Guiding Light Update Tuesday 10/1/02

By Megan

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Alan tells Phillip that he and Olivia are getting married. Phillip says that he and Beth split up because too much has changed between them. Alan says that he will never let Olivia go.

Alex runs into Olivia outside of Alan’s room. She notices the engagement ring. Olivia says that the thought of losing Alan is what made her change her mind about marrying him.

Edmund finds Richard’s Will, which said that Richard did not want to be kept alive by machines. He hides it when Cassie comes in. She asks him to leave after he mentions the black roses. Cassie tells Edmund that she knows he can become a better man, but he doesn’t think it can happen. Later, Edmund learns that if Richard’s Will were used as evidence, it could change Reva’s trial completely.

At the trial, Ross tells Reva that if she is convicted of murder, he will appeal it all the way to the Supreme Court. Reva pleads “not guilty” to the charges. Tammy shows up just in time to hear Doris Wolfe’s opening statement.

Bill and Beth make love in her hotel room.

Phillip runs into Alex as he is leaving Alan’s room, and tells her that he and Beth split up. Alex suspects it had something to do with Olivia. Then Phillip tells her about their plan to get Alan back for bugging the earrings.

Cassie tells Edmund that she got a subpoena to testify at Reva’s trial.

Doris calls Ed to the stand. He says that he thinks Richard would still be alive if Reva hadn’t pulled the plug, but he would never be fully recuperated. After Ed says that he objects to a legal system that would turn an act of mercy into a murder, he is asked to step down.

Olivia gets a call from Phillip when she is at the beach. He tells her not to leave because he needs to talk to her. When he gets there, he asks her why she never told him that she was going to marry Alan. She says that it didn’t matter since there were no feelings between her and Phillip. Then he says that he hopes she has a happy life, and leaves.

Alex tells Alan that she will tell everyone that he was faking a heart attack unless he lets her run Spaulding while he is ill. Alan refuses, but Alex reminds him of what she knows and what she will do with that information. Then she leaves.

After a brief recess, Doris calls Cassie to the stand.