Guiding Light Update Monday 9/16/02

By Megan
Proofread by Nicole

At Infierno, Danny and Tony prepare for their party. Danny tells Tony that he hired Cassie as the stripper. Tony is upset. He asks why, and Danny says that Cassie wanted the job, and Tony needs to get over Marah and stop caring about her.

At the Beacon, Marah asks Tammy why she stole the ring, and Tammy says just so she could give it back to Cassie, but Lizzie was the one who suggested it. Then Cassie comes in and Marah goes to check on RJ and Will. Cassie tells Tammy that she got a job, but she doesn't tell Tammy what it is exactly.

At Towers, Sam tells Olivia that he is sure the earrings are bugged. Alan comes over and asks what they are talking about. Olivia says she was just telling Sam how happy she is with Alan. Alan and Olivia decide to go back to the mansion.

Beth gets off the phone with Ross as Phillip walks in the room. Phillip tells her that he punished Lizzie for stealing the ring. He tells Beth that she needs to get her marriage to Bill annulled, and Beth says she is handling it. Phillip wants Beth to lie to Lizzie about what really happened when she was Lorelei, because he thinks it would be better for her. Beth refuses too, though. They continue arguing about what to do with Lizzie as Olivia and Alan arrive home. Beth tells Phillip that she doesn't want to be with him anymore because of the way he is treating her. He won't let her fix her own mistakes and own up to them, and he is too controlling over her. Then Beth leaves. Alan comes in and tells Phillip that he needs to control Beth. Phillip yells at him, then leaves in a rage.

Tammy asks Marah to find Cassie and make sure she is ok. Tammy gives Marah the phone number that Cassie gave her, and Marah realizes that Cassie went to work at Infierno.

Beth goes to Towers where Bill finds her and jokingly asks her to sign his copy of "Lorelei's Diary." Bill then joins her at her table, and they talk about how Phillip reacted, and what Beth should do. Beth realized that she and Lorelei are the same person, and she can no longer blame everything on Lorelei.

Olivia pulls Phillip into her room and tells her about the bugged earrings. They decide to make Alan mad by pretending that they have fallen for each other.

Danny gets a phone call saying that his party has been cancelled. When he goes to tell Cassie, she tells him that he promised her a job, and she is not going to leave without her money.

Marah finds Tony and asks him about Cassie's job. Tony tells her that he cancelled the party, and took care of Cassie. Marah thanks him.

Danny tells Cassie to leave, but she refuses, and starts to strip for him. He turns off the music, and tells her to get dressed and go home to her kids.

Alan gets a phone call from Monica as he is about to go up to Olivia's room. He tells her that he was just going to call her to tell her that he doesn't need her services anymore, but Monica tells him that there is something he needs to hear.

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