Guiding Light Update Tuesday 9/24/02

By Megan
Proofread by Nicole

Gus calls someone to get him to spy on Phillip and Olivia, but Harley comes downstairs, and asks what he's doing, so he hangs up the phone. Gus tells her that he hears her when she cries in the middle of the night, and it kills him. He says that he thinks Alan had his heart attack because he walked in on Phillip and Olivia. Harley says that Phillip would never cheat on Beth.

Outside the hospital, Phillip grills Olivia about what they did to Alan. He says that there will never be anything romantic between them, even if he did feel something for her. At first Phillip denies any feelings he had for Olivia, but eventually admits that he did like her.

Cassie tries to get a staff for the Beacon, but they can't be there when she wants them. She goes downstairs and finds that Tammy has already gathered some help...Blake, Marah, Marina, Ben, and Remy. Cassie gives them all jobs to do to get the hotel ready for the Baroness.

As Gus and Harley are discussing what is or isn't going on between Phillip and Olivia, the Spaulding nanny calls and says that she is bringing Zach over since Phillip is tied up at the hospital. Gus realizes that he has to leave Harley's if Zach is going to be there.

Olivia tells Phillip that she wants it all, and Alan can't give it to her. Gus stands in the background listening to them argue. After Olivia shoves Phillip and leaves, Gus walks over to Phillip, but he leaves without saying anything to Gus.

Danny gets a message that he should go to the Beacon. When he finds Cassie, he tells her that its too late, but she insists that she will have enough money. He says that he hopes she does get enough money for both their sakes.

Blake calls Harley to get more help on the Beacon, and she says she'll be over soon. Zach shows Harley a picture that he drew of himself, Harley, and Gus. Phillip shows up to check on Zach. When Harley asks about Olivia, Phillip gets agitated. He tells her that he will wait outside for Zach.

At Infierno, Olivia gets a call from Cassie, but refuses to even listen to what she had to say. Then Gus shows up and tells her that Phillip is making everyone's life miserable, and she agrees with him.

Just as everyone is finishing up their chores on the Beacon, the Baroness shows up.

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