Guiding Light Update Tuesday 10/8/02

By Suzanne
Proofread by Susi

At Company, Marah's roommate Sunny gets on her nerves with loud music (on her headphones no less) and her dippy behavior. Sunny asks Marah if she's "bummed" about her mom going to jail, and also says it's great that they're roommates because she's new in town and doesn't know anyone. She seems blissfully unaware of how annoying she is. Tony comes by, so Marah tells Sunny that she has to leave because they have plans. Outside, Marah rants about how she came there to get away from Sunny, and she followed her. She can't believe it. Sunny rushes out and gives Marah something she left at the table, then runs back in. Tony and Marah sit down. Tony commiserates about her mom and asks if she wants to get in touch with his lawyer, Cass Winthrop. He says there are other ways his family can help, too. He says they know a lot of people and can make sure that her mom gets a better judge when she goes up for appeal. Marah turns him down. Tony wants to do something for Reva because she's always been good to him. Marah thanks him and says she doesn't think Reva would take that kind of help. "No offense," she adds. He gets up to go, and she asks if he wants to take a walk. He is surprised that she wants to. She just wants to get away from Sunny. He suggests they go to the beach.

Reva wonders to Josh what she can take to prison, like her family pictures or her favorite pillow. He has her go outside with him, and he holds her. She's upset and worries about the sentence, especially how it will affect her kids. Cassie comes by and asks Reva what she was thinking when she plead guilty. Cassie chews Reva out for doing it. Reva says it seemed like the right thing to do at the time. Cassie is really upset and scared for Reva. Reva tries to explain why she did it. She never lied about why she did it and didn't want the trial to go on and on, forcing Cassie to relive her husband's death. Cassie is incensed that Reva did this for her. Josh leaves them alone. Reva explains that Ross told her that he would appeal if she lost, even if it meant trying to change the law. She thought it would make things worse if the trial went on. Cassie says she's hated everything that's happened since Richard's death, but she does not want Reva to go to prison. Reva tells Cassie that she'll be okay, but Cassie doesn't believe her. Reva tries to get her to look on the bright side, by pointing out that the Beacon is booked solid. Cassie agrees that it's nice. Reva asks if Alexandra Spaulding really rented out the whole place. Cassie tells her that it is true; Alexandra didn't want to share the place. Cassie's glad that her financial problems are solved, and they talk about how happy the kids are to be there at the Beacon. Cassie goes back to asking about how scared Reva is. Reva is terrified, she confides. Reva says people go to prison to repay their debt to society, and then when they get out, they can start over. Josh starts to go back outside but pauses and hears them. Cassie says to Reva, "Please don't ask me to forgive you right now because I can't". Reva says they all miss her. Cassie wishes she could feel differently or make herself forget what happened. Reva nods her head in understanding. They talk about Cassie's feelings and how she's living with her grief. Reva suggests that she talk about the good parts of her life. Reva says that Richard wouldn't want Cassie to feel this bitterness and loss. Cassie yells that she can't feel better on Reva's time table. She says she's sorry. Josh comes out and asks her if that's all she's going to say to her sister before she goes to prison. Cassie wants to know how much he heard. He tells her to stop this now, and he's fed up with what she's been saying. He says that she's been wallowing in her pain as if she's the only person in history who's ever experienced grief. "Life goes on," he tells her. Cassie looks angry. Then she says she doesn't want to have this conversation. Josh keeps yelling at Cassie for being selfish. He says that his children are losing their mother. He accuses her of treating Reva like a murderer and blaming all of the problems in her life on Reva. He asks if she's thought about what Richard was feeling when he was in so much pain. She cries and looks hurt. He suggests that there are many things she could be angry at, including Richard, so why pick Reva to blame? He says that Richard picked Reva, probably knowing that Cassie and Josh couldn't do it because they don't have the same kind of heart that Reva does. He says that he heard her say that maybe she doesn't have a heart any more. If she keeps blaming Reva for what she's done, then perhaps she really doesn't have a heart. Cassie walks away and Josh puts his head in his hands. Reva hugs him, proud of him. Sitting on the porch swing, she thanks him for protecting her. He whispers to her that she should feel this and think about how close they are right now. He says, "This is going to be waiting for you when you get back, I promise." He kisses her as tears run down her cheeks.

Meanwhile, Cassie lies in bed and remembers Richard saying to her, "I want you to thank your sister Reva for what she's done for us. She's a very brave woman, you know." She sits up suddenly in bed, her mouth hanging open.

Olivia tells Philip that she doesn't know where Alan is. Philip tells her that Alan was out of bed before so he could be up to anything. Philip notices Olivia's white dress and the bouquet she's carrying. Then her friend the Judge comes in and greets them, saying he's there to marry Alan and Olivia. He asks if they're ready. Philip asks the judge to excuse them, and they go outside. Philip is sarcastic, and she wants to know what his problem is. She thought he wanted this. He thinks she's just taking advantage of Alan. They argue, but he gets softer and says he thinks this is too soon. He thinks she's just acting out of hurt. She claims that his rejection is not that important to her. The nurse comes by, and they ask where Alan is. She doesn't know. Philip is very testy.

Alan types on his laptop, trying to stop Alexandra from doing anything bad to his company. Alexandra comes in and tells him it's too late and asks what he's doing out of his bed. She calls him a "naughty boy". She asks him how many board votes he's planned to get for tomorrow's meeting to block her. He denies it. She knows he's lying. She points out that he's lucky it was her that found him and not Olivia or Philip. He agrees that it should stay between them. He claims that he trusts her and will go through with their deal, but she doesn't believe him. She says he's a liar.

Alan and Olivia find Alexandra and Alan talking in his study; they are shocked to see him. Alexandra suggests to Alan that he pretend to faint, so he does, and they help him to the couch. Philip and Olivia chew him out for risking his health. Alexandra explains that Alan was worried after he gave her power of attorney. Olivia is surprised to hear about that. Philip again says how he's against it. Olivia wants to know why Alan did it. He says that he trusts her, and he needs help with this new board meeting. Alan is put into a position where he has to either choose to stick with his decision or change it (meaning Philip). Alan maintains that he made the best decision (giving control to Alexandra). He says he wouldn't have come there if he'd known Olivia was returning to see him. He notices how she looks and asks where she was going. After a pause, she explains that she wanted to cheer him up and even brought him flowers. He's surprised but pleased. Philip looks relieved. Olivia yells at him again for leaving the hospital. Philip wants to get an ambulance to take him back, but Alexandra says she will do it in the limo, so he agrees. He wants to go on the trip, but she says she'll take care of him. They all bicker. Philip thinks that the stress of the board meeting will cause Alan to get sicker. Alexandra says she's not going to do anything radical. She helps Alan out and tells him that once again his sister has saved him.

Philip asks Olivia why she didn't tell Alan about his impending wedding. She claims that it was Alexandra's presence that made her stop. She says she thought Alan had enough excitement for one evening. She intends to go through with the wedding. He insults her some more and she toasts the Spauldings. He smiles a sly smile and says, "Can't wait."

At the beach, Tony and Marah admire the Beacon. He thinks it looks like a cruise ship. She thought that on the night of her parents' wedding. She sadly ponders that night, when everyone was so happy, including Richard and Cassie. She asks Tony about what prison is like. He says they'll go light on her, and she's no killer, but Marah points out that she confessed. Tony remembers dancing that night of Josh and Reva's wedding. They wonder if it really was a dream. Tony says maybe it can still happen. She would like to believe that. She thinks that once a moment passes, that it's gone forever. He asks if you quit then, but she says that you move forward. They are very close together, but she says she should go and it's cold. She thanks him for the walk. He hopes that she's able to move on now. She hopes he is, too. She leaves. He looks glum. He thinks of Marah's words as he stands there. He takes Eden's phone number out of his pocket.

Alexandra tucks Alan into his hospital bed. He is grumpy, expecting the ax to fall. She says that she doesn't want any payback for helping him. She just wants to make a little money for herself and the family. She asks if he loves Olivia so much that he'd put himself in this position just to hang on to her. He tells her that he's been thinking about the things that are really important while he's been in bed. He says he's looked his whole life for someone like Olivia. Alexandra says she'll plan a fantastic wedding for him, then. He suggests that she leave it to Olivia, but she ignores him. She says the best wedding present will be to not tell Olivia that he's been faking his heart attack.

Marah phones Bill and asks if he and Ben were serious about wanting another roommate. She tells him that she's "in."

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