Guiding Light Update Thursday 10/10/02

By Eva
Proofread by Susi

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At Company, Bill calls Beth on her cell phone, and they talk to each other from across the room. They plan to meet for a romantic evening at his new house. Ben tells Bill to get off the phone and help him move some boxes to his car. Marina offers to help Ben move the boxes. When Marina comes back for some more boxes, she sees Ben and Marah talking and finds out they will be sharing a house.

Outside Company, Michelle tells Bill she is sad, because her final separation papers arrived today. Bill encourages his friend and tells her it is just a separation and not a divorce.

At Infierno, Tony congratulates Danny on how well business is going since he took over. Tony admits he is worried about Cassie's loan. Danny tells Tony not to worry because Cassie is going to make a payment today.

Meanwhile at the Beacon, Cassie calls her manager and finds out that Alexandra paid in cash, but Olivia took the money and hired a construction crew to make improvements to the bar.

At Harley's apartment, Eden tells Harley she doesn't appreciate the recommendation she gave Tony. Eden also thinks Harley is jealous of the close bond she shares with her brother. Eden says that is the reason Harley is acting like an insecure possessive woman. Harley tells Eden that she deals in facts, and that she didn't lie to Gus. Harley says that maybe Gus is mad at her because of all the pain he suffered trying to protect her. Eden explains that she and Gus developed a close bond after their father died because they only had each other. Harley almost tells Eden all the information she found out in Chicago, but Gus arrives and interrupts them.

At Company, Ben tells Marah that now that they are living in the same house they should just be friends.

Outside Company, Michelle tells Bill that Robbie has been calling every man he sees daddy. Michelle admits that she is worried about Robbie growing up without his father in his life. Bill says that if Robbie needs a male role model in his life, he will be there to help him. Marina interrupts Bill and Michelle and tells Michelle she wants to move in with Bill, Ben, and Marah. Michelle says that Remy is moving in to the house with them. Michelle also tells Marina that Frank would never approve of the living arrangement.

At Infierno, Cassie arrives and tells Danny the bad news about what happened to the money. Cassie also tells him that when she got home this afternoon, she found a black rose in her room. Cassie worries that her family could be in danger. Danny promises Cassie that he won't let anything happen to her family. Edmund arrives and tells Cassie not to trust Danny. Edmund offers his help, but when Cassie asks him for a loan, he says they can talk about that later. Cassie asks Edmund about the envelope that was missing from Richard's things. Edmund lies and tells Cassie the envelope was a letter, that his mother wrote to Richard, giving him advice because Richard was heartbroken over losing a girlfriend. When Cassie asks to see the letter, Edmund says he tried to show it to her one day in court, but she ran off. Cassie wants to know what happened.

At Bill's house, Michelle persuades Ben and Bill to give Marah the master bedroom. Marina arrives to give Ben a housewarming gift, a cardboard cut out picture of herself.

At Harley's apartment, Gus defends his sister to Harley and says that Harley never should have investigated into his past or brought Eden to Springfield. Gus also thinks Harley is jealous of his relationship with his sister. Eden tells Gus that someone broke into her apartment and stole her clothes. Gus tells her he will check it out. After Eden is gone Harley starts to get angry and accuses Gus of selling her out. Gus explains he would never sell her out. Gus explains he only wanted his sister to think he was on her side, but the truth is he is on Harley's side all the way. Riley calls Harley to set up a meeting with a client. Riley tells Harley to wear a red dress and meet the client at Millennium. Gus thinks Harley is being set up and offers to go with her.

At Millennium, Riley talks to the decoy client and goes over the plan. Riley also says it is the last arrest that cop will ever make.

At Bill's house, Beth arrives for a romantic evening with Bill and finds everyone still at home.

At Infierno, Edmund changes the subject from Richard's letter to the wrongful death lawsuit. Edmund urges Cassie to pursue the lawsuit, to get the money she needs to pay the loan. Cassie refuses to do that and instead urges Edmund to drop the lawsuit. Edmund says he can't do that because he wants justice. Cassie tells Edmund to leave.  When he refuses to do so, Danny tells him to stay away from Cassie and her family . Danny also tells Edmund not to worry about Cassie because she is under his protection now.

At Bill's house, Beth tells Bill that she was looking for him because Mindy called her and said she was coming for a visit tomorrow. Ben explains about the three minute dating party at Millennium and invites Michelle and Marah to go. Bill encourages Michelle to go, and she agrees. Marina also wants to go to the party, but Ben explains the party is only for adults and that they check identification. Marina gets upset and leaves.

Outside Bill's house, Marina calls Harley to ask if she could borrow some clothes to go to a party. Harley agrees and tells her, if she isn't home, to use her key. Harley leaves to look for her red shoes at Gus's place, but Harley has the feeling she has forgotten something.

At Infierno, Tony thinks they should mortgage the club to pay Cassie's loan. Danny says no. Danny says they can come after him, but he will protect Cassie and her family. Tony says he will help Danny with anything he needs.

At Harley's Apartment, Marina lets herself in and borrows the red dress Harley is supposed to wear to meet Eden's client.