Guiding Light Update Tuesday 9/10/02

By Megan
Proofread by Nicole

Marah is busy packing for school when Josh comes downstairs to talk to her. She asks him to drop everything about Tony. Then she goes upstairs to get another box. Josh calls Holly and asks her to come over. Josh tells Holly what Tony did to Marah. Then Marah comes back downstairs, and Josh tells her that Holly is there to help her.

Tony buys Eden another drink in hopes that she will tell him why she was with Gus. Phillip and Ray both walk into Infierno, and want to speak with each of them.

Gus goes to the Spaulding Mansion and waits for Phillip. He starts looking around the room, and finds "Lorelei's Diary", and starts to read some of it.

Beth chases Lizzie outside, and tells her that Lorelei is the one who wanted the diary published. Lizzie tells her that she could claim the diary was fake, but Beth says that that would be lying. Then Lizzie says that she doesn't even know who her own mother is anymore, and leaves.

Phillip thanks Eden for telling the "truth" about Gus, and then hands her a check. Eden says its not nearly enough. So Phillip writes out another one for a smaller amount and lets Eden pick which one she wants. She chooses the larger of the two.

Beth walks in on Gus reading the diary and takes it from him. Then she tells him that she had been defending Harley up until Eden told everyone Gus was the one who killed someone. But now she doesn't think Gus should be anywhere near children. Gus says that considering what all has happened with Lorelei, she shouldn't either.

Ray asks Tony what he was doing with Eden, and if anything was going on between them. Ray then yells at Tony for attacking the man on the Santos yacht. Tony tells him that he cannot change who he is.

Josh leaves Holly and Marah alone. Holly tells her about how she was raped by Roger, and how it has effected her. Marah wants to know what this story has to do with her because it was nothing like what Tony did to her.

Beth tells Gus to leave, but he doesn't. He tells her that Phillip persuaded Eden to lie to the arbitrator. Gus tells Beth that Harley has it worse than she does right now, but Beth says that on top of everything, she was married to two men at once, which means she was a bigamist.

Tony admits to Ray that he still loves Marah, but they can never get back together, because he is afraid that he will hurt her again. Tony goes back to sit with Eden. She tells him that he is much cuter than Gus and Phillip. Ray tries to get Tony away from Eden, but they kiss, and Ray leaves in disgust.

Marah admits to Holly that she still loves Tony. Holly tells her that counseling will help her deal with how she is feeling. Marah says that she still has hope for and Tony to get past this and work things out. Holly hugs her and then Josh walks her out.

Gus arrests Beth for Bigamy. At the station, he takes off her hand cuffs so she can call Phillip, but she refuses. So Gus puts her in the jail cell, and calls Phillip himself. He tells Phillip that he arrested Beth.

As Eden is leaving she flashes back to the day her father was killed. *She was a little girl, and was eating an ice cream cone when she heard the gun shots. She dropped her cone, and went to see what was going on.* Then Eden leaves Infierno.

Tammy meets Lizzie at the mall. They decide to go to a movie, but on the way they hear two women discussing a ring they saw in a store, and how they could not believe someone would sell a ring that was bought by a prince. Tammy sees the ring and tells Lizzie that it is Cassie's. Lizzie tells her that she has an idea on how to get it back.

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