Guiding Light Update Wednesday 8/28/02

By La'Homal

Opening Scene: Santos yacht.  Tony and Marah are stuck on the yacht due to damage to one of the propeller blades.  Marah is not thrilled about the company that she has to keep for the night, “I am stuck on this boat with you?”  Marah is desperate and considers a second attempt at swimming to shore, but Tony steps in front of her in an effort to stop the love of his life from making such a foolish mistake….again.  “It didn’t work the first time,” Tony exclaims, but Marah is “inspired.” Okay, on second thought maybe you’re right, so let’s just call for help.  Sorry, no can do.  Tony is on official Santos business.  That’s just great, so “Now I’m stuck here with that too.”  Boy, Marah must need glasses or something.  She’s got a handsome, shirtless stud, who just so happens to be madly in love with her, standing within in arm’s length of her and all she can think about is getting back to shore.  I tell you what, you go back to shore and I’ll stay with Sexy Santos.

Company:  Marina is at the counter making small talk with her Dad.  Frank wants to know how Marina’s counseling is going.  So do I; I didn’t even know that she was in counseling.  Marina’s therapy “is private.”  Marah goes offer to Lizzie and Tammy’s table to offer them a drink refill.  “No thanks,” they simultaneously chime, but are pleased to point out to Marina that Ben is sitting over at the next table.  “Ben hasn’t been up for anything that you’ve offered, has he?” asks Lizzie.  A determined Marina responds, “Well summer’s not over yet” as she waltzes over to Ben’s table.  Marina doesn’t get Ben, “I’m willing to have major fun with you.”  Hmmm, really?  Put your money where your mouth is Miss Marina.  How about a date?

Beacon Hotel:  Cassie’s still browsing through bills.  She takes a moment to try and relax.  She walks out onto the balcony where she recalls the moment that Richard gave her the engagement ring.  Knock, Knock.  Who’s there?  Francis.  Francis who?  Francis Devereau, a broker from Brompton & Son Jeweler’s.

Millennium:  Danny’s at the bar when Carmen arrives.  Carmen offers to close up, so that Danny can go home. “Home? Where’s home?” Danny asks.  The Santos mansion of course…Not…at least according to Danny it isn’t.  C’mon Danny, that’s where your real family is.  Danny is silent, but if looks could kill…oh well, I think you get the picture.  Carmen is obviously capable of reading minds now as she decides to go for a walk, leaving well enough alone.  Ed enters.  Ed wants to pay Danny back for reuniting him (Ed) with his (Ed) family, so in return he’s (Ed’s) going to give him (Danny) some marriage counseling.  Danny is not interested.  Danny informs Ed that he moved out because it was in the best interest of his family.  Besides he (Danny) and Michelle sees things differently.  I’ll say.  Michelle’s a self-righteous, stuck up snob, who wants to lead Danny around by the nose like a little puppy.  Be a man, Danny.  Get out while you can.

Beacon Hotel:  Mr. Devereau is appraising one of Cassie’s necklaces, but is not interested in purchasing it.  He’s “Interested in more important pieces”, while staring at Cassie’s engagement ring, “like that one.”  Cassie really doesn’t want to part with her engagement ring, but she feel that she doesn’t have any other choice.  She removes the ring from her finger and gives it to Mr. Devereau, who appraises the ring and offers Cassie a measly $20,000 for a flawless eight carat diamond ring.  Damn thief.  Cassie is able to finagle $25,000 out of the creep.  She wants the check now and she wants it made out to cash.  Well, it appears that Cassie has a few senses after all.

Company:  Marina sits at table with Ben, while he outlines their date.  There’s a mixer at the Country Club.  Marina’s stoked.  She can’t wait to inform Lizzie and Tammy about the good news, “Just when I think that Ben is about to ask me out, he does. Ha!"  Marina now lies to her father that she will be at Shayne’s house getting notes, so she can keep her date with Ben.

Santos yacht:  Tony admits to Marah, “Not a day goes by that I don’t think about what I did that night at Infierno, but it’s apart of who I am and it runs real deep.”  Is that supposed to make me feel safe?  Marah, I don’t mean to be rude, but could you just shut up for one second and let the man finish? An embarrassed, Tony, admits. “Do you think it’s easy for me to admit to you how messed up and stupid I can be? …I can learn from all that garbage.”  A touched Marah asks, “Are you saying that you would never attack me, never hurt me again?”  A shunned Tony admits that he knows himself better now, but “I would be lying if I promised that I would never hurt you again.”  A now uncomfortable Tony now offers Marah some of Carmen’s clothes to change in to.  He leaves Marah alone to change.

Millennium:  Danny admits to Ed that try as he might, he could never change enough to please Michelle.  Danny left Michelle because it was in her best interest as well as Robbie’s.  Ed enlightens Danny that he is still young and it takes discovering one’s self is an ongoing process.  Danny is leaving Michelle because he wants her to have a life without fear.  Michelle can’t accept the Danny’s lifestyle, but “No one gets out of my jungle.”  Cassie enters.

Lewis home:  Marina stops by wearing a sexy little “get up”.  Shayne is like a little puppy dog happy to see his master… that is until he realizes that Marina is just using him…again.  Marina has a date with Ben, but she can’t let her dad find out about , so she told him that she would be at Shayne’s house getting a “book list.”  Shayne is not happy.  There’s is not mixer at Company tonight, Shayne informs her.  “You’re just a pawn in Ben’s game.”  Ben just wants to get you alone, so he can get whatever it is that you’ve been promising.  Marina is appalled. Shayne is ticked, “Get out of my house.”

Santos Yacht: Tony is soooo sweet.  He returns and with dinner in hand…soup (canned) and a bottle of water.  Here’s a thought…Forget the soup and the water.  I’ll take you instead.  Now that really would be Mmmm Mmmm Good.  Marah has on her Halloween costume, (Not really, she just feel like she does) but even in the ugliest outfit Tony still says the nicest things, “You look good.” The two have a civilized conversation.  Marah’s upset that her aunt owes Tony’s family money.  Marah would lose her sanity if anything happens to Cassie considering all the other bad things that have happened…Richard dying, RATalina, oops I mean Catalina being murdered, and all that stuff in between ( meaning she sleeping with Romeo on the couch in Tony’s office and Tony attacking her in that same office). Marah loses her composure and Tony instinctively runs to her side and gently puts his hand on her knee comforting her when she says. “I really scare myself sometime.”  Tony realizing what he has done, “I didn’t mean that.  I’m such and idiot. Why can’t I do anything right?”  Marah’s not disturbed; in fact she’s touched.  “For a second, it was like it used to be.  I’d get upset and you would reach out to me, “admits Marah.  Tony responds, “It was natural. Old habits did hard.”  Marah is certain, “People can change.”  Well, it’s getting late and Tony thinks that Marah needs to get her sleep.  Tony takes an extra pillow and blanket from the bed.  He will sleep on the couch and Marah can have the bed.  No.  No. No.  We can share the bed.  Besides, I’m sure it will be a whole lot more comfortable than that hard couch.  Tony, “Is there anything else that I can get for you?”  “Yeah.” says Marah, “You can stop being so nice to me.  We couldn’t work things out between us so why act like maybe we could.”  “You’re right.  Good night,” says a hurt Tony.  Will somebody please tell me why these two are still fighting their feelings for each other?  Tony is lying on the couch in the dark and still staring at Marah, who is sitting on the bed with her back to Tony and obviously thinking about him sleeping over there on a hard couch instead of in the bed with her.

Infierno:  Ed exits telling Danny that he (Ed) is going home and that he (Danny) should think about coming home too.  Cassie offers Danny the check for $25,000, but Danny tells her to cash the check, and then return with the cash.  “Oh”, Cassie says, “No paper trail.”  Danny inquires about the whereabouts of her (Cassie’s) engagement ring.  Cassie lies, “I just haven’t been wearing it.”  Cassie’s become quite the habitual liar.  Give it up, Cassie.  Danny’s no fool.  He’s a Santos.

Beach: Marina arrives to find Ben sitting on a large rock on the beach.  Marina inquires about the mixer at the Country Club, but Ben has an excuse for everything.  He’s cute, but you had definitely better watch this one.  I guess I got the dates mixed up.  Yeah right.  Ben has another idea.  We can have our date right here at Club Beach.  “We have a blanket instead of tables, starry sky instead of smoky room, and only two people instead of a wall to wall mob,” says Ben.  That’s real smooth Ben, but you gets no cigar.  By the way, did you make that up all by yourself or did you get that off the stall in some high school bathroom?  Marina’s uncomfortable, but Ben knows just what to say to get what he wants.

Outside Company: Ed and Carmen have a run-in.  Ed questions Carmen about her role in Danny and Michelle’s break-up.  Carmen doesn’t want to hear it.  Michelle killed Carmen’s oldest son, Mick.  If things were reversed and her son had killed Michelle, Ed would be screaming for justice.  Yeah, but there is a difference between justice and revenge.  Carmen is still having a very difficult time dealing with the death of her son, “You go to one of your children’s funeral; you watch them being put into the ground, and then you complain to me, but not before,” says an angry Carmen.  Carmen is indefinite need of some counseling.  Darn, I’m beginning to think that every resident of Springfield is in need of counseling.

Company: “I didn’t sell my engagement ring.  I put it in the casket with Richard.” says Liar, I mean Cassie.  Give it up, Cassie.  Danny offers to buy an upset Cassie a drink.  She agrees to the drink, but only if Danny allows her to buy.  What is wrong with this chic?  She ain’t got no damn money, but she can buy somebody a drink.

Beach: Ben is lying on the blanket and looking up at the stars.  And tell me, why does “underaged” Marina have a beer in her hands?  Ben is quickly putting the moves on Marina, but she is clearly afraid.  They each take turns removing a piece of clothing.  Ben removes his shirt first saying, “I always have hated this shirt.”  Marina then removes her sash.  Your turn again Ben.  Well, Ben, all that you seem to have on is a pair of pants.  Well then… the pants it is.  Okay, go for it says a tantalized Marina.

Millennium:  Danny and Cassie are finishing up there drinks, both trying to dull the pain (Danny’s break-up with Michelle and the loss of Cassie’s husband).  Danny returns Cassie’s money.  Danny tries to help Cassie out of her debt by offering to buy her portion of the Beacon, but Cassie refuses.  She offers Danny the farm instead, but no dice.  Danny is not interested.  Danny tells Cassie to give him a call if she has any problem making her next payment on time.  Cassie places the money for the drinks back on the counter and exits.  She pauses in the doorway for a second, and stares at her now bare hand, where her engagement ring used to be.

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