Guiding Light Update Thursday 9/19/02

By Eva
Proofread by Nicole

At Company, Ross and Blake have lunch, but Ross is distracted by thoughts of Reva's upcoming trial. Ross tells Blake he is very worried because this case is more personal then legal, and the media has already convicted Reva. Ross is worried he won't be able to make a jury understand why Reva pulled the plug on Richard's life support. Ross fears this case will turn into a blood bath.

In an empty court room, Reva tells Josh that she is worried that not even a good lawyer like Ross will be able to explain to a jury why she pulled the plug on Richard's life support. Josh reassures Reva that everything will be OK. Reva insists they talk about what will happen to their family if she should go to jail. Josh refuses to even think of the possibility that Reva could go to jail. Josh insists that they will get through this, and he is confident that a jury will understand what Reva did. Josh goes into a mock opening argument to prove to Reva that the jury will understand what she did.

At the Beacon, Cassie vents her frustration at her financial situation. Tammy arrives and tells Cassie she is worried about talking to the court appointed physiologist. Tammy also tells her mother she is worried that she may need to go to juvenile hall. Cassie assures Tammy that she won't go to juvenile hall because they will explain things to the physiologist. Tammy reads what she wants to say to the physiologist to her mother so she can see if it sounds OK. Tammy stumbles when she comes to the part that says that her mother cries every night since Richard ... she asks her mother if she should say died or was murdered. Cassie says she isn't sure what to say because they were not given a choice in the situation.

At Richard's grave, Danny accuses Edmund of sending Cassie the black roses. Edmund says that if something should happen to Cassie, it will be Danny's fault for agreeing to give her the loan. Danny tells Edmund that he refused to give Cassie the loan at first but Cassie begged him for the money.

In the courtroom, Reva pretends to be the prosecuting attorney to show Josh what the prosecutor might say to a jury.

At company, Holly arrives just as Ross leaves to go to court. Holly and Blake talk about the heartbreaking situation that both their friends are in. Holly gets a call from the television station informing her that the ratings are down because they are not covering the Reva Lewis trial. Blake comes up with a plan she thinks will help Reva and Cassie. Blake asks Holly if she can host Reva's talk show while Reva is busy with the trial. Blake wants to interview Edmund on the show, and dig up some dirt to discredit the prosecution's star witness. Holly says there is no way Edmund would agree to an interview. Blake goes over to Edmund's table, and asks him for an interview. Edmund agrees to do the interview Blake tells Holly that Edmund agreed to do the show, and Holly reluctantly agrees to let Blake substitute for Reva on the talk show.

At Richard's grave, Danny talks to Richard, and tells him that Cassie is in a lot of trouble. Danny tells Richard that it isn't his responsibility to help Cassie get out of trouble.

At the court house, Ross tells Reva that it would be better if she wasn't present for the hearing. Reva agrees to go home. On the way out of the courtroom they meet Cassie and Tammy. Tammy tells them about her shoplifting. Reva is angry at Cassie for not allowing her to help them and again begs Cassie to take money from her and Josh. Cassie angrily refuses and Tammy and she head to the physiologist office only to find out the meeting was postponed. Ross tells Reva that he needs her after all because he has decided to try to get a plea bargain. Reva says that she will have to postpone the meeting because she and Josh have to go somewhere right away.

At Infierno, Carmen tells Danny that she heard that Cassie Winslow was sent a warning. Carmen worries that if Cassie doesn't repay the loan, the angry families will go after Danny because he authorized the loan. Carmen leaves and vows she won't lose another son.

At the Beacon, Tammy tells Cassie that she still has a necklace and a ring her father gave her and offers to sell them to get some money. Cassie refuses, and tells her daughter not to worry. Cassie sends Tammy to go pay the babysitter.

At the Jewelry store, Reva and Josh buy Cassie's ring.

At the Beacon. Carmen tells Cassie that Danny could be killed if she doesn't repay the loan.

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