Guiding Light Update Monday 9/9/02

By Megan
Proofread by Nicole   

On Mystic Island, Bill tells Michelle that she should get more organized. Michelle wants to call Danny and tell him that Robbie caught the ball while they were playing "catch." Bill disagrees, but she does anyway. And after Danny answers the phone in a rude way, Michelle hangs up without saying anything. Danny calls her back, but she doesn't answer her cell phone.

At Infierno, Tony tells Eden that he doesn't have a girlfriend, and this makes her happy. Gus comes in and tells her that she has a lot of explaining to do for what she did to Harley. Tony tells him not to harass the customers, but Eden says she can handle it. Eden tells Gus what Phillip said to her, and that was the reason she lied.

At the Spaulding Mansion, Alan yells at Beth about the diary. Beth says that it was probably Olivia who turned the diary over to a publisher. Alan doesn't believe her at first. Marina is outside the room and over hears them arguing. She walks in looking for Lizzie, and Beth tells her that Lizzie is down by the hot tub. After Marina leaves, Alan tells Beth that Olivia will not get away with this if it was her who turned in the diary.

Outside the mansion, Olivia tells Phillip that she wants to help him, but he is still skeptical that she had something to do with it. They talk about how they think Beth is insecure. Then Marina and Lizzie come outside. Phillip takes Lizzie to the side, and Marina tells Olivia what she overheard.

Michelle tells Bill that he was right, and she needed to use this time to get away from everything. Bill offers to take her home, but she says she should stay. Then Michelle tells Bill how to make spaghetti.

Gus tells Eden that he will never let Phillip do anything to her. Eden wants to fight him together, Gus says that he will handle it. Gus asks Eden about the burn marks on her arm, and she says that everything bad that has ever happened to her was because of the Santos family.

Phillip asks Lizzie why she is hanging out with Marina even though she knows he doesn't approve of her. Lizzie says that all her other friends were busy, so she called Marina. Phillip tells her not to leave the house at all. Then Lizzie goes and gets Marina. They go back into the mansion. Phillip tells Olivia that he doesn't know how he will tell Lizzie about the diary. Then Alan comes and tells them he wants to speak with them inside. Beth is waiting for them. She and Alan gang up on Olivia. Michael Masterson shows up after Alan asks Olivia what her meeting with Michael was about. Michael tells them all that it was Lorelei who gave him the diary and wanted it published.

At the Bauers', Danny shows up looking for Michelle. Ed tells him that he can't tell him where Michelle and Robbie went. Danny refuses to leave until Ed tells him, but Ed says that he either needs to leave them alone, or change who he is. Ed says that he will call Michelle and ask her why she had called Danny, and then tell Danny what she said. Danny agrees, then leaves.

Gus refuses to leave Eden alone at Infierno, but he does anyway, and calls Phillip. Eden and Tony flirt.

Danny calls Michelle, but gets the voice mail. He tells her that he is worried about her, and he wants to know why she called him.

Beth denies that Lorelei gave the diary to Micheal, but he insists. He even says that he has the papers she signed, and he will send them over as soon as he can. Then Alan walks Michael out, and Olivia goes back outside. Phillip tells Beth that this is hell for him, and he knows it will be for Lizzie, too. Then he leaves, and Lizzie walks in. She tells Beth that she went into her room looking for a brush, and she found the diary. Lizzie gets very upset and runs out of the room. Beth chases after her.

Alan finds Olivia outside, and says he feels horrible for suspecting her of having the diary published. Olivia asks for respect from him, but Alan says he can't give it to her because she already has so much more than that.

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