good
man, who gave stock to his ex-wives, so they would have a means of support. Alexandra says Philip has
become cold, and petty, and a man who would take a little boy away from his mother. In short, Philip has
become like Alan.

Alexandra tells Philip that he will soon learn not to give company stock to people he has mistreated.
Alexandra introduces the board to what she calls "The Ex-Wife's Club", who now have enough stock to vote
because Alexandra was kind enough to give them more stock.