Guiding Light Update Friday 9/13/02

By Eva
Proofread by Nicole

On Mystic Island, Danny continues to watch Michelle, Bill, and Robbie playing. Danny thinks about what his mother told him, that someday Robbie will grow to hate him as much as he hates Carmen.

At the Beacon, Tammy explains to her mother that stealing the ring was Lizzie's idea, but she actually grabbed the ring out of the display case. Cassie asks her why she did it, and Tammy says it wasn't right that someone else could buy the engagement ring that Richard gave her. Tammy demands to know how broke they are when Cassie refuses to tell her. Tammy admits that she is worried that social services will come and take her and her brothers away from her just like when she was a little girl. Cassie promises her daughter that no one will take Tammy away again.

At the Spaulding mansion, Olivia talks to herself while looking in the mirror, and she tries to decide if she should marry Alan or go after Philip. Alan enters and asks if she is good company tonight. Olivia is hurt that he thought she was the culprit behind the publication of Lorelei's diary.

On Mystic Island, Bill and Michelle play a game of losers' poker in which they gain points by naming one of their problems, and then deciding which problem is the worst. Danny still watches from the bushes and remembers how Michelle begged him to let her and Robbie go. When Danny overhears Michelle tell Bill she married a man that could someday be a murderer, he leaves without saying a word or making a sound.

At the Spaulding mansion, Alan apologizes to Olivia, but he says that he will never trust her. Alan wants to know what the D-day notation in her hand-held computer meant. Olivia is upset that he ruined her surprise, but she presents him with diamond cuff links that she designed for him. Olivia says the D day notation was the day the cuff links were to be picked up from the jewelry store. Alan leaves Olivia alone, so she can get dressed for dinner. While Olivia puts on the earrings Alan gave her, she breaks one of them.

At the mall, Cassie begs the jewelry store owner to drop the charges against Tammy. He tells her that is impossible because it's in the hands of the police. Cassie leaves with one last glance at her engagement ring.

Meanwhile, at the Spaulding mansion, Sam goes into Olivia's room to say goodbye because he has to go back to school. He promises that he will be back. Sam asks Olivia if she loves Alan. Olivia says that there are all kinds of love, and she will grow to love Alan. Olivia says that she has decided to stop chasing Philip. Olivia asks Sam to fix her earrings before he leaves. Olivia goes to meet Alan for dinner.

Danny arrives at Infierno, and gets a phone call from his manager saying that he needs to book some girls' for a private party. Danny tells his manager to handle it, because he doesn't want to deal with it. Cassie arrives, and asks for more time to come up with the money she owes him. Danny says he can't help her anymore. Cassie says that she has asked everyone she could for money but no one can help her.

At Towers, Alan and Olivia have a romantic dinner. Olivia asks Alan to call in Cassie's loan because she wants the Beacon all to herself. Alan says he will think about it if she will dance with him. Sam arrives, and cuts in on their dance. Sam tells Olivia that when he was fixing the earrings he found a listening device which Alan had put inside them.

At Infierno, Cassie tells Danny that Tammy was arrested for trying to steal her engagement ring from a jewelry store at the mall. Cassie begs for more time, and says she will do anything she has to do to repay the loan, and keep the Beacon. Danny's manager arrives, and says that he has to approve the girls for the party tonight. When Cassie looks at the pictures and realizes the girls are strippers, she asks Danny to hire her for the party.

On Mystic Island, Bill and Michelle decide to go back to Springfield, and face reality. Michelle asks Bill what he will do about Beth, and Bill says he still doesn't know. Bill asks Michelle what she will do about Danny. Michelle says that things between her and Danny have to be over for Robbie's sake as well as hers.

At Infierno, Danny refuses to hire Cassie for the party. Cassie says she needs to make a payment on the loan, and she needs to put a roof over her children's head. After a long argument Danny hires Cassie to strip for the party.


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