Guiding Light Update Friday 10/4/02

By Eva
Proofread by Susi

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Outside the Beacon, Cassie asks Richard what she should do. Danny arrives because he was worried when Cassie didn't show up to make a payment on her loan. Cassie explains that Alexandra will give her the money this afternoon. She was going over to his office as soon as she got it. Cassie also says the money should cover all the interest she owes on the loan. Cassie sees Robbie playing in the park across the street and starts to say hello to him, but Danny stops her. Danny tells Cassie that Danny can't know he is there.

Bill looks at a house with a realtor. Bill explains that he will be sharing the house with a roommate. He needs lots of room. The realtor leaves Bill alone to look at the house. Beth arrives to look at the same house.

At the hospital, Alan thinks about what to do because Alexandra knows about his fake heart attack. Alan calls his lawyer and tells him to look over the power of attorney papers Alexandra wants him to sign. Philip arrives and urges his father not to give Alexandra the keys to the kingdom. Alan says he has no one else he can trust. Philip wants to know what Alexandra is using to blackmail him.

At the Beacon hotel, Alexandra taunts Olivia with jokes about how many times Alan has been married. Alexandra wants to know if Olivia plans to keep her engagement ring and Alan as well. Olivia tells Alexandra that she and Philip never intended to hurt Alan. Alexandra tells Olivia that Philip and Beth have split up, and Beth has moved out of the mansion.

At the hospital, Philip again explains there is nothing going on between him and Olivia. Philip says he and Olivia would never allow anything to happen between them.

At the rental house, Bill and Beth begin a playful argument about which one of them should rent the house. They kiss and are caught by Ben and Michelle.

Outside the Beacon, Danny tells Cassie it was his choice not to see Robbie. He explains that he and Michelle separated because he tried to kill Edmund. Cassie tells Danny she understands how he feels, because she has also wanted to kill Edmund many times. Danny says not seeing Robbie anymore is the only way he can protect him from the Santos family. Cassie tells him he is doing a brave thing to keep his son safe. Cassie persuades Danny to stay and watch his son play.

At the rental house, Ben says the house would be perfect for them to have keg parties. Ben starts to explain to Beth what a keg party is, but Beth gets angry. She shouts that she knows what it is, and she isn't a grandmother yet. Michelle and Ben leave Beth and Bill alone to talk.

At the Beacon, Alexandra offers to help plan the wedding. Then she taunts Olivia about her failed marriage to Josh and her broken engagement to Richard. Olivia says she is not afraid of anything or anyone. Alexandra says Olivia has put herself in a box, and Alexandra is the one holding the gate key. Olivia calls the mansion and confirms that Beth has moved out.

At the hospital, Alan wants to know if Beth moved out because of Olivia. Philip tells him that Olivia wasn't the reason Beth moved out. Alan urges his son to get Beth back. Philip says that is impossible. Philip gets a call from Olivia and goes to meet her.

Outside the Beacon, Cassie tells Danny she would have done anything to repay the loan because she wouldn't let anything happen to her children or him. Danny takes one last look at Robbie and leaves.

At the rental house, Beth admits to Bill that she feels old. Bill says her age doesn't matter to him. Beth tells Bill he should rent the house.

At the hospital, Alexandra tells Alan about her confrontation with Olivia. Alexandra then forces Alan to sign the power of attorney papers. Otherwise, Philip and Olivia would find out about his fake heart attack. Alan gives her the power of attorney for one week.

At the park, Olivia wants to know why Philip didn't tell her about breaking up with Beth. Philip says what happened with Beth had nothing to do with her.

Outside the Beacon, Michelle runs into Danny on her way to pick up Robbie. Michelle urges Danny to go see Robbie, but Danny refuses saying it wouldn't be a good idea.

Inside the Beacon, Tammy tells her mom about Reva pleading guilty. Cassie is angry and doesn't understand why Reva would do that. Cassie admits she doesn't want Reva to go to jail. Both Cassie and Tammy cry and say they are confused about what to do.

At the Park, Philip tells Olivia that nothing will ever happen between them. He loves his father and doesn't want to hurt him. Philip says he is sorry for hurting her and gives her a hug. As they slowly pull away from the hug, they begin to kiss passionately.

Alexandra's concern for Alan is touching.