Guiding Light Update Thursday 9/26/02

By Eva
Proofread by Nicole

At the Hospital, Alexandra arrives to visit her brother. Alan demands to know what she wants. Alexandra answers, everything. Alan tells his sister that he suspects she is responsible for the press finding out he was sick, and his stock prices going down. Alan wants to know why Alexandra would take advantage of him while his life is hanging in the balance. Alexandra tells him "I couldn't think of a better time."

At the Spaulding Mansion, Beth apologizes to Philip for their fight, and says that Alan's heart attack has made her realize that family and love are what is important in life. Philip tells Beth that he and Olivia were responsible for Alan's heart attack.

At Olivia's fantasy, a drunken Olivia rips into Billl saying she handed Beth to him on a silver platter, but he wasn't man enough to do anything about it. Olivia again encourages Bill to go after Beth, but he refuses to do so, and they both drown their sorrows with booze.

At the beach, a drunken Michelle passionately kisses Ben. Ben wonders why Michelle kisses him. Ben asks Michelle if it was because she was thinking about Danny or him. Michelle tells Ben that the kiss was about finally being honest with herself. Michelle asks Ben if while they were growing up he had ever imagined what it would be like to kiss her. Ben admits he had imagined kissing her, but he never thought she had feelings for him.

At the Spaulding Mansion, Philip tells Beth the whole story about what caused Alan's heart attack. A stunned Beth is speechless.

At the hospital, Alexandra wants to know how serious Alan's heart condition is. Alexandra tells Alan she has brought a world famous cardiologist to look at his test results. Alan refuses to let the cardiologist look at his tests which makes Alexandra suspect he is faking his heart condition, which Alan denies several times. Alan thanks her for coming, and tells her she can leave and go back home because he will be fine. Alexandra says she knows there must be a reason why he is faking his condition, and she isn't leaving town until she figures out that reason.

At the Spaulding Mansion, Beth wants to know what would have happened between Philip and Olivia if Alan hadn't walked in on them and had a heart attack. Philip admits he doesn't know what would have happened.  Beth becomes angry, and says he had no right to judge her for being married to Bill while he was with Lorelei, when all along he was hiding secret feelings for Olivia. Philip finally admits he may have opened up to Olivia because of Beth's relationship with Bill.

At the Beach, Ben asks Michelle if she doesn't want to make love to him just to escape her problems with Danny. Michelle says the only person she is thinking of is Ben. Ben tells Michelle that if she wants to make love to him; he will give her what she wants. Michelle tells Ben she wants to make love to him. They begin to make love, but Michelle calls out Danny's name. Both Michelle and Ben stop themselves, and an embarrassed Michelle asks Ben to forgive her.

At Olivia's Fantasy. Olivia and Bill continue to talk about the two people they love. Marina interrupts them and asks if they have seen Ben. Bill says he hasn't seen Ben and takes the opportunity to leave Olivia with Marina. Olivia gives Marina some advice about men. Olivia tells Marina that it is a big mistake to chase after a man. Olivia also says that Marina should date a man with money. The last piece of wisdom she gives Marina is if the man you love doesn't love you, you should always have a man that loves you waiting in the wings. Olivia then leaves to visit Alan in the hospital.

At the Spaulding Mansion, Philip tries to get Beth to admit that she has feelings for Bill. Beth tells Philip that she came to tell him she was willing to start over, but now she isn't sure that is the best thing to do.  Philip and Beth both admit they love each other very much, and they don't understand why things always tear them apart. Philip asks Beth if they can get past this, or if this will be yet another obstacle they can't overcome. Beth says she thinks that the reason she became Lorelei wasn't to escape Edmund, but to escape Philip. Beth says that both Edmund and Philip tried to control her in different ways. Beth says Bill never wanted anything from her, and he made her feel good about herself because he made her feel strong and capable. Beth asks Philip if he wants to be with Olivia, and Philip asks Beth if she wants to be with Bill. They both say they aren't sure what they want.

Beth thinks that Bill and Olivia wouldn't have come between them if their relationship didn't have problems.Philip says that he always thought there were things that Beth needed that he couldn't give her. Philip tells Beth he doesn't want to break up. Beth admits that even before Olivia and Bill came into their lives, she was afraid of becoming a victim again, and she doesn't want that for either one of them. Beth begs Philip "If you love me, set me free. Set yourself free."

At the beach, Michelle tells Beth she wanted to be a bad girl, wild and impulsive, so she could escape her problems. Michelle says she came to the beach with Ben because she felt safe enough to get wild because she knew Ben would understand if she changed her mind. Marina arrives and wants to know if anything happened between he and Michelle. After some playful teasing, Ben admits nothing happened. Ben asks if Marina came looking for him because she was jealous. Marina says she wasn't chasing after him, that she was just walking on the beach. Marina says that there could never be anything between them because she could never date a man who dances with his pants down. Marina walks away leaving Ben speechless.

At Olivia's Fantasy, Michelle asks Bill to take her home.

At the hospital, Olivia arrives and apologizes to Alan again for what happened. Olivia climbs into bed with him and they snuggle. Olivia tells Alan how much she appreciates him, and he is very important to her. Alexandra figures out Alan was faking his heart attack to keep Olivia. Alexandra leaves the room wishing her brother luck and a long life.

At the Spaulding Mansion, Philip and Beth say an emotional good-bye to each other. They say they will always love each other.

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