Guiding Light Update Wednesday 9/25/02

By Megan
Proofread by Nicole

As Danny is congratulating Cassie on how well the Beacon is doing, Harley comes in. Then Blake and Tammy follow her to tell her that the Baroness had arrived. Bill, Michelle, and Tony all show up to help out. When the Baroness walks into the hotel, Harley and Blake recognize her as Alexandra Spaulding. Alex tells Cassie that she is the only person in her party for the hotel. Harley tells Alex that Alan's heart attack is all over the news. Blake tells her that Roger is no where near Springfield. Danny and Michelle run into each other. Danny tells her that he misses having her and Robbie with him, then leaves.

As Beth is thinking about Bill, Phillip comes in, and says he wants to talk with her after everything with Alan is settled. Beth says that Alan wanted to talk to her, so she leaves.

At Infierno, Gus and Olivia talk about Phillip, and she almost slips and tells him about what happened between her and Phillip. Later Olivia gets a call from Cassie, who tells her about the Beacon opening. Olivia, who is too drunk to stand on her own tries to run out of Infierno, but Danny stops her to call a cab.

Marina tells Tammy that she could try and hook Frank up with Alex. Cassie calls all her volunteers over and thanks them. Then she tells them that they can use the Beacon for the night. Marah and Michelle talk about moving on with their lives without Danny and Tony.

Alex goes outside to talk to Harley, who tells her about everything that Phillip has been doing with Zach. Alex tells her that Phillip is becoming more and more like Alan.

Gus goes to the Spaulding mansion and finds Phillip. Gus tells him that if he doesn't give Zach back to Harley, then he will tell everyone what really caused Alan's heart attack.

At the hospital, Alan tells Beth that family is what is important, and she shouldn't give up on her relationship with Phillip no matter what.

Marah tells Tony that she will always love him, but they're not good for each other. She says that they both need to move on. Then the others come in to party, and their conversation is interrupted. Tony looks on as they all dance and have fun, including Marah.

Olivia goes to the Beacon, and Cassie tells her why she had to open up the hotel early. Then Olivia goes into the bar, and as Marina is telling her how cool it is, she passes out.

Gus goes to the Beacon to see Harley. He tells her that she will have Zach back very soon.

Beth goes back to the mansion. Phillip tells her that he needs to tell her what really happened that caused Alan's heart attack.

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