Guiding Light Update Thursday 9/12/02

By Eva
Proofread By Nicole

At Mystic Island, Michelle thinks of Danny and when she sees Bill holding Robbie.  Since he is in the shadows for a second, she thinks Bill is Danny.

Meanwhile at Infierno, Carmen tries to persuade Danny to move into the Santos house. Danny refuses to do so. Carmen urges her son not to abandon Robbie. Danny says he is not abandoning his son he is protecting him because he wants him to have a normal life away from the family business. Carmen thinks that if Danny allows Michelle to raise Robbie, someday Robbie will grow to hate Danny as much as Danny hates Carmen. Carmen also tells her son that she has spent most of her life alone and she doesn't want Danny to spend his life without his little boy.

At the Beacon, Cassie remembers the meeting with Danny and she worries and wonders how she will pay back her debt. Cassie asks Richard for a sign about how she should handle her problems. Ed arrives to invite Cassie to eat some Bauer burgers at his house. Cassie says Will and R.J. are taking a nap and Tammy is at the mall. Cassie talks to Ed and cries about how much she misses Richard and how she can't provide financially for her children. Cassie thinks Richard would be ashamed of how she has messed things up. Ed says he thinks Richard would be proud of her. Ed shares his experiences with Cassie and tells her how unsure he felt about the decisions he made regarding Michelle after Maureen died.

At the Mall, Tammy and Lizzie stare at Cassie's engagement ring displayed in the window. Lizzie thinks it is wrong that Cassie's ring is in the mall where anyone could buy it. Tammy tells Lizzie how proud her mother was of the ring and how she always made excuses to show the ring to people. Lizzie urges Tammy to steal the ring and give it back to her mother. Tammy doesn't want to do that so Lizzie grabs the ring from the display case. They both get caught when the alarm goes off. The police are called and Lizzie and Tammy are taken to the police station with Lizzie protesting that they can't arrest her because she is a Spaulding.

At the Police Station, Philip arrives and is told by Gus that Beth is under arrest for bigamy. Philip defends Beth but an angry Beth shouts that she doesn't need him to defend her. Philip and Beth get into a heated argument in which Beth reminds Philip that he threatened to have her arrested himself when they were arguing at the house. Philip says he was angry and he would never want to see her in jail. Gus tells Philip Beth isn't officially booked but he has the papers all ready. Gus says he arrested Beth to show Philip that he can also bend the rules to suit his needs. Gus tells Philip that he messed with the two people that Gus loves most Harley and Eden and he will bend whatever rules are necessary to give Zach back to Harley and protect his sister. Philip says he understands the warring and Gus goes to get the keys to let Beth out. Beth borrows Philip's cell phone and calls Bill to tell him what is going on. Bill says he will be right down but Beth says that won't be necessary because she will be out soon. When Philip overhears Beth talking to Bill he takes the phone away from her and again tells Bill not to come because he will take care of Beth. Buzz who overheard what Gus told Philip asks Gus if he has heard from Harley. Gus says that she is still wrapping up a CAE out of town and she will be home soon. Buzz tells Gus that he is the last man he wanted his daughter to be involved with and they have had their differences in the past, but any man who fights that hard for his daughter and grandchildren can't be all bad.

Back on Mystic Island, Michelle asks Bill if he and Robbie caught any fish. Bill says no and Michelle starts to tell a story of when Danny went fishing with Robbie, but she stops herself. Bill tells Michelle that he fell in love with Beth when she was Lorelei and that they were married. Bill says that that was the most wonderful uncomplicated thing that has ever happened to him and now he doesn't know what to do. The two friends try to distract themselves by going out on the porch and playing cards.

At the Police Station, Lizzie arrives escorted by Frank. A shocked Philip demands to know why his daughter is under arrest. Frank tells him Lizzie was caught shoplifting. Philip says that is impossible because his daughter would never steal.  She is a Spaulding, she could buy whatever she wanted. Beth comes out of her cell and asked Lizzie if she took the ring. Lizzie says maybe she did because maybe she is a wild girl like Lorelei. Beth starts to tell her that stealing is wrong but Lizzie interrupts her and says who are you to tell me what is right and what is wrong. Frank takes Tammy aside and asks her who took the ring. Tammy doesn't say anything. Frank says he will have to call her mother but Tammy asks him not to do that. Frank hands Tammy the phone and Tammy calls Cassie and tells her everything.

At the Beacon, Cassie hangs up the phone frustrated and wonders how she is going to get her daughter out of jail. Ed offers to post bail at first, Cassie refuses but then she accepts the money promising to pay Ed back. Ed tells her she doesn't need to worry because she gave him back her son. Ed offers to stay with Will and R.J.

At Infierno, Danny thinks about what his mother said about spending most of her life alone. Danny calls Ed and tells him he is ready to change and he needs to know where Michelle is.

At the Police station, Beth tells Lizzie about her arrest for bigamy. Lizzie demands to know who she married. Philip says that maybe they should talk about this at home. Lizzie shouts back that it doesn't matter if they talk about it in public because the whole town knows about their lives anyway. Cassie arrives and Frank tells her that Tammy was caught stealing a diamond ring but he thinks Lizzie was the instigator. Tammy tearfully tells her mother that all she wanted to do was get her ring back for her. Philip tells Lizzie no matter what was going on at home that was no excuse to steal. Lizzie says she wasn't stealing, she was just trying to give Tammy's mother her ring back.

On Mystic Island. Danny arrives and sees Michelle laughing and joking with Bill.


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