Guiding Light Update Friday 9/27/02

By Eva

At the Beach, Bill and Michelle take a rest after an early morning bike ride. Michelle tells Bill what almost happened between her and Ben.

At Harley's apartment, Gus and Harley share a romantic moment together while they discuss the situation with Philip. Eden arrives with flowers and an apology for Harley. Eden says that she is sorry if what she said caused her to lose her son. Harley doesn't accept the apology, and the two begin to argue. Gus stops them, and goes to take a shower. Harley and Eden are left alone to talk.

At the Spaulding Mansion, Beth and Philip sort through their things, and share memories. Philip asks Beth to stay at the mansion until she can find a place to live. Beth says no because she thinks it would be best to move out now. Lizzie arrives, and Beth and Philip explain to Lizzie that they have decided to go their separate ways, and Lizzie and James will live with their mother at Towers until they can find a place to live. Lizzie refuses to move out and live with her mother.

At the hospital, Olivia and Alan wake up. Olivia's mind is still fuzzy from her hangover. Alan shares a dream with Olivia; he tells her he dreamed he was dead, and that he was in his casket and he saw Olivia and Philip standing over him talking. Alan asks Olivia if she would run straight to Philip after he died. Olivia tells Alan she doesn't want to be with Philip; she wants to be with him. Olivia also says Philip is with Beth, where he belongs, and she is with the man who loves her. Olivia goes home to shower and change her clothes.

At the Spaulding Mansion, Lizzie blames Lorelei's diary for her parents break up, although Philip and Beth deny the diary had anything to do with their decision to spit up. Lizzie yells at her parents saying that they always get involved with the wrong people, and they are splitting up before things between them even got started. Lizzie also thinks that Beth picked a bad time to move out of the house because her grandpa is in the hospital. Philip explains to his daughter that no matter where they are, they will always be a family. Lizzie can't accept this, and storms out of the room saying she isn't going anywhere with her mother.

At the Beach, Bill wants to know what happened with Ben. Michelle doesn't give many details but Bill puts things together. Bill asks Michelle why she chose Ben instead of him. Michelle explains that she didn't choose him because she knew he would never take advantage of her, and she wanted someone to take advantage of her. Michelle says she wanted to forget, if only for a little while, that she was Michelle Bauer. Bill asks Michelle if she wanted to forget about Danny. Michelle says that is the reason she did it at first, but then it became about moving ahead with her life. While Michelle and Bill continue to share their sorrows about the people they love, Rick arrives and Michelle is overjoyed to see him back from rehab. Bill leaves Michelle and Rick alone to talk.

At the hospital, Alan calls home, and Lizzie tells him her parents are splitting up and how mad she is at both of them. Lizzie asks her grandpa to do something about the situation. Alan asks Lizzie if she has seen Olivia, and Lizzie tells him she hasn't seen her.

At the Spaulding Mansion, Beth is afraid that Lizzie hates her. Philip says that all Lizzie needs is time to adjust to the situation. Philip and Beth share one last hug and kiss good-bye as Olivia watches from the hallway and cries. Olivia leaves to take a shower. Beth leaves to find a room at the Towers.

At the hospital, Alan asks his doctor to create a crisis to convince his family he is at death's door.

At the Beach, Rick tells Michelle he is in great shape, and he feels wonderful. Rick says that Mel will have her reinstatement hearing next week. Rick asks his sister how she is doing.  She tells him she is ok, and she will always love Danny, but she has to move on with her life. Rick says she won't have to go through this alone because she has her whole family to lean on. Michelle leaves to be with Robbie. Rick stays at the Beach and calls Philip and asks him to meet him there.

At Harley's apartment, Eden tells Harley the only reason she lied to the arbitrator was to keep from going to jail. Eden blames Harley for keeping her brother from concentrating on what is important. Harley thinks Eden is jealous about Gus's relationship with her. Gus gets out of the shower, and Harley asks Eden to leave. Once outside the apartment, Gus asks his sister to stay away from Harley until she gets her son back. Gus tells Eden that he may have a way to persuade Philip to give Zach back to Harley. Harley answers Eden's cell phone, and pretends to be Eden. Eden's boss gives her a new assignment. Harley gives Eden's boss a new phone number where she can be reached.

At the hospital, Olivia arrives to find Alan in cardiac arrest.  The doctor shocks him back to life. Alan's doctor tells Olivia that if Alan has another heart attack. he may not survive the next time. Olivia tells Alan that she saw Philip and Beth together, and they are stronger then ever. Alan asks Olivia if she will make his wish come true.

At the Beach, Philip tells Rick the whole story about Alan's heart attack. Philip also tells Rick that Beth is moving out of the mansion. Philip also admits that what started out as a joke on Alan, at some point, became real. Rick asks Philip if he wants Olivia for himself.

At Towers, Beth and Bill share an elevator. Beth tells Bill she will be staying there for a little while, because she needs time to think. Bill pushes the stop button on the elevator to give Beth time to think.

At the hospital, Alan tells Olivia that he may be dying, and he wants to make sure she is taken care of, and has everything she wants. Alan tells Olivia he loves her, and asks her to marry him one more time. Olivia thinks of the hug and kiss Philip gave to Beth, and tearfully accepts Alan's marriage proposal.

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