Guiding Light Update Wednesday 9/18/02

By Megan
Proofread by Nicole

Tony follows Eden to where she is staying with Gus. When Eden walks in, she finds a note from Gus that says he is working, and will be back. And it also said not to clean again. Then Tony knocks on the door, and Eden lets him in. She tells him that she wants a job at Infierno.

In Chicago, Harley gets a call from Gus while she is in Eden's apartment. She tells him that she doesn't know how much longer she can live without Zack. Gus says that Phillip is the one who persuaded Eden to lie. They both agree that they won't give up on their relationship, and then hang up.

At Infierno, Danny looks at the separation papers. Then he goes to see Michelle. He tells her that in order to protect Robbie, he can't spend time with him at all.

At the Beacon, Cassie remembers what she did at Infierno the night before, as Tammy comes in with the boys. Cassie tells her that the job didn't work out. Then Edmund shows up with some toys for RJ and Will, and some clothes for Tammy. Cassie asks Tammy to take the boys and leave, so she can talk to Edmund. He tells Cassie that he wants to help me.

Tony searches Eden to make sure she isn't wearing a wire because he doesn't trust her, and he thinks she's working for Gus. As they are about to kiss, Gus walks in and tells Tony to stay away from Eden. Then Tony leaves.

Edmund tells Cassie that he is going to go through with the lawsuit against Reva no matter what. Cassie refuses help from him, and tells him to leave. As Edmund is leaving, he finds a black rose outside her door. He tells her that it is a calling card from the mob, and she won't get a second warning. Cassie doesn't believe that Danny would hurt anyone, so Edmund tells her what he did to him when he was going to tell everyone that the Bauers killed Richard. Then Edmund leaves.

Danny tells Michelle that he will do whatever it takes to keep Robbie away from the Santos family, even if that means telling everyone that he abandoned Michelle and Robbie. He even suggests telling Robbie that his father is dead. Danny tells Michelle to change his last name to Bauer. Then Danny goes inside to say good bye to Robbie, and Michelle watches.

Tony goes to the church gym to work out. Ray finds him, and tells him that he's acting like their father. Tony then apologizes to Ray for blowing him off the other day at Infierno.

Gus tells Eden that going after the Sanotoses will only make her life worse. Then she leaves, and doesn't tell Gus where she is going. Gus goes through her belongings, and finds the check Phillip gave her.

Harley calls Greg, the man who she met earlier in Chicago, and pretends to be Eden again. He wants to meet with her at Towers in Springfield. She agrees.

Cassie goes to see Danny at Infierno, and gives him back his jacket. She then asks about the rose. Danny suggests that maybe Edmund planted it to make her scared enough to sign on to the lawsuit. As she is leaving, Danny suggests that she does sign on so she can get some money. When Cassie refuses, he tells her she needs to suck it up, and get money from someone so she doesn't ruin anyone's life.

Eden finds Tony at Infierno, and tells him that Gus is her brother. She claims that she was against his whole vendetta against the Santos family. They kiss, and then Eden leaves.

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