Guiding Light Update Friday 9/20/02

By Eva
Proofread by Nicole

At the Lewis house, Reva has a disturbing nightmare which she is back in Richard's room using the message board to spell out 'Yes' but in her nightmare she also spells out murderer.

At Towers, Harley anxiously waits for Eden's client to arrive. Harley is surprised to see Frank come in to eat dinner. Harley begs Frank to leave after she explains to him that she is pretending to be Eden to find out if she is a prostitute. Harley thinks that it will help her regain custody of Zach.

At Inferno, Gus confronts Eden about the check Philip gave her. Gus tells Eden that he now has the proof that he needs to cause Philip of bribery. Gus tells Eden that he could also arrest her for taking a bribe. Eden is surpassed to hear that her brother would arrest her. Eden tears up the check so that Gus won't have evidence against her or Philip because she is afraid of what Philip will do to her. Gus just tapes the check back together, and goes to confront Philip.

At the hospital, As a worried and Guilt ridden Philip and Olivia wait outside his hospital room, Alan tells his doctor to continue to let them both think he is dying. Alan's doctor tells Philip and Olivia that Alan's condition is bad.

At the Lewis house, Reva tells Josh about her nightmare. Reva thinks the nightmare's a sign from Richard that she should take the plea bargain. Josh tries to persuade her to take her chances with a jury. Reva worries that if she goes to trial, she could spend more time in jail and it might be better to take the plea bargain and spend less time in jail. Reva also worries about how going to jail will affect her family.

At Towers, Frank worries that Harley could run into trouble with Eden's client, and insists on eating dinner at another table so that he can be there to help if Harley should get into trouble. Frank also tries to persuade Harley to break up with Gus because he thinks it is the only way she will get her son back. Harley refuses to do that and she tells Frank that she has never had these feelings for anyone, and she has to trust her feelings.

At the hospital, Alan puts on an act for a very worried Philip and Olivia, who admit to Alan they were only pretending to make love to make him jealous. They apologize to him, and promise to do anything in order to make it up to him. Later outside Alan's room, Olivia admits that not everything they did was an act that some of it was real. Philip says that it got out of control.

Olivia pushes him to admit he felt something for her, but Philip refuses to talk about it saying they have more important things to worry about now. Olivia admits that she felt something, and she isn't sorry about what they did. She is only sorry that Alan walked in on it. Gus arrives to show Philip the check.

At Towers, Eden's client arrives, and Harley begins pumping him for information.

At the Lewis house, Reva and Marah talk. Reva tells Marah she is glad that she felt comfortable enough to talk to Holly about what happened with Tony. Marah tells her mother that talking with Holly made her realize that it is pointless to deny your true feelings. Marah admits to Reva that she still loves Tony despite everything that has happened between them. Marah also tells her mother that she may never understand why she pulled the plug on Richard, but it took a lot of courage for Reva to follow her heart. Marah says she has always admired her mother for being able to trust her feelings. Reva cries because of what she has done to her family. Reva asks Josh, Marah, and Billy for their advice about whether or not she should take the plea bargain, or go to trial.

At the hospital, Alan tells Olivia that despite all her manipulation, he is still drawn to her. Alan tells Olivia they are a perfect match. Alan asks Olivia if she cares for him passionately. Olivia tells him she admires and passionately cares for him.  Alan asks Olivia if she feels the same way about Philip. When Olivia doesn't answer, Alan keeps pushing, and asks Olivia if she want him or Philip. Olivia doesn't answer his question.

Outside Alan's hospital room. Philip says that Gus is like an annoying gnat no matter how much you try and get rid of it still keeps bothering you. Gus promises to stay in Philip's face wherever he goes and whatever he does and in the end Harley will get her son back.

At Towers, while Harley is pretending to be Eden to get information, Eden's client puts his hand on Harley's knee.

At the Lewis house, Billy and Josh both think Reva should go to trial, and they vow to stand behind her 100%. Marah says she thinks that Reva wouldn't be considering a plea bargain if she didn't have doubts that what she did was wrong. Reva explains that she always had doubts from the moment Richard asked her to help him die to the moment she pulled the plug. Marah again tells her mother that she may never understand why she pulled the plug, but Marah pledges her support. Reva remains torn about the decision she should make. Josh urges her to follow her heart.

At the hospital, Alan tells Philip and Olivia to keep the fact that he is in the hospital a secret from everyone, especially his sister, Alexandra.

At Towers, when Frank sees Eden's client touch Harley''s knee, he steps in to protect his sister. Harley tries to salvage things by saying he is an old boyfriend who is forbidden to come near her due to a restraining order. The man says he doesn't want any trouble, and leaves. Harley gets angry at Frank, and yells at him for blowing things and letting the only chance she had at getting her son back get away.

At the hospital, Lizzie arrives to visit Alan. Lizzie offers to call Alexandra, and tell her what happened. Alan tells Lizzie there is no need to worry her aunt because he is going to be fine. Alan sends Lizzie out of the room to get herself a chocolate bar. After Lizzie leaves, Alan again reminds Philip and Olivia that under no circumstance is Alexandra ever to know he is in the hospital.

In the hospital hallway, Gus stops Lizzie, and subtly pumps her for information on Alan's condition. Lizzie tells him that Alan had a heart attack because he was angry at Philip and Olivia for something they did. Lizzie tells him she is worried about her grandfather, and doesn't understand why he won't let anyone call her Aunt Alexandra. Gus explains to her that if he was in the hospital even if he told someone he didn't want his sister with him he would still want her to know he was in the hospital. After Gus leaves, Lizzie makes a call to her Aunt Alexandra.

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