Guiding Light Update Monday 10/14/02

By Heidi Anderson
Proofread by Susi

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This is my first summary folks, so at least give me a few days before you decide to start my fan clubs, because I need some time to write my bio. Into the recap we go…

The opening scene has Alexandra arriving for a meeting with Blake at Infierno. The writers indulge us with a little continuity, i.e. Blake and Alexandra’s not-so-friendly past. Before we learn of this meeting's purpose, we are taken away to the Spaulding “den of iniquity” (as I like to call it). It is in the “den of iniquity” that we watch as Olivia and Phillip ponder on issues; such as whether or not Alan should be home during his recovery, why Alan would ever give Alexandra control of his company, and if Olivia truly loves Alan or not. All this pondering takes place while a very nosey Alan eavesdrops from his cozy wheelchair in the hall.

We then see a boxer clad Bill Lewis prancing into the den of the “ex-Marler house of horror” to grab a bottle of champagne. All this is happening, while a wide-eyed Lizzie watches from the front doorway. That’s what happens when you don’t knock. Bill notices Lizzie, and she quickly states that someone said she could find her mom there, but she must have misunderstood. Nope, she understood perfectly because almost as soon as she says that, Beth appears wearing only a sheet. I guess all those therapists the Spauldings have on retainer will come in handy after this little event. Lizzie is, of course, upset but she hides it behind snide remarks. Beth is trying to calm her and failing miserably.

We are back to the “den of iniquity” where Olivia proclaims her undying love for Alan Spaulding. Well, she doesn’t say that, but she does say, “Whenever he wants me, I’m his”. She is, I can assume, referring to marriage, because Alan’s sick heart can’t take any “loving” at the moment, or at least she thinks it can’t. That scene comes later. Alan comes in, happy to hear Olivia defend her feelings for him and questions Olivia about her surprise wedding, that he heard about during his hallway espionage. Phillip suggests that Alan go upstairs and rest, but Alan protests, claiming there is business to be done because Alexandra has that emergency board meeting coming up. Phillip argues that this would not be happening had Alan not signed over the company, and Alan whines about his heart, so Phillip drops his complaints.

We are back at Infierno, where we get the latter part of Blake and Alexandra’s meeting, which conveniently leaves out the purpose for the meeting. All that can be concluded is that it has something to do with the emergency board meeting. Blake is hesitant to trust Alexandra, and Alexandra tells her to sleep on it. Edmund enters Infierno, runs into Blake, snide remarks are exchanged, and she sneakily sends Edmund Alexandra’s way. He makes his way over to Alexandra and drops a line on her. We then glide on over to Gus, who is sitting at the bar, talking to Harley through their earpiece walkie-talkie things, only he doesn’t know she is right behind him. Head slapping hi-jinks soon follow, and then Harley explains that something doesn’t seem right about this mission. Harley proposes they scrap the mission; Gus protests, and Harley decides to go upstairs and attempt to find her “date” before Eden sees him. We see a perplexed Eden pondering Harley’s whereabouts and making a phone call to Ripley. Believe it or not...

We are then taken to the alley behind Millennium, where Ripley’s goon has taken Marina. Ben comes outside; he mistakes Marina’s pleas for help as another prank and goes back inside the club.

Back in Infierno, Edmund introduces himself and is, of course, smitten with Alexandra’s money and stature. He, at this point, only knows her as Baroness von Halkein and proceeds to flirt with her. I found this scene kind of weird, but if Edmund likes the “older ladies”, then who am I to judge? Alexandra engages him in conversation, but is not really buying what he is selling, if you get my drift. Alan wheels around the “den of iniquity” and settles down in front of a chess set. He uses this set as a visual aid, while he and Phillip plan out their anti-Alexandra plan. The writers again indulge us in some continuity,  i.e. the names of all the Spaulding clan are recited, with a few ex-wives thrown in there. The whole point is to illustrate who Alan and Phillip think will vote against Alexandra, if push comes to shove. Alan decides he is ready to go to bed; Phillip offers to take him, but Alan wants his fiancÚ to do the task. It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it. Olivia wheels Alan out and enter a visibly upset Lizzie, heading straight for the computer. Possibly she wants to send her mom nasty e-mails, but her concerned daddy interrupts her.

Now we are at the Boring, I mean Beacon, Hotel where Carmen is sitting having a drink. Ross enters, and Carmen invites him to sit next to her. He accepts her offer only after throwing an incredulous look her way. Small talk ensues, Carmen brings up Dr. Bauer, and Ross humors her. Blake enters and tells Carmen she can find Edmund at Infierno, chatting it up with Alexandra. Carmen leaves, and Blake sits down next to Ross, where unfunny conversation is had.

We are back at the den in the “ex-Marler house of horror” where a frantic Beth is dressing and stressing over Lizzie’s little impromptu visit. Bill tells her not to use this as an excuse to back away from their relationship, and he obviously knows her very well. He must have known her in another lifetime, or one of her personalities' lifetimes, or something. Back at Millennium, Ben runs into Harley and informs her of Marina’s presence at the club, the little kidnapping prank, and her wardrobe consisting of the red dress. Harley then asks where they took her and a worried Ben looks, well, worried.

Ripley’s goon is leading a tied up Marina inside what looks like a decrepit old shack. Once inside, Ripley asks his goon who Marina is, then the goon replies that this is "the cop who has been impersonating Eden." Ripley explains that the cop is a blonde, and the goon is all confused. I hope he brought his inhaler with him.

Back to Infierno, where Harley demands Eden tell her where Marina is. Eden plays dumb, which isn’t hard, and Harley gets all “bad cop” on her. Gus shows up and threatens to arrest Eden, if she doesn’t cooperate. A very shocked Eden can’t believe her ears, so Gus asks her to “try me”. Marina and Ripley engage in a conversation filled with contempt and blame, ok... it wasn’t that dramatic, but she did blame them for being lousy kidnappers. Ripley calls up Eden. Alexandra excuses herself, and Edmund asks her to stay a little while longer. She declines and gets up to leave. Two of the greatest lines of the episode follow as Alexandra walks out of Infierno and bumps into Carmen. Carmen says, “Hello. I'm Carmen Santos. You're stepping on my territory.” To which Alexandra responds, “I’m Alexandra Spaulding, and I couldn’t care less.” Priceless. Carmen confronts Edmund, and she informs him that the baroness was none other than... Alexandra Spaulding. Dun, dun, duuunnn...

Back in the “den of iniquity”, Phillip interrogates Lizzie about her bad attitude; gets nowhere fast, and Beth enters the “den of iniquity” to fix her mess. While attempting to fix said mess, she clues Phillip in on the mess at hand. Lizzie makes more snide remarks with one in particular involving getting her own split personality, so she too can jump in the sack with whoever she pleases. This, of course, ticks Beth off who scolds Lizzie, but an annoyed Lizzie runs off  to finish her nasty e-mails in the privacy of her own room, I suppose. Beth asks Phil why he didn’t stick up for her, and Phil is... like... because you don’t deserve it. This is, of course, coming from a man who has the “hots” for his dad’s fiancÚ, but whatever.   Beth also calls him on his feelings for Olivia, but he soon changes the subject to what a horrible mother she has become. Beth and I both yell that he is treating his baby's mama like dirt, except she expresses herself a little differently. All this is happening while a nosey Alexandra overhears their conversation while engaging in some hallway espionage of her own.

We are now upstairs, where Alan and Olivia sit together in his room on his bed. He again questions her about her surprise wedding plans; she questions him about him signing the company over to Alexandra, and they both are masters when it comes to changing the subject. Alan tells Olivia he wants some loving. 

A cell phone rings, and we are back at Millennium. It’s Eden’s cell phone, and Ripley is calling to devise a plan to get rid of Harley and Marina.

Marina is back at the shack and has succeeded in retrieving her cell phone from her purse, with her hands tied and all. That girl has skills. She is able to lay the phone next to her on the chair, call Ben and slyly alert him to her true whereabouts. This comes in handy, because Ripley tells Eden to lie about where Marina is, so that Harley can be ambushed at a false location. Eden cooperates with Ripley, believe it or not, but a clued-in Harley knows she’s lying. Gus is furious and decides to bring Eden along, in handcuffs, to rescue Marina. Ben wants to come too, but Harley asks him to stay out of the way.

Back downstairs in Infierno, Carmen turns several shades of green because she is jealous, and Edmund assures her there is enough of him to go around.

At the "den of iniquity", Beth screams, in her usual Beth fashion, that Phillip will not get away with taking her children from her. He tells her  “to get your act together,” and leaves as Alexandra enters. Alexandra then sits Beth down, to let her in on her own secret plan.

Back upstairs, Olivia tells Alan that until Alan’s doctor gives them the green light no sexcapades will be taking place, but she offers to fall asleep in his arms.

At the old shack, Ripley notices Marina’s cell phone and is irate. He demands to know who she called; she insists no one was called, and he asks her if she is lying. Yeah, like she would admit she was lying and had indeed placed a phone call describing her whereabouts, geez.

 Outside the shack, Ben shows up before Gus and Harley armed with nothing but his chivalry, and he decides to bust the door down. Just as he is about to kick it in, Gus grabs him and pulls him away. What was Ben gonna do? Throw some money at Ripley? Anyway, both Gus and Harley tell Ben to get back in his car, which he supposedly does. Harley tells Eden she is going in ahead of them. Eden asks why she will be going in first, and Harley replies, “…in case they shoot…” Can you feel the love between these two? You can’t? Well, neither can I.