Guiding Light Update Monday 9/30/02

By Megan
Proofread by Susi

Reva begins getting ready for her trial. She can’t decide on what to wear and Josh tells her not to worry. When Josh and Reva leave for the trial, Edmund is outside their house waiting for them. He says that he would take the stand in Reva’s defense, but she doesn’t want him to. Then Edmund tells them that Cassie is in debt to the mob. Reva believes him.

Cassie gets a call from Danny. She tells him that she will have regular payments for her loan soon. Then a package arrives for her. In it are a bunch of Richard’s documents that he had saved. One of them is something that Tammy wrote about Richard and Cassie.

Olivia accepts Alan’s proposal. He gives her a prenuptual agreement, which says that she will get the mansion, and Spauling Industries if Alan dies or divorces her. Then he gives her another paper that says Olivia will lose everything, including the Beacon, if she is physically unfaithful to Alan. She signs both of them, and then Alan gives her the engagement ring he had bought the first time he asked her to marry him.

In the elevator, Bill kisses Beth. She tells him that she and Phillip were only together because it was safe and what they were used to. She tells Bill that he is in no way safe. Then she tells him about Phillip and Olivia.

At the beach, Phillip tells Rick that he does not love Olivia, but he likes her a lot. He says that he is the same as Olivia, and he likes that. She knows him and likes him for who he is, and doesn’t try to change him.

Carmen goes to Danny at Infierno, and she says that she doesn’t know who sent the roses to him or Cassie. Danny tells her that the Beacon is up and running and Cassie will be able to pay back her loan.

Ed finds Cassie at the beach. She tells him that she is not going to the trial. She also tells him about all of Richard’s papers she received. Then Ed warns her to be careful with Danny and the mob.

Beth and Bill get hot and heavy in the elevator, but then Beth leaves and tells him to meet her in her hotel room.

Olivia runs into Phillip outside of Alan’s room. She hides her ring from him. Before he can tell her that he and Beth split up, the nurse comes out saying that Alan wants to see Phillip. 

Reva goes to see Danny. She tells him that she will pay back Cassie’s loan, but she needs a couple weeks. Danny says he can’t give her the time, but the Beacon is open now, so Cassie should be fine. Then Josh comes and gets her for the trial.

Edmund goes to the Beacon to see Cassie, but she isn’t there, so he waits inside her room. There he sees Richard’s papers. He looks through them, finding Richard’s Living Will.

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