Guiding Light Update Monday 9/23/02

By Megan
Proofread by Nicole

Tammy joins Cassie, RJ, and Will in bed. They talk about the dreams they've had about Richard. Then Danny shows up and demands his money. He tells her to get some from Reva, but she refuses. When Cassie leaves, RJ comes in with a broken airplane, and Danny says he can't fix it.

At Harley's house, Harley is still mad at Frank for interrupting her date the night before. She gets a phone call from Phillip later, and he tells her that Alan had a heart attack, and Zach was at nursery school. Harley was mad that she didn't get to take him, so she went down there and took pictures of him.

At the hospital Gus looks through Alan's charts, and sees that he had a heart attack. Inside the room, Olivia tells Alan that he needs to get some rest, and not worry about work. As she leaves, Gus goes in with some flowers.

Outside, Phillip gets a call from Alexandra, as he remembers his night with Olivia. She tells him that Lizzie called her, and she said she would stay out of it and not go to Springfield. She then calls a newspaper to tell them about Alan's condition. Outside, Phillip tells Olivia that they have to forget about what happened between them, and any feelings they have for each other.

Gus tells Alan that he would spy on Phillip and Olivia if he wanted him to. Then Phillip comes and in, and Gus leaves. Phillip tells him to stay away from Alan. Gus tells him to be nice to Olivia.

Phillip finds Harley with Zach at the nursery school, where he tells the teacher that he is the only one who is allowed to pick Zach up.

Danny ends up fixing RJ's plane, and tells him that he wanted to be a pilot and a baseball player. Cassie watches them, and Danny tells her that since his neck is on the line now, too, he will help her get some money and then she will only have to pay him back, and not the mob.

When the Spaulding stock drops, Alexandra heads for Springfield. When the stock gets too low, she plans on buying all the stock.

Harley goes home, and Gus greets her with a kiss. He tells her that he thinks there is something going on between Phillip and Olivia. They agree they will get Zach back.

Some reporters show up at the hospital to get a statement from Alan, and Phillip gives it for him, denying everything about a heart attack.

Baroness Van Halkein calls Cassie, and reserves the whole hotel, starting that night.

Danny receives a black rose of his own.

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