Guiding Light Update Thursday 10/3/02

By Eva
Proofread by Susi

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In court, Reva informs the judge and a stunned court room that

she has decided to change her plea to guilty to spare Cassie the pain of 

a trial.  Reva also admits that under the same circumstances

she would do it again.  

Outside Company, Rick and Michelle talk. Michelle asks Rick 

what the doctor told him. Rick says the doctor told him he is recovering

faster then expected.  Rick says he is worried about Reva's

trial. Rick says he doesn't know whose side he is on because

while he thinks Reva did the right thing; he wouldn't be alive

if Cassie hadn't donated Richard's heart.  

Inside Company, Bill and Ben talk.  Bill notices 


at Ben. Then Michelle walks in and sits with 



Bill teases Ben and says they are both comparing notes about


At Towers, Blake helps Harley get dressed to meet 



client. They both suspect that 


 is a hooker. Blake takes her

spot outside the door in case Harley gets in trouble.  

At her apartment, 


 gets a call from her boss asking if she

got the file on her client.  


 informs him she never got a



 says she can't do a job right now; but after some 

persuasion from her boss she heads to the hotel.  

At Towers, Harley pretends to be 


 and meets with Bruce. 

She tells Bruce to take a shower and then they will get started.

While Bruce is in the shower, Harley gets a phone call from a man outside

telling her to open the curtains; so he can take pictures and

they can both get paid.  Blake spots 


 headed toward the room.

She rushes in to tell Harley to hide and make sure Bruce stays in the shower.



 enters the room, Blake pretends Ross is in the shower

and they are having a romantic day.  


 leaves and Blake goes

back outside to act as lookout.  

At Company, Michelle goes over to sit with Ben and Bill.  Bill

teases Ben about dating Marina, who Bill calls Jail bait.  


comes over and shows Bill and Michelle a picture of Ben dancing in
his underwear with her.

At the court house, Ross tries to persuade Reva to let him ask for

a mistrial.  Reva refuses to do so and asks Ross to change her plea.

Josh asks Ross to ask the D.A. if the plea bargain is still on the table.

Reva assures her kids that everything will be fine, even if

she has to go to jail for a little while. Ross returns and says 

the plea bargain is no longer an option. Ross says the D.A. 

will be charging Reva with second degree murder, which means

she could spend a minimum of 15 years and a maximum sentence

of 30 years in jail. Edmund asks the D.A. what it would take

to get Reva off right now. The D.A. says the only thing that 

would get Reva off, would be if Richard came back from the dead

to tell the court he asked Reva to help him die.  

Edmund talks to Reva in the hallway.  

At Towers, Harley asks Bruce if he is married and he says yes.

At company, Bill tells Michelle and Ben he wants to look for

a new place to live.  Ben asks Bill if they can share a place and Bill

agrees.  Marah arrives and tells Bill and Ben that Reva will be going to jail.

At the court house, Edmund asks Reva why she changed her plea to guilty.

She again tells Edmund that she believes she did the right
thing, but she wanted to spare Cassie anymore pain. Edmund wants

to know how Richard died. Reva says he died the same way he lived

with dignity.  

At Company, Marah remembers she had a test and didn't study.  

Ben says he knows the teacher and says he can get her test 

postponed. Marah says she is unhappy living in the dorm so

Ben offers to let her move in with him and Bill. Marah thanks 

them but she decides to move back home to spend time with her

mom and to be there for her dad and Shane. After Bill and Marah

leave, Ben asks 


 for the check. When 


 asks him how he liked her joke, he

tells her some jokes aren't funny and he leaves.

Outside Company, Blake and Harley talk after their meeting

with Bruce.  They figure out that 


 gets paid to get 

married men into compromising positions. Then she gives

the men a sleeping pill while someone takes pictures.

Blake and Harley both think there is more to the story and

Harley wants to talk to Bruce again.  

At Towers, 


 goes into the room where Harley and Blake were

because she wants to find a clue as to why Blake was acting 

suspicious.  Bruce comes back to look for something he left in the room.


 asks him if his name is Bruce and she tells him that she is 



Bruce says that the other girl said she was 





out someone was pretending to be her and she begins to search

the room for clues.  

At the Lewis house. Josh tells Reva she did something very  

brave. Reva admits she is very scared. Josh tells her they

will work it out.  

At Infierno, Edmund sits with Richard's Living Will in his hand,

struggling over what to do. Carman arrives and wonders what he is doing.

After a long struggle, he decides that he can't do the right

thing because evil is the only way he knows how to be.  

Edmund takes a lighter and begins to burn the living will.