Guiding Light Update Tuesday 9/3/02

By La’Homal
Edited by Nicole

Opening Scene: Bauer House

Michelle is alone and folding laundry.  She comes across one of Danny’s shirts.  She sniffs Danny’s shirt and then embraces it as Danny watches through the kitchen window.  Danny is there to pick up the rest of his belongings.  He hadn’t expected Michelle to be home.  Michelle’s classes were cancelled.  What?  I thought Michelle told Daddy dear that she was quitting the PA program.  Oh well. 

Country club:  Ben is sitting at table alone when Beth arrives.  Did you order for me? Sure did, steak medium rare, baked potato, salad and an ice tea with a champagne chaser.  Hmmm, now that’s some meal.  Beth is still angry.  Phillip left her stranded on that island with no way home.  Beth and Bill were forced to take a ferry and bus ride back to Springfield.  That must have been interesting.  Beth is used to traveling “with style”; that is at least until she pissed Phillip off.  Beth is sick of Phillip trying to control her.  Bill offers to help Beth in any way that he can. 

Spaulding Mansion.  Phillip informs Lillian about the arbitration to decide who should have custody of Zack today.  “How does Beth feel about that?” asks an inquiring Lillian.  Beth thinks that Zack should be with Harley.  Lillian thinks that Beth is too obsessed with her life as Lorelei.  Phone ringing.  Phillip answers.  It’s Beth.  “I thought that you’d like to know that I made it off of the island.”  “Oh, I’m sorry.  Did you want to leave?” says a smug Phillip.  Phillip isn’t too interested in hearing anything that Beth has to say, “I’m hanging up now and I’m turning off my cell phone.  No need to call back, Phil…" Click, Dial tone.  Beth returns to table where Bill is still waiting.  “Is that part of your strategy?” Bill asks. He hung up on me.  Well, didn’t he say that he was hanging up?  Beth states, “He just made a very big mistake. “  Ohhh, what’s the big, bad Beth gonna do?  Evolve into Lorelei again.  Tried that, didn’t work.  Move on to your next plan.  Lillian inquires about the status of Phillip and Beth’s relationship.  Phillip is unsure and he really doesn’t want to think about that right now.  Right now, Phillip just wants to concentrate on ruining someone else’s life (namely Harley and Gus so that they will be just as miserable as he is), I mean Zack.  Yeah, yeah, right, control freak.  

Outside of Company:  Gus and Harley are just returning from Chicago.  They discuss Eden.  Will she or won’t she come through?  Gus says yes.  Harley’s says no; she doesn’t seem to have the faith in Eden that Gus does.  Eden exits Company interrupting their conversation. Gus and Harley inform Eden of their meeting with the arbitrator today.  Harley needs Eden to be present at the arbitration to prove Gus’ innocence.  Harley warns Eden, “If I lose my son, you’re going to lose your leg and then you’re not going to be going anywhere…any way”.  Gus has to play referee between the girls once again.  Eden is un-phased, “Your threats don’t scare me and they don’t get the truth either.”  Harley exits to call her chief.  Meanwhile, Gus warns Eden, “You worry about what I’m going to do to you if you don’t tell the arbitrator the truth about what happened on the roof that night.” Alright already.  Eden promises to be a really good girl.  Yeah right, watch your back Gus.  Eden doesn’t strike me as the good girl type. 

Spaulding mansion:  Alan and Phillip are present.  Alan is trying to convince Phillip to use their team of lawyers to “Go after Harley’s jugular.”  That’s real nice Alan. Talking about the mother of your grandchild like that.  Phillip admits that he is not doing this to hurt Harley, but to protect his son from the real criminal, Gus.  Phillip assures Alan that he will win, which pleases Alan immensely.  Good Phillip, “Get rid of one of your ex-wives and then you can concentrate on the other.  Oh great. We’re back to bipolar Beth. 

Country club:  Grizzly Bear Beth just finished scarping down her.  You’d think that she just returned from hibernation or something.  Beth continues to remind Bill of his time with Lorelei.  Beth has other things to worry about such as Phillip and then there is the thing about how Lizzie is going to react once she finds out about Lorelei’s diary being published.  Well, you should’ve thought about that…tramp. Bill and Beth appear quite chummy.  Beth is laughing flirtatiously.  Oh yeah, while I’m at it, maybe I should be trying to figure out who gave Lorelei’s diary to that publisher.  Olivia?  “She’s my #1 suspect”, exclaims Beth.  Beth is a detective? Or is this just another one of her personalities surfacing?  Hmmm. Something to think about. 

Bauer house:  Danny comes downstairs carrying the rest of his belongings.  Awkward moment.  “How do you want to do this?  Legal separation?  Divorce?  Or just float around in limbo until we decide what we wanna do or what?” Danny asks.  Michelle wants whatever Danny wants.  That’s odd.  Isn’t she the one who asked him to move out?  Now, she wants what he wants.  Look, I know it’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind, but this chic is making the rest of us women look bad.  Indecisiveness is so unbecoming.  This chic needs counseling. Danny wants to see Robbie as much as he can.  He wants to provide for Michelle and Robbie financially and emotionally.  Unstable Michelle runs into Danny’s arm.  “Oh Danny, don’t go. Please don’t go.”  Sorry Michelle.  It’s not going to work this time.  “You can’t live my life and I can’t live yours.” Fix this Danny. Make it work.  Michelle suggests moving away.  I don’t get her.  She seems to think that sex and moving away is the answer to all of her problems.  She must have been raised in a bubble.  Will somebody please enlighten her? Please, I can’t take any longer?  Danny tells Michelle to stop denying who he is. Danny is sure that his leaving is in everyone’s best interest.  Michelle and Robbie won’t get hurt anymore than they already have been.  “How many videotapes of me threatening someone do you need to see before you realize that this is never going to work?” Danny asks.  Michelle is upset that Danny is not saying all the words that she wants him to say.  She grabs her purse telling Danny that Robbie is out with the sitter so just take whatever he wants and lock the door on his way out.  Danny inquires about where Michelle is going.  Michelle is unsure; she just wants to get out of there as fast as she can, “We agreed on you moving out, but I don’t have to watch you do it," says an upset Michelle.  She exits leaving a saddened Danny alone. 

Country club: “This is my fight, not yours”, Beth informs Bill. Bill thinks that Beth may be afraid of Phillip.  No, of course not; not only is Phillip Beth’s ex-husband, he just so happens to be her oldest and dearest friend and she wants to honor their history together and what they mean to each other.  Awww, now isn’t that special?  Whatever.  Beth thinks that Bill being around will only complicate things and tells him that they have to stay away from each other until things are resolved between her and Phillip. Bill is not one for waiting in the winds.  I’ll say.  Bill tells Beth that the one week that he (Bill) spent in Texas with Lorelei is the best thing that ever happened to him (Bill) and he (Bill) is sure that it is the best thing that ever happened to her (Beth) as well. 

Spaulding mansion.  Gus, Harley, and Eden enter.  Welcome…welcome everybody… Come on down, Alan says.  Alan can hardly wait to torture Beth, who hasn’t seen her son in weeks. “Harley, I’m sure you would like to see Zack….Well maybe you will if the arbitrator is a raving lunatic and gives you custody, but until then visiting hours are over.”  Harley, are you going to take that?  Punch him.  Punch him, girlfriend.  Punch him dead in the mouth.  Better yet, let Gus do it.  Hmmm. No such luck.  Well if it’s any consolation to any of you, Lillian brings Zack downstairs allowing Beth to have a few minutes with her son before the arbitration begins.  Phillip and arbitrator arrive.  Phillip introduces everyone.  Alan’s staying?  Who invited him?  “I’m Zack’s grandfather”, says an indomitable Alan.  “Mr. Spaulding, were you involved in the prior custody arrangement between your son and Detective Cooper?” asks the arbitrator.  “No, buts.” No buts Mr. Spaulding.  Bye-bye and try not to let the doorknob hit ya where the good Lord split ya. Ugh, Alan, I think you have finally met your match.  The arbitration begins.  Eden looks unnerved.  This should be quite interesting.  I can’t wait to see what Ms. Eden has to say.  What’s the issue at heart of the custody agreement?  Well, Phillip and Harley had an agreement about joint custody. Changes?  Harley’s new boyfriend moved in.  Phillip found out that Gus had been convicted of murder “from a sealed record that was illegally obtained and…” Harley blurts out.  Beth broke into the Spaulding home and assaulted one of Phillip’s employees.  Phillip was forced to press charges against Harley.  Forced or was that some ploy to maintain custody of Zack?  Harley had no choice; Phillip was keeping her son a way from her.  Eden is becoming more and more uneasy by the second.  Harley can prove that Gus is not the guilty party in the incident at question.  That’s why Eden is there.  She can put an end to all of this hoopla.  Eden is asked to verify the facts (what really happened on that rooftop).  Eden backs out.  “I love my brother, but I can’t do this. He’s the one that pushed the man not me”, says a very convincing Eden.  Gus and Harley are shocked. Wow! That’s really good acting, Eden. 

Country Club:  Lillian arrives as Beth is sitting at her table alone and reading the newspaper; a newspaper that has her picture on it and probably talking about Lorelei’s diary, I’m sure.  Lillian encourages Beth to make a liable suit against the person responsible for publishing those lies about her.  Have a seat Mama Lillian, because this one is a doozie.  See, the thing is, I’m not actually sure that this is liable.  That’s when you print lies about someone and I’m not quite sure that those entries in the diary are lies” Beth says.  What?  Lillian has been reinstated at the hospital (Oh yeah? Since when? Did I miss something?), and she wants Beth to come down and have a HIV and hepatitis test done right a way. Lillian informs Beth about the arbitration that is going on at the Spaulding mansion to discuss custody of Zack.  Beth cannot believe that Phillip is doing this.  Harley is a good mother, and Phillip knows that Lillian gives her daughter a bit of advice, “Don’t let your wounded pride or Phillip’s destroy your family.” 

Beach:  Michelle is at the beach alone and crying thinking about Danny back at the Bauer house moving out when Bill arrives.  What’s wrong?  Is something wrong with Robbie?  No, guess again.  Danny?  Boo hoo, he’s moving out.  I don’t know about you all, but I am getting awfully tired of these guessing games. Bill embraces an upset Michelle.  Even though Danny and Michelle still love each other, they have both come to the realization that Danny can’t change who he is.  Bill advises Michelle, “Never fall in love with a guy you think you can change.”  And here’s a bit of advice for you Bill, “Never fall in love with an alter personality.”  Danny tried to change, but he’s a Santos first.  Billy offers Michelle an opportunity to get a way from it all. “…I got this job working on a little cottage for Olivia Spencer on Mystic Island.  It’s really amazing how much you can avoid dealing with your emotional life when you’re working with your hands…a way from the real world.”  Hmmm, working with your hands, huh?  Watch out Michelle.  This boy’s moving in for the kill.  Michelle has PA classes.  “You told me that you wanted to quit those anyway”, says Bill.  Yeah, that’s what I thought too. 

Bauer house:  Danny is alone.  He momentarily stares at a picture, sitting on a table, of him and Michelle. A heartbroken, Danny picks up their family album and begins to look through it.  Oh, poor baby.  Do you want me to come over and make it all better? 

Spaulding mansion:  Gus is pissed off. He slams his hand on the table.  Eden swears that Gus has a problem with his temper. “He’s uncontrollable”, she claims.  “I couldn’t control him. My father couldn’t control him. And for the finale to this little charade, Eden reveals several scars on her arms.”  These are the result of brother dearest, Gus, burning her with cigarettes.  Gus is concerned for his sister.  He looks at her arm, “Who did this to you? Who did this to you? Why didn’t you tell me that someone is hurting you?”  Gus, a bit of advice, “Forget about worrying about your lying sister and start trying to save your own butt.”  Eden claims that Harley and Gus threatened her if she didn’t take the blame.  The arbitrator has heard enough.  She will make her recommendation to the judge:  Phillip will be awarded full custody of Zack.  Harley will have visitations with her son, but under court supervision, Gus is not allowed to go anywhere near Zack or he risks being thrown in jail, and a counselor will be recommended for Eden.  Ain’t that ‘bout a b----?  Somebody deserves a down home a-whipping and I believe that their initials are P. S. and E. A.  If you need a hand, give me a call.  My number is 1-800- PRBLM SOLVR. I won’t even charge you.  This a-whippin’ will be on the house.  Harley is devastated.  Gus pleads with Harley, “Please say that you know that she is lying.  Please say that you still trust me”.  Harley’s trust in Gus is unwavering, but she can’t choose between Gus and her son.  Gus would never ask that of Harley.  Gus kisses Harley and promises to stay out of her life until this whole mess is resolved.  Gus exits.  Phillip enters.  Phillip seems sincere, “I’m sorry this had to happen.  You can see Zack any time you or night.  I did not want to have to take him a way from you.  This is not what this was about.” Harley is clueless.  Phillip tells Harley that Gus is wrong for her and Zack.  Excuse me.  Who is Phillip to decide who is and who isn’t right for Harley or anyone else for that matter?  He doesn’t seem to making very intelligent decisions himself as far as relationships are concerned….Bipolar Beth.  C’mon, I mean really.  Give me a break. Harley defends Gus.  “He’s a good man, and I’m a good mother.  And one day, I’m gonna prove it to you and when I do I swear I’m going to cram those self righteous words down your throat”, Harley vows before she makes her exits. 

Outside Spaulding mansion:  Harley removes manila folder (the one that she received while pretending to be Eden in Chicago) from her purse.  Inside the folder, she finds a picture of a gentleman, Mr. Tierney.  Harley, pretending to be Eden, calls Mr. Tierney.

She apologizes for not getting in contacting him sooner.  She has been out of town and will be returning soon.  She’ll be in touch.  Harley, what is going on in that head of yours now? 

Bauer House:  Michelle arrives and finds Danny still looking through their family album.  Michelle wants to know what Danny is still doing there.  “I just wanted to make sure that you made it home safely”, Danny says.  I guess this is really happening, Michelle says.  Duh, what’s it look like?  Michelle is upset and Danny wants to comfort her, but they both know that it is not in their best interests.  Michelle asks Danny to leave.  Danny grabs his bags, “Call me if you need anything.”  Oh, this is so sad.  Makes me wanna cry.  Not! I’m glad Danny came to his senses. 

Spaulding mansion:  Phillip is with Zack when Alan enters.  This calls for a celebration Alan says as he offers Phillip “a couple of illegal cigars, we can blow the smoke in my son’s face, and if we’re lucky the arbitrator will come back and catch us doing it.”  On second thought, why don’t I take Zack into the kitchen for a milk shake?  Alan exits with Zack in hand.  Alan is telling Zack all about the prep school that he (Alan) is going to get him (Zack) into, the sports car that he’s (Zack’s) going to get when he’s (Zack’s) sixteen, the office waiting for Zack at Spaulding Enterprises as soon as he is old enough, blah blah blah.  Poor Zack.  Boy, I bet Zack wishes he was back at home with mommy now.  He wouldn’t have to listen to Grandpa Alan.  On second thought, Grandpa Alan is a sure solution to what ails a restless child.  Snore, Snore, Snore.  Beth arrives. What are you doing here?” Phillip asks.  Oh, I think you know the answer to that.  Well, Phillip, looks like you’re about to have round II with your another one of your ex- wives. 

Stay tuned….

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