Guiding Light Update Wednesday 10/2/02

By Megan
Proofread by Susi

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Ross objects to Cassie being called to the witness stand. Cassie tells the judge she really doesn't think she can go through the pain again.  She just wants to take Tammy and leave. The judge calls a recess.  Reva uses this opportunity to talk to Cassie, even though she's not allowed to do that. Cassie says she doesn't want Reva to go to jail. The judge comes back, telling Cassie she has to take the stand. When Cassie gets upset, Doris is granted permission to treat her as a hostile witness.

Harley plans on pretending to be Eden when she goes out with another guy.  Frank completely objects to this idea. But when Gus comes in and finds Eden's files, he lies. Gus says they are his in order to protect Harley. Then Eden asks Frank to go and pick up a package, expected from Chicago that concerns her.

At the beach, Edmund reads Richard's Will again. He recalls the night Richard offered him a olive branch and a truce.  Richard thinks about burning the Will, but doesn't. Then he goes to the trial.

Tony's bartender doesn't show up for work.  Eden had called pretending to be Carmen to gave him the day off. Tony tells her that he still won't give her a job. But later, when he finds Eden at the Company he recants.  He says  that since Carmen likes her, he will hire Eden.

Eden goes to Harley's and finds Gus's file on Tony.  He tells her the file is going to be thrown out.  Eden disapproves.   She tells him she is the one who put the cigarette burns in her arm. Then she leaves.

Harley goes to the Inferno to tell Tony to stay away from Eden, because she will try to hurt him.

After being badgered by Doris, Cassie runs out of the court room taking Tammy with her. Soon after, Reva tells everyone she is changing her plea to "guilty".