Guiding Light Update Monday 10/7/02

By Suzanne

At Company, Harley stares at the phone, waiting for it to ring, while Blake sits next to her. She is waiting to hear more information about Bruce from her contact at the DMV. Blake jokes that they should have lifted his prints. Harley is glad Ross and Frank are not there to warn them that this is dangerous. Harley talks about how much she hates Gus's sister. Blake says she deserves it. She offers her help. Harley thanks her but she says she works on her own. Blake is surprised. She can't believe that Harley is keeping her out of it like Ross would. Harley makes Blake promise to keep out of it and not to write a book about it. Harley worries that she will lose Zach if this doesn't work. Blake asks her why she doesn't just go to Eden and threaten to expose her operation if she doesn't recant her story about Gus. She doesn't want to hurt Gus. Suddenly, he's standing behind her, smiling down at her.

Eden phones Lesley to ask what happened; someone impersonated her on her job yesterday, she says. Tony comes in, so she hangs up. He wants to know why she left work yesterday after she punched in and why he shouldn't fire her. She apologizes and says she had to leave because something happened. He wants details. She lies that she lost her wallet and a bank called to say that someone was trying to steal her savings, so she had to rush to prevent that. He doesn't believe her and asks for the name of the bank. She has to admit she lied. She says that an ex-boyfriend walked in, saw her and walked out, so she had to follow him and get "closure". She said she slept with him and then told him off. It was very satisfying, she says. He doesn't believe any of her stories and says she wants to get the drop on him because he's a Santos. She says that her brother's grudge against him has nothing to do with her. Tony tells her that Harley came in the other day and warned him to stay away from her because she is bad news. She says that Harley is jealous of her relationship with her brother. Eden says she feels sorry for her because she's so possessive and insecure. Tony doesn't think that's what Harley is like. She is ready to give up, thinking she's fired, but he says she can keep her job because she's "hot" and good for business. He doesn't care if she snoops around his business; he's used to the feds doing it. She smiles seductively and asks whether his calling her "hot" isn't sexual harrassment. He replies, "So sue me". She grabs his lapels and they kiss. He tells her that if she lies to him again, she's gone. He says she should thank Harley; she intends to.

On the beach, Phillip and Olivia kiss passionately. He stops it and she is upset. He says he doesn't want this but she says to stop denying what he wants. He reminds her that his father is in the hospital and they put him there. She tells him that he just has to say the word and she'll break off the engagement to Alan. He tells her he's saying "goodbye", instead. She starts saying that it's Beth that's the problem. Beth is safe so that's why he stays with her, rather than taking a chance on passion with Olivia. They argue about what she did to Beth and how their affair could hurt Alan. He denies having feelings for her and then says he only wants to have one night of sex with her. She slaps him in the face. He says he doesn't love her, but Alan does. Philip suggests that she stick to the deal and make Alan happy. Then he walks away. Olivia tears up.

In his room, Alan tells Alexandra that she has one week to run the company. He just wants her to bring up the value and then sell it at a profit. He worries that she will mess it up, but she tells him not to worry. She wants to talk about the wedding. He tells her that it's none of her business. She hopes that Olivia won't learn that he's faked two heart attacks. She thinks he should worry that Philip and Olivia are living in the same house, but he says they're under his control. She pats his cheek and says patronizingly, "Of course they are". He explains that Philip is consumed by guilt for causing his heart attack, and Olivia won't risk losing millions by cheating on him. They talk about Roger and Mindy, ancient history. She realizes from his comparison that Alan really does love Olivia. Later, Alexandra brings Alan some coffee and teases him about being in love with Olivia. She doesn't see that Olivia loves him back, though. She wants to know what he sees in Olivia. He says she's a lot like Alexandra--tough on the outside and soft on the inside. Alexandra points out that she's never been unfaithful to any of her husbands. Alan thinks Olivia has learned her lesson. She doesn't think this will work. She lists everything that has happened lately in his family. She says when love works, it's wonderful, but when it doesn't....she trails off. He knows she's talking about Roger. She shocks him when she says that she just called an emergency board meeting. He almost jumps out of his hospital bed. She says she's just making a few small changes. He is upset but she tells him to get some rest, then she leaves.

Gus wonders what Harley and Blake were talking about. The women explain that Blake was thinking of writing a story about Gus but she's decided not to. Gus suggests she write about the thing that happened with Tory. Blake, in a huff, goes to check on her take-out order. Gus jokes that he could apologize. He and Harley kiss. Buzz comes up and says they are disgusting for kissing there where people are trying to eat. Buzz tells them that Beth left Phillip and moved out of the mansion. Harley is shocked and wonders why she would leave him. Gus tries to look innocent, so she wants to know what he knows.

Olivia sits on the beach with her shoes off, playing in the sand. She phones Judge Prescott, a personal friend that she helped to get re-elected. She wants to call in a favor. She asks him to marry her and Alan today, at the hospital. He agrees and she hangs up, looking sad but determined.

Alan phones someone and yells at them about letting Alexandra plan a board meeting; he tells them not to let her into his computer. Philip comes in to see him out of bed. Philip makes him get back in bed. Alan explains he is trying to do damage control and why. Philip can't believe that Alan gave her power of attorney. Philip thought they had settled this question and is disappointed that Alan still doesn't trust him. He wishes he could change what happened. He swears he never slept with Olivia and never will. Alan wants to know why he should believe him. Philip says he's telling the truth. It's too late, Alan says. Philip says it may cost him his company, then he leaves.

Alexandra goes to Company and says hi to Buzz, who gives her a big hug. She is sorry about the problems between Harley and Philip. He tells her that she looks great. She asks if he has some time and he offers her a ride on his motorcycle. Harley comes over to say hi and introduces Gus. She asks if he loves Harley and he tells her how much he does. She says that he reminds her of her late son and she approves of their relationship. Harley wishes Philip would agree. Alexandra says she has a way of making people change their minds. Gus takes to her immediately and gets her a chair. She says she has a date and leaves.

Harley still wants to know what Gus knows about Beth and Philip. Gus says he told Philip that he knew about him and Olivia, and that if he gave up his custody battle, he wouldn't tell Beth. Harley figures out the rest, that Philip went to Beth instead and told her, and that's why she left him. Gus says that Philip's cage is rattled. Harley worries that Philip will blame everything on Gus. Eden phones Harley and says she wants a truce. She asks Harley to come to Infierno for a drink. Gus asks who it was so Harley lies that it's one of her old contacts. He points out that she's suspended but that doesn't deter her. She leaves after kissing him goodbye.

Harley is surprised that Tony hired Eden. Eden says she knows that Harley bad-mouthed her to Tony, but it didn't work. She also confesses that she lied about the truth. She tells Harley to stay out of her life. She threatens that if Harley does anything to interfere with her life, she will pay her back triple. Harley doesn't like the threat and tells her that she is fighting for her little boy, so she will smash her to pieces before she lets her get in the way. Eden says Harley should be nicer to her or she will leave town forever. Gus comes up behind Harley, who wants to know why he's there. He was worried about her. He is not happy to see that Eden works at Infierno. Eden says it's honest work, so Harley counters that she's never done anything honest in her life. Eden wants to know what Harley knows about her. Eden taunts her, but Harley backs down, saying she just knows that Eden pushed a guy off a roof and made Gus take the fall for it. Eden says she's not going to jail for it. Gus points out that no one says she was going to jail. Eden yells at Harley that there are no statute of limitations on murder. Harley says that Eden has a chance to do something really good here, like reunite a child with his mother. But instead she chooses to be selfish and cruel. Harley says that even if she chooses not to help her, she could still choose to have a real relationship with her brother, but she's blowing that. Harley walks out and Gus tells Eden, "She's right" and follows Harley. Gus says he's sorry, but Harley says he didn't do anything, except defend her to his sister. He feels he made things worse by going behind her back to Philip. She says she understands, and she thinks sometimes people have to keep their secrets to get what they want.

Tony comes out and wants to know what Gus and Harley were doing there. He asks her if her big brother was nagging her because he's familiar with that. Eden says it's not him, it's her. She says that Harley is bad for him, and when she is out of his life, the better it is for all of them.

Blake chats with Philip outside Company about Alan's condition. She notes that he looks "exhausted". He doesn't know why he gets so upset whenever anything happens to Alan. Blake can relate to being the child of a difficult father. Blake reveals that she hears from Roger occasionally. She says that he offered to kill Ross during the whole Tory thing. Philip wishes things were easier between him and Alan. Blake says it would be easier if they didn't love each other. She talks more about Roger. They both worry about becoming like their fathers. He knows that she and Harley and the rest think he's already turned into Alan. Blake denies thinking that and then leaves. Philip says that she was right, that things would be easier if he didn't give a damn about Alan.

Meanwhile, Alan gets dressed and sneaks to his room at home, where he uses a laptop. He says that Alexandra won't win in her plot.

Buzz and Alexandra are on a boat. He brings her beer while he has water, since he's driving. She tells him not to tell anyone that she adores beer. He wonders how long she's staying. She says it depends on a few things, including Alan. He's sorry he's sick. She tells him not to lose any sleep over Alan's health. She is so angry about what Philip is doing to Harley. She says that Alan and their father did the same thing to her, keeping her son away from her because they didn't approve of the man she was in love with. Buzz says he remembers. She won't let history repeat itself. Buzz asks if she's going to take on her brother. She says she will, despite her love for Alan.

Olivia goes into Alan's room with a bouquet, all dressed in white, looking for him. Philip comes in and hears Olivia on the phone, looking for Alan. Philip wants to know what's up.

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