Guiding Light Update Tuesday 9/17/02

By Megan

Monica plays the tape of Phillip and Olivia for Alan. After a while he hangs up the phone and rushes towards Olivia bedroom where Phillip and Olivia are getting hot and heavy.

Ben walks into Towers and sees Beth and Bill talking. He tells them that he is having dinner with Marina. Beth is ashamed, once again, because of the age difference between her and Bill. Beth tells Bill that she doesn't even know if Phillip makes her happy anymore. Bill asks her if he has a chance at all, and she says that she is interested in him.

Carmen finds Danny is the office at Infierno, and grills him about where Robbie should live, which she believes is with Danny. Danny tells her that Robbie will be raised with Michelle, so he can be safe.

Ed welcomes Michelle home. He expected Danny to be with her since he had gone to Mystic Island, but Michelle tells him that Danny never went down there since she never saw him. Ed gives Michelle separation papers that Ross made up for her.

Marina joins Ben at Towers and thinks he is going to pay her back for humiliating him at the beach. Ben says that he only asked her to dinner because he likes her. She doesn't believe him, and says that the only reason she agreed to come was for the free food.

Michelle walks in on Danny and Carmen arguing about Robbie. Carmen leaves them alone. Michelle gives Danny the separation papers. Danny says something about football, and Michelle guesses that he did go to Mystic Island.

Alan walks into Olivia's room, and sees them kissing. He starts to yell, but then he falls over. Phillip rushes to help him while Olivia calls for an ambulance.

Ben gets up to dance, and Marina sees that he doesn't have any pants on. She tells him to sit down but he doesn't. Then Marina says that she is not embarrassed by him being in his boxers, and she dances with him anyway.

Beth tells Bill that she is too confused right now to make any decisions about what to do with him and Phillip. Bill asks her for a sneak peek of what he is waiting for, and Beth gets up and leaves, not thinking he is very funny.

The paramedics arrive at the mansion and tell Olivia and Phillip that Alan had a cardiac episode.

Danny admits to Michelle that he was spying on her on the island. He then tells her that he can't change, and he wants her to get married again someday and forget all about him. Just as they are saying good bye, Carmen walks in. Michelle tells her that the only good thing that will come from her and Danny breaking up is that she will never have to see Carmen's face again. Then Michelle and Danny leave in opposite directions.

When Ben is told to put his pants on or leave, he and Marina decide to leave. As Ben is about to kiss Marina, the elector door opens and he stops. Then they argue about who was about to kiss whom.

Beth comes home just in time to see Alan being wheeled on a stretcher out of Olivia's room.

Michelle comes home and sees Bill and Ed. She tells Bill about her confrontation with Danny earlier, and that he did go to the island. Bill hugs her and tells her everything will be ok. He also tells her about his earlier meeting with Beth, and how she likes him, but still loves Phillip.

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