Guiding Light Update Wednesday 10/16/02

By Heidi Proofread by Susi

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The show opens up with Gus and Eden arguing outside the old shack, before the “shot heard round the world” rings out. He attempts to handcuff her, but she pushes him aside, and we hear the gunshot. Immediately we are taken inside the old shack, where Harley tells Ben and Marina to get down. She grabs her gun and heads outside to point her gun at the shooter hiding in the bushes.

We are now at the Boring Hotel, where Cassie is sitting in the lobby holding the envelope, filled with the mystery cash, she found earlier. She wonders where it came from and has a flashback of Danny warning her that if she doesn’t pay back her debt, after the second black rose is delivered, she will wind up sleeping with the fishes. Blake walks up and sits down next to her. Blake questions her about the envelope she is holding, but Cassie doesn’t really give her an answer. Blake tells her she came to check on her and asks her if she will be attending Reva’s sentencing tomorrow. Cassie says, “[she] is thinking about it,” but she doesn’t want to hurt Reva.

We are then taken to the Lewis residence, where Reva walks down their steep staircase in a very loud, hot pink blouse. I guess she is getting used to wearing loud colors, seeing as how she has orange jumpsuits in her future. Ross, Shane, Billy, Josh, and Mindy are all in the living room. Reva walks in and takes a moment to thank Ross for his ineffective defense. Not really! But she does thank him for all his help. As I said, Mindy is here, and the writers must have stopped drinking because we have been getting a lot of continuity lately. Marah comes home to support her mother, and this causes Reva to decide to bust a groove. No really! She turns on the radio and begins to boogie down. Everyone joins in; except Ross who is waiting for Blake, Shayne who has no partner, and a visibly upset Marah.

We are back outside the old shack, where Gus and Eden are on the ground. Harley threatens Ripley’s goon, who is the shooter, to put the gun down. Harley handcuffs the goon and asks Gus if he is hurt. He replies that he was not the one who was shot. He feels for Eden’s pulse, and urges her to “Come on.” All the Eden fans out are urging her as well. All five of them must be really worried. The credits roll.

We are back at the Lewis living room, where Reva is now serving refreshments. Mindy glances at an envelope with her name on it and then asks Billy how in the world Reva can be so happy considering the situation. He replies that her high dosage anti-depressants work wonders. Not really! He actually says Reva’s good attitude is due to the fact, that even though her future doesn’t look too good, right now she is surrounded by people that love her, and that is all that matters. Reva appoints Shayne to be party DJ, and Marah questions her mom about what Ross said about her sentencing possibilities. Marah is clearly upset, and Reva asks her if she is angry with her for pleading guilty. Marah doesn’t really answer Reva’s question, and Reva basically tells her to forget about tomorrow and get her party on. Josh is talking to Ross about what the judge might do, and Reva interrupts them to encourage them to party as well. Reva and Josh walk to the area by the front door, to be alone, and talk about the fact that Cassie isn’t there at the party.

We are taken back to the Boring Hotel, where Blake wants to know why Cassie thinks going to the sentencing will hurt Reva. Cassie replies that if she shows up, the judge and the media will focus on her loss and lose sympathy for Reva. Blake adds that her presence could also be seen as a sign of support. They talk some more about how Richard should have left a living will, of course; they don’t know that he in fact had one, but Edmund burned it up. Cassie whines to Blake about how lately everyone has been upset with her, and Blake assures her that no one blames her or Richard for the tragic events of the past few months. Cassie explains that although she doesn’t agree with what Reva did, she doesn’t want her to go to jail. Blake changes the subject to herself and quickly gets up to leave for Reva’s wake, I mean, party. The camera pans out, and we see Edmund at the main desk. Blake tells Cassie about how she sent Edmund to harass Alexandra and how good it made her feel. We see Blake walk out to the front of the hotel, stop, and glance at an envelope identical to Mindy’s, but with Blake’s full name on it.

Back in the lobby at the Boring Hotel, Carmen shows up, much to Edmund's surprise. She is there to check out Olivia’s martini bar, and comes to the conclusion that Edmund is there to bring the gift he is holding to Alexandra. They exchange threats, and their love for one another is just overwhelmingly apparent. So much so, it’s bringing me to tears.

We are now at Cedars, where Rick, a.k.a. Bionic Bauer, and Mel are waiting to hear news about her reinstatement. Mel is nervous, and Bionic Bauer assures her that everything will be okay. She refuses to buy into his optimism.

Back at the old shack, Marina runs for the door, but Ben stops her, and she proceeds to have a mini-emotional breakdown. Ben assures her that everything is going to be okay. Outside, Harley is on the walkie-talkie calling for help, while Gus covers Eden with his jacket. Eden wakes up to ask Gus if they are now even. Commercials.

Blake shows up to Reva’s party, surprised by all the fake happiness. Ross explains that this is what Reva wants, so she should join in and partake in the fake rejoicing. Reva walks away to the front porch carrying her cell phone.

Back at the Boring Hotel, Edmund demands that he and Cassie talk. She doesn’t want to, but of course, she does anyway. He gives her the present and asks that she give it to Alexandra. Edmund tells her that despite what she may think, he does actually care for her and her kids. She feels that it is too little, too late. He offers to help her in whatever way he can, and she asks him to tell her if Richard had a living will. Cue to the flashback of Edmund burning Richard’s will. He then lies to Cassie and says the will never existed. The phone on the main desk rings; Cassie answers it, and it is Reva. Reva invites her to her party. Cassie hangs up without agreeing to come but immediately heads for the door. Carmen re-enters and threatens Cassie about the debt she owes. Cassie takes a second to catch Carmen’s drift and proceeds to walk outside, stopping to look at the mystery money again.

Back at Cedars, Mel and Bionic Bauer discuss forming back up plans, in case Mel doesn’t get reinstated. Bionic Bauer leaves, and Mel looks worried.

Back at the old shack, back-up has arrived, and Harley tells Gus to let the medics do their job. Frank shows up and wants to know what the hell is going on. He warns Harley to steer clear of the chief, because she is still suspended. Frank heads inside to find Marina. He is furious, but glad she is okay. He questions Ben, and Marina sticks up for Ben, calling him a hero. Gus yells at the medics, and Harley tries to calm him. She tells him to go be with his sister at the hospital. Commercials.

We are back at Cedars, where Eden is being wheeled into the E.R. Gus is frantic with worry. He pulls a hesitant Mel into the room to look after Eden. Mel tells Gus to wait outside, while a nurse questions Mel’s presence in the room. Mel tells the nurse to help her save Eden. Harley shows up and asks Gus about Eden’s status. He doesn’t know. They discuss how Eden saved his life, and I can’t tell if Harley is disappointed by Eden’s heroics, or worried about her dying.

Back on the Lewis porch, Reva is standing alone with her eyes closed. Don’t ask me why. Josh comes out to join her. He calls her extraordinary and tells her that he feels she will be coming home tomorrow. They vow to always be together. She sends him back inside for another round of charades and prays out loud for God to keep her family safe. Cassie shows up. Commercials.

Cassie accuses Reva of leaving the mystery money at the hotel. Reva denies it and blames it on a fairy godmother. She tells Cassie to use the money to pay off her debt. Cassie is hesitant to join the party, but Reva insists. Cassie tells her she never wanted her to go to jail; Reva says she knows, and Cassie walks into the house.

We are now at Company, as Marina and Frank walk in. Marina asks if she will be grounded for the rest of her life, and Frank just wants to understand why she can’t stay out of trouble. She hands over her fake ID, and Frank blames all of her current problems on her growing relationship with Ben Reade. Ben walks in and over to the booth where Frank and Marina are sitting. He tells Frank that he wants to take full responsibility for everything that happened.

Back at Cedars, Gus is still frantic and feeling bad for how he has been treating Eden as of late. He is on the verge of tears. Ricky Paul Goldin is a really good actor. Once again, I can’t tell if Harley is disappointed or worried. Commercials.

Back at Company, Ben and Frank walk outside to talk alone. Marina watches and listens from the window. Ben sticks up for Marina and asks Frank to allow him and Marina to date. Frank will allow no such thing and tells him to stay away from Marina. Yeah, like that is gonna happen. Marina is elated that Ben wants to date her.

Back at Cedars, Harley tells Gus not to forget all the horrible things Eden has done since she has been in town. Mel interrupts them to give Gus an update on Eden. She tells Gus that Eden should be fine, but will need to have surgery. Eden's five fans give a sigh of relief. Gus goes to give blood, but stops first to see Eden. Harley looks upset. The camera pans over to Bionic Bauer as he walks up to Mel and tells her he has already heard about her breaking her suspension. Now it is her turnto pretend to be optimistic, and this time he isn’t buying it. We see an upset Harley looking in on Gus, as he sits with his sister and cries. He is stroking her head and talking to her. Harley looks on, in the background, shaking her head.

Reva is now at the Boring Hotel, looking around. She sits down on the stairs and looks pensive.

Back at the Lewis living room, Cassie walks in and everyone goes silent. Marah gives her a hug, and Blake talks to her. Cassie cries yet again. She must be going for a world record or something. Mindy comes up to her to say a few words. Cassie decides to leave. I guess it was too overwhelming for her. On her way out, she runs into Josh. He apologizes for his harsh words to her the other day. More talk of being a family follows. Cassie and Josh give each other a big bear hug. Cassie decides to go back to Reva’s wake, I mean, party after all.