Guiding Light Update Wednesday 9/4/02

By La'Homal
Edited by Nicole

Opening Scene: Infierno.  Danny returns to Infierno after moving remaining belongings out of the Bauer home.  He removes a picture of Michelle and Robbie from his desk and is staring at it when Cassie arrives.  Cassie has the payment that she owes.  She hands the envelope, which feels a little thin for $25,000, to Danny.  Danny counts the money, and he is not pleased.  There is only $13,400 in the envelope.  Where’s the rest of the money, Cassie?  Cassie tries to explain that some things came up, but her excuses are not good enough.  I know that you used to be a stripper, so maybe now would be a good time for a few spins around the “golden pole,” if you know what I mean… 

Bauer house: Robbie is with this strange woman whom I have never seen before.  Maybe she’s the sitter.  One can only hope.  But, I would figure it’s safe to assume that Michelle is not that scatterbrained—to leave her child unattended with some stranger.  Where’s Danny when you need him?  This numb skull puts the video of Danny threatening Edmund into the VCR and allows Robbie to watch.  Michelle enters, sees Robbie watching the tape, and immediately becomes alarmed. 

Country Club:  Edmund is seated.  Bill is seated at another table across the way when Alan enters.  Alan attempts to pump Bill for information.  “I must say, you’re looking pretty fit, Bill Lewis.  It must be all that hard work you’re doing outside (hint hint)," Alan says.  Bill plays the stupid role.  Alan decides to skip the subtleties and get straight to the point, “Does Mystic Island ring a bell?”  “Should it?” asks Bill.  Hmmm, I guess Bill isn’t pretending to be stupid after all.  This really is his nature.  Olivia enters.  She and Bill would both like to know how he found out about Mystic Island. 

Spaulding Mansion: Phillip is surprised to see Beth.  Aren’t we all because we know how she loves to make herself disappear.  Beth is still angry about being left on Mystic Island with no way home, “You ditched me.”  Phillip has had a rough day and really doesn’t want to get into a heated discussion with Beth at the moment, “Let’s save this for another time.”  Beth doesn’t appreciate being hung up on.  Oh well, get over it. Phillip begins to walk a way, and an annoyed Beth warns him, “Don’t walk away from me.  We have unfinished business.”  This chick is really beginning to act like Lorelei.  Beth doesn’t have the backbone to talk to anyone like that.  And didn’t she have another one of those excruciating headache last week?  You know, similar to the one she had the last time Lorelei emerged.  Phillip explains that he has just spent the afternoon with an arbitrator making sure that Zack will be no where near Gus.  Phillip is annoyed.  “As big a menace as Gus Arturro is there is an even bigger danger to my family and it’s coming from right inside his house.”  Phillip slams a copy of Lorelei’s diary down on the kitchen table. Beth’s mouth is agape as she looks surprised.  I guess she is going to play the stupid role too.  Beth’s life as Lorelei is going to cause a lot of problems.  Beth never asked for Lorelei’s diary to be published. This is all someone else’s doing.  Phillip wants to do some damage control: Beth is going to “Tell the children, the publishers, and anyone else who will listen that the diary is a fake.”  Whoa, whoa, whoa.  It’s not that easy.  Beth is not so convinced that the diary is fictitious.  I guess she figure’s Lorelei’s life to be more intriguing than her own… 

Country Club:  Olivia wants to know how Alan learned about Mystic Island.  Let’s see here.  Alan puts one and one together and gets two.  Olivia of all people should know that Alan is no fool.  “Well Olivia, if expense reports show up on some project in the work and if flight logs show that planes have been going back and forth to Mystic Island and per diem checks have been cut for H.B. Lewis III, one starts to ask questions and then one comes to conclusions.”  Whoppee Alan.  Olivia, give your man a bone.  Olivia sends Alan on his merry way so that she can consult with her contractor (Bill) alone.  Alan is still skeptical of Olivia.  He phones Monica and informs her that Olivia is wearing the earrings (the ones with the listening device hidden inside) and informs her to activate the recorder.  Edmund is just finishing up a phone call with someone (something about messaging over some paperwork) when Carmen arrives.  Watch out Edmund! Carmen’s wearing leather.  Carmen is late for her lunch date with Edmund and he’s already eaten.  No room for dessert, Eddie.  Edmund has filed for a wrongful death suit against Reva.  Every thing would be absolutely perfect if Edmund could just convince Cassie to become a co-plaintiff to the suit.  Carmen knows a secret.  Cassie is in debt, broke, penniless, you get my drift.  She borrowed a small fortune from an organization that responds much more physically than a bank when debts are not repaid.  She’ll be swimming with the fishes and no I’m not talking about Sea World.  Edmund cannot believe that Cassie borrowed money from the Santos clan.  Maybe all that grinding in the strip club damaged some of her brain cells… 

Infierno:  Danny, you’re an understanding person.  I beg your pardon.  You don’t know Danny at all.  Maybe you knew PAS when he played on Passions, but in case you have forgotten you’re not in Kansas anymore Toto.  This is Springfield.  The show is Guiding Light and the character’s name is Danny Santos.  Cassie just needs a break.  She offers to sell Danny the farm again.  Did you think about it?  Yes.  He checked on it first thing this morning and there is a mortgage.  The property is totally worthless to Danny.  Did she really think that she could pull the wool over Danny’s eyes?  Apparently she did, but obviously she was mistaken.  Danny asks Cassie if she was going to tell him about the mortgage.  The look in her eyes tells it all.  “No, I was going to take you for the sucker that I thought you were.  I guess the joke's on me.”  Danny tells Cassie that this is not a game.  Cassie has the audacity to get an attitude with Danny, “Why don’t you just come out and threaten my life Danny?”  Now that I think about it, for a broke woman Cassie has a lot of nerve.  She asks the man for help then busts out with this attitude; her attitude reminds me of Marah’s attitude towards Tony.  Maybe it runs in the family.  I’ve got a better idea.  Why doesn’t he just bust your damn kneecaps?  Danny didn’t want to give Cassie the money, but she practically begged him.  Now she wants some kind of special treatment when it comes to making the payments.  Danny warns Cassie, “Find a way to pay this money.  Do not make mistakes with this family.”  I say you put the broad on ice, better yet under ice. 

Bauer house:  Michelle uses her body as a screen between Robbie and the television screen.  “Honey, look at me…Look at me” Michelle says to Robbie while turning the tape off.  The sitter apologizes.  Doesn’t she know better than to put an unlabeled video into the cassette for a minor child to watch?  Apparently not.  Michelle removes Robbie from his high chair and embraces him vowing to keep him from that kind of life style.  Oh no, she’s going to raise this child in the same bubble that she grew up in.  Michelle comes back downstairs.  Robbie is now sleeping.  Michelle removes the tape out of the cassette and discards it.  Ed realizing what Michelle is trying to do asks her if that is the last of it (last trace of Danny).  Michelle tries to avoid having this conversation with her father by making small talk about what’s for dinner.  Danny came by to get the rest of his belongings earlier.  Michelle begged him to stay, but Danny left anyway.  Ed tries giving his daughter some marriage counseling, but he is unsuccessful.  I think Ed could use some counseling himself when it comes to Holly and as far as Michelle only a wing and a prayer could help her… 

Infierno:  Cassie is still pleading with Danny.  Where’s the attitude, now?  She is using her children as an excuse for not having all of the money now.  That’s pretty low.  Cassie wonders what Richard would do if he was there. Well, he definitely would not have borrowed money that he could not pay back from the mafia.  Help, Danny, help.  I need another favor.  Danny warned her not to borrow that money, but did she listen.  “No.”  She can’t even pay this money back and now she has the nerve to be asking Danny for another favor.  Don’t listen, Danny.  Kick her out of your office, NOW!!  Before she tries to break out her old g-string because I’m sure you, like all of us viewers, could live a helluva lot longer without seeing that… 

Country Club:  Carmen informs Edmund that Cassie’s debt to her family should be incentive enough for Cassie to join his lawsuit.  Edmund isn’t responding in quite the manner that Carmen hoped he would. “The last people that Cassie can be involved with is the Santoses”, Edmund says.  Carmen doesn’t take too lightly to the way Edmund is referring to her family, “Careful…careful” she warns him.  This is Eddie’s big chance.  If he plays his cards right, he could have a hefty settlement.  Bill and Olivia are still seated together.  Olivia wants Bill to get back to work.  That is at least until she found out that Beth was back in town.  Stay Bill. All work and play makes you a very boring boy.  Yeah right.  Bill wants to get back to work, so that he can get Alan’s little love nest all ready.  Good thing they didn’t let anything slip.  You never can tell who’s listening to your conversation. 

Spaulding mansion:  Beth and Phillip are still going at it and frankly they are getting on my nerves.  Phillip wants a disclaimer on the diary.  Who cares about this diary?  Beth is not sure that it is a fake.  There are pages missing from the diary.  Those pages have proven to be true.  They talk about Bill and he and Lorelei’s wedding in Mexico.  Beth is afraid that if she says that the diary is a fake then people mentioned in the diary will come forward seeking a settlement.  Beth just wants to see well enough alone.  Too late for that Bipolar Beth. 

Bauer house:  I can’t believe that Bill just waltzed into these people’s home without knocking.  Only in soap land.  Actually, my friends just walk right into my house, too.  He’s on his way back to Mystic Island and thought he’d give Michelle one last chance to change her mind.  Michelle needs to get away.  Actually what she needs is some psychiatric help.  Give me fifteen minutes Bill and I’ll be right back, Ed tries to discourage Michelle from leaving.  Running away from your problems is not the answers.  Give it up, Ed.  Your daughter lives in her on little imaginary world.  I just need some time, space…and maybe a little “one on one” with Bill. 

Iinfierno:  Danny cannot believe that Fanatical Cassie is asking him for another favor. “I am not your friend, Cassie. I’m nobody’s friend.  I’m a Santos.”  Cassie uses her “I’m just trying to be a good mother” line and convinces Danny to give her one more favor.  Danny will talk to some people and try to get her another extension.  Cassie is pleased, but Danny quickly reminds her that she is not off the hook yet. 

Spaulding mansion:  Phillip and Beth are on the same subject, Lorelei’s diary.  How long can two people argue about the same thing?  I have an idea: let’s kill Beth and bring on Lorelei; because, she has to be more interesting.  Beth is still on her “I am not the blame for what Lorelei did.”  Phillip realizes that Beth was sick when all of this mess with Lorelei transpired.  Was sick?  What do you mean was?  Lorelei was Beth’s way of protecting herself…a way for her to heal.  The two continue their argument.  Phillip would have moved mountains for Beth, but he is not so sure of Beth’s loyalty to him.  Beth finds this to be funny, coming from Phillip.   

Country club:  Alan still fishing, but Olivia’s not giving up any information either.  Olivia tight lipped, what, she usually drops clues like crazy.  I guess she figures she’s equally matched or can maybe be outdone.  Alan is surprised that Olivia would hire Bill as her contractor knowing “how close the Lewises and the Spauldings are” NOT!!  Olivia was once a Lewis, but she can be a Spaulding if she wanted to.  Not the old marriage proposal again.  Olivia wants to be a Spaulding alright, just not Mrs. Alan Spaulding….Mrs. Phillip Spaulding, hmmmm, now that has a rather nice ring to it.  Forget about it Olivia.  It’s not going to happen.  Besides if you have any senses at all, you’d leave all of those Spaulding’s alone.  Alan goes into his spill about grudges.  Grudges are very important because they can indicate one’s loyalty.  Be careful, Olivia.  Alan excuses himself.  His business appointment just arrived. 

Spaulding mansion:  Beth informs Phillip that she had questions about her past.  She didn’t betray his trust.  Oh no. Back to Lorelei’s diary again.  Someone did this to me.  Who, Beth, who?  Olivia? Edmund? Bill?  They each had their own private agenda.  Beth claims that she no longer needs to be protected.  Oh sure you do, Beth.  This time you just needed to be protected by your juvenile boyfriend, Bill, instead of Phillip.  Beth wants respect and “If I can’t get it here, I’ll get it somewhere else.”  Yeah, Beth.  Maybe you can get some respect in a porno flick.  HaHaHa, not even in a porno flick. 

Country Club:  Monica, the PI, arrives.  Alan is not happy about seeing her there.  He told her that he would call her later.  Monica thinks that Alan would be interested in hearing what is on the tape now.  Monica plays the tape and Alan hears Olivia talking about the little cottage that she bought for him at Mystic Island.  Alan is pleasantly surprised.  At least for now.  Wait until he finds out why Olivia really purchased that little getaway. 

Spaulding mansion:  Phillip is trying to cool down.  Olivia arrives and observes that Phillip is upset.  “Anything I can do?” Olivia asks.  No, Olivia you’ve done far too much already.  Phillip informs her that he and Beth just had a major pow wow about Lorelei’s diary.  Phillip asks for Olivia’s assistance in finding out how the diary made it into the hands of a publisher.  Olivia wants to know if Phillip wants her to help him find the answer or if he suspects that she is the answer.  Beth thinks that Olivia is the culprit.  Well that’s not surprising.  Meanwhile Beth is storming down one of the hallways when she passes Olivia’s bedroom.  Detective Beth enters the room and starts to do her on investigating.  She locates Olivia’s date book.  Alan…lunch.  Alan…breakfast.  Hmmm….D-Day.  Bingo.  What the heck is D-Day?  Look at the date, Bipolar Beth and then recall the day that Lorelei’s diary hit the stands.  Shouldn’t be too hard to figure out. 

Bauer home:  Michelle comes downstairs with Robbie in arms and ready to leave all her problems behind as she joins Bill on a deserted Mystic Island.  Hmmmm.  Bill and Ed exit.  Michelle is on her way out the door when the phone rings.  It’s Danny.  Michelle almost weakens at the sound of his voice.  Weakens, hmmm I wish she would’ve slipped into a light coma, because we could all use a break from her.  “Call me if Robbie needs anything.”  Danny is forever the doting father and Michelle forever the nag. 

Richard’s gravesite:  Cassie arrives with flowers in hand.  She dumps all her problems on a deceased Richard.  Edmund arrives.  She sees a shadow and as she turns around to face Edmund, he utters the words, “I dare you.” 

Stay Tuned….

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