Guiding Light Update Friday 10/11/02

By Eva
Proofread by Susi

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At Infierno, Danny tells Tony that he is going to find out which one of the families sent the black roses to Cassie. Tony offers to help in the search, but Danny says he needs his help to run the club.

At Harley's apartment, Rick returns with Jude, to get Jude's pacifier, which he has forgotten. Harley tells Rick that she is working on something that might help her get Zach back. Rick makes Gus protect Harley.

At Millennium, Eden goes over the plan with Christopher, Harley's decoy client. Eden tells him to call her as soon as he has Harley.

At company, Marinna gets ready to impress Ben with the red dress she borrowed from Harley. Lizzie and Tammy help Marinna get fake identification.

At Bill's house, Ben and Remi wait for Marah and Michelle to finish getting ready. Ben again invites Bill to go with them, but he refuses saying he wants to stay home and read a book.

At Harley's apartment, Rick wonders if Harley will be in any danger. Gus assures him there is little danger in the undercover operation. Gus makes small talk with Rick until he gets the courage to ask him if Michelle has ever disappointed him. Rick says that when Michelle was first dating Danny, he wanted to shake some sense into her. Rick says that now Michelle has learned the hard way, and no matter how much he, as a brother, wanted to protect her there was nothing he could do. Gus starts to ask his advice about his problems with Eden, but Rick stops him, saying that he is not the right person to give him advice about Eden because he was the one that told him to bring Eden to town.

At Infierno, Tony tells Danny he hired Eden because he wants to keep his enemies close. Tony tells Danny that he is waiting for Eden to tip her hand, so he can catch her. Danny is worried that Tony could get into trouble with Eden, and she could come after the Santos Family. Tony says he can handle it. Tony notices that Eden arrives and stops to listen to their conversation, so he tells Danny that he hired Eden because she is a good worker. Tony asks Danny to give her a chance, and he agrees. When Tony steps outside the door, Eden is grateful that he stood up for her, and she gives him a kiss.

At Company, Frank tells Buzz that parent teacher night went surprisingly well at Marina's school. Frank says Marinna's grades have improved, and all her teachers like her. Frank wonders why all the teachers were asking him about Eleni and whispering about him when he left. Buzz explains that Marinna has probably been talking about him to all her single teachers.

At Bill's house, Bill, Ben, and Marah try to calm Michelle's nerves about the party tonight. Bill notices that Michelle is still wearing her wedding ring, and he very gently encourages her to take the ring off. After everyone leaves, Bill and Beth make love.

At Infierno, Eden paces the floor in Danny's office waiting for Christopher to call. Tony arrives to get a book. Eden takes her mind off things by flirting with Tony and kissing him.

At Harley's apartment, Gus and Harley start to leave, when Harley remembers that she forgot her dress. Harley goes back in the house to get it, and when she discovers it is missing, she figures out Marinna took it by mistake. Harley starts to worry, but Gus calms her down, by saying Marinna won't be at Milenium, and even if she was they wouldn't let her in the door.

At Infierno, Danny sees Eden and Tony kissing. He interrupts them and tells Eden to get back to work. Danny tells Tony he is worried that he will get hurt by Eden because he is vulnerable right now. Tony says he can handle it, and it is all part of his plan.

At Harley's apartment, Harley gets ready to leave with Gus after having changed into another red dress. Harley again asks Gus if he is sure he wants to go with her. Gus tells her that he wants to help her, and they leave.

At Millennium, Ben, Michelle, Marah, and Remi arrive at the party. Marah is less then thrilled to see her old roommate, Sunny. Ben is impressed to see Marinna in her dress. Despite some reservations, he lets her stay at the party, as long as she doesn't cause trouble. Christopher comes over and offers to buy Marinna a drink. Danny is surprised to see Michelle at the party, but he is even more surprised when he notices she isn't wearing her wedding ring. Michelle says she got the final separation papers today. Michelle says it isn't what either one of them wanted, but its what they decided, and she is trying to move on. Danny says that he didn't think that a 3 minute dating party was her style. Michelle says she is trying something new. Danny tells her to have fun, and he finds Tony and tells him he is going for a walk. Marah comes over and asks if Danny is ok. Tony says it's just hard for him to let go of someone he loves. Marah says that is always hard. Marah tells Tony that her new roommates Bill, Ben and Remi persuaded her to come to the party. Tony tells her to enjoy the party. Ben tells Marinna he is worried about her being at the party. Ben says he doesn't trust the guy that offered to buy her a drink. Marinna says he is just a nice guy who wants to buy her a drink. Ben, Marah, and Michelle don't have any luck on their 3 minute dates. Tony goes to find Eden in the stock room and kisses her.

At Company, Lizzie and Tammy wonder if Marinna is having any fun at the party. Tammy encourages Lizzie to move in with her mother because her mother might need her help. Lizzie says that her mother is only thinking about herself right now. Tammy tells Lizzie that Beth is over at Ross and Blake's house. Lizzie thinks Beth went over there to ask Ross to tell Lizzie to move in with her mother. Tammy persuades Lizzie to go over there and talk to her mother.

At Bill's house, Lizzie arrives at the darkened house and lets herself in because the door is open.

At Infierno, Rick tells Danny that Michelle told him of the decision he made not to ever see Robbie. Rick says that he can call him any time, to find out how his son is doing. Danny says he can't do that, but he asks Rick to tell him something Robbie has done. Rick tells him that Robbie can reach the lowest tree branch of one of the trees in the back yard. After Rick leaves Danny looks at a picture of his family.

At Millennium, the party concludes, and as they leave, Michelle and Marah compare notes on how badly the night went for them. Marinna sees Harley arrive and goes out the back door with Christopher. Eden is surprised to see Harley at the bar. Christopher tries to force Marinna into his car.