Guiding Light Update Tuesday 8/27/02

By La’Homal

Opening scene: SFPD.  Josh and Reva are still behind bars.  The two are still asleep, Reva lying across the bed with her head in Josh’s lap and Josh sitting up with head against the wall, when Shayne arrives with good news, but first a little ground rules need to be set.  Listen up Mom and Dad since you two can’t act your own age, I’m gonna have to ground the both or you.  That means no allowances, no car keys, and no chocolate.  Now for the good news, the judge has lifted your contempt charge; Uncle Billy has paid your bail, so you are free to go.  Shayne instructs an impatient police officer, “Spring ‘em.”  Reva rushes to hug her son, “My hero.” Josh inquires about Marah, “Who’s hard to find some time,” and obviously doesn’t give a damn about her mother or her father for that matter.  Reva understands that Marah is confused, but I don’t.  Besides Cassie needs her (Marah) more that she (Reva) does right now.

Beacon hotel: Cassie’s bedroom (I guess).  Marah is there with her Aunt Cassie and they are making up a bed.  Marah informs Cassie, “Dad’s in jail.”  Cassie can’t believe this.  “He tried to convince the judge to release her mom and wound up in the same cell,” says Marah.  Cassie thinks that this is horrible, but Marah informs her that they are being released and that Shayne is on his way to pick them up.  Cassie wants to know why Marah is not there for her parents, but Marah can’t bring herself to abandon Cassie.  Cassie is curious as to what Reva thinks about her daughter (Marah) spending so much time with her (Cassie).  Marah admits that Reva wishes that she (Reva) could be the one to take care of her (Cassie).  The two sit on the bed for a heart to heart talk.  Marah wishes more than anything that things could go back to the way they were, “When Cassie, Richard, and the children were in the house, we had so much fun.” Marah is obviously having a difficult time dealing with the strain that Reva’s role in Richard’s death is putting on the family.  Aunt and niece’s conversation comes to an abrupt halt when Tony arrives to discuss some business with Cassie.

Mystic Island:  Beth and “young Bill” are getting all hot and bothered as they are in the midst of a very hot and steamy kiss on the couch when BUSTED…Phillip walks in on them.  Beth is shocked, “Phillip, I didn’t expect that” Yeah, I’ll just bet she didn’t and neither did Phillip.  Bill attempts to come to Beth’s rescue, “Let me explain.” Just shut up Bill, Phillip is not in the mood; he (Phillip) wants Beth to elucidate (?) what is going on.  Let me guess. “Phillip, I don’t know what came over me, maybe Lorelei emerged again…for a second.”  Yeah right….I…I…I is all that Beth can utter.  Bill tries explaining that the kiss was all his fault and things are a little bit more complicated than Phillip realizes.  A ticked Phillip recalls his last conversation with Beth, “The last time we talked when you said that you wanted the plane, you said that you wanted to come home, because you missed me and you missed the kids and you wanted to see us…Beth interrupts, “Yes, I did.  I did.  ..I mean I do.  Too late now, Beth.  You’ve already put your foot in your mouth.  Phillip is becoming angrier by the minute.  He’s now screaming at a “confused” Beth.  Beth tries to explain that when she got to Mexico, she found the Mission (the one in her sketch), but Phillip doesn’t seem to give a crap.  Beth runs out onto the porch and returns with the marriage certificate handing it to a disbelieving Phillip.  “Young” Bill chimes in, “That’s right Phillip, we’re married.”  Doesn’t Bill know that there is a time and place for everything and now is not the right time for him to be so nonchalant about his marriage to Beth/ Lorelei or whoever she is? Ah sulky, sulky now.  Fasten your seatbelt folks, I believe that we are in about to hit turbulence.

Lewis home:  Josh, Reva, and Cassie return from the police station.  Josh immediately walks to the bottom of the stairs calling, “Marah? Marah?”  Give it up Josh.  She’s not there.  You’re wasting your breath.  Shayne offers refreshment to the “jail birds”, but Reva is only interested in falling asleep in her own bed.”  Josh is still inquiring about Marah’s location.  Shayne checks the answering machine only to find that there are no messages. “I mean I told her I was going to go get you guys," says Shayne. Josh is not happy. “So, she’s with Cassie?” asks Josh.  Reva just wants to let the entire thing go, but Josh insists that Reva needs her daughter.  Reva has Josh and Shayne.  Maybe Marah can help Cassie heal a little, but Josh hopes that Marah will be able to convince Cassie that testifying against Reva isn’t going to help anything.  Reva doesn’t want to discuss this topic anymore.  Instead she just wants to take a long, hot bath as she exits.  Josh exits telling Shayne to inform Reva that he will return in an hour or so.

Beacon hotel: “You have business with my aunt?” Marah asks Tony.  Awkward moment between Marah, Tony, and Cassie.  “How are you, Marah?” Tony asks, but Marah is only interested in knowing what is going on between Tony and her aunt.  Cassie pulls Marah aside and lies somewhat about why Tony is really there. Tony is helping me out with some minor details with the hotel…some contractors, etc. etc.  Contractors?  Yeah right. “It’s nothing that I can’t handle” Cassie says.  Marah suggests that Cassie asks her parents for help, but Cassie is adamant that she doesn’t need their (Josh and Reva’s) help and she doesn’t want Marah running to them about what she knows (Cassie going to the Santos clan for help with her meeting with Tony).  Cassie escorts Marah to the door and tells her to go spend some time with her (Marah’s) parents and promises to call her later.  Marah stands outside eavesdropping as Tony tells Cassie, “Look, I think you know why I’m here.”  He needs to collect payment on her loan, which is “way overdue.”

Tony admits that they have let her late payments go without repercussions out of respect for her late husband.  If it were up to him (Tony) and Danny, they would give her the entire year, but their business associates are not as understanding or forgiving.  The investors want their money and they wanted it yesterday.  Cassie’s facial expression quickly turns to one of horrified shock.  “Yeah, now you understand,” Tony states.  Cassie apologizes for the late payments and pleads with Tony for more time.  Cassie is grasping at straws as she asks Tony if there is any way that he can give her more time.  What about if they up the interest?  They can expect a greater return on their cash.  Cassie, I’m still madly in love with your niece and all, but business is business.  No can do.  Tony gives Cassie his business card, which contains his cell phone number.  “I’ll be on the Santos yacht.  If I were you, I’d want to call me,” Tony says.  “I’m sorry.  This is not my favorite part of the job.”  Marah hides in a room across the hall as Tony exits.  She peaks into the room, where Cassie remains alone before taking off after Tony saying, “Oh no you don’t.”

Lewis home:  Holly stops by to visit Reva.  She reveals the front page of a tabloid, which has Reva’s face plastered on the front page and a headline that reads, “Angel of Mercy or Death?”  Reva is in disbelief.  Holly tries to comfort Reva, “A member of your family asked you for help, to end the suffering”, but her attempts are unsuccessful.  As the two women continue their talk, Reva receives a disturbing phone call, a man’s voice saying, “You will pay for what you did lady.  You will pay.  Burn in hell!”

Mystic Lake:  “You married Bill?” asks a disbelieving Phillip.  Bill keeps interjecting, so Phillip asks to speak to Beth alone. The two (Phillip and Beth) go outside, where they engage in a not so calm conversation.  Beth apologizes. “Lorelei married Bill.”  Beth explains that she had a few flashes of the mission (in her drawing).  Bill wouldn’t give her any straight answers, so she went to Mexico to get answers.  Once she got there she located the mission, and a priest who knew her as Lorelei, but he wouldn’t give her any straight answers either.  Beth was all set to go home, when she saw their (Lorelei and Bill’s) name in the registry.  Phillip has had enough.  “Let’s go home”, he says.  Beth or maybe it’s Lorelei, at this point who could be sure, tells Phillip that she is not ready to go home and to “Stop trying to run my life.”  Phillip aggressively grabs Beth by the arm in an attempt to lead her to the plane that has been awaiting them, but Lorelei, I mean Beth, heck I don’t know who this somewhat deranged woman is that Phillip is talking to at this point, snatches away from his grip.  “Oh I see,“ Phillip says, "You need me to save you when it’s convenient for you, is that the deal?" "I can take care of myself" says Beth or at least that’s who it’s supposed to be.  Phillip is fed up and begins to walk a way.  Oh by the way, “If you get fed up with young Bill here’s a little light reading for you” Phillip says as he throws her a published copy of Lorelei’s diary.  Beth looks at the book and then looks at Phillip in horror as he exits, leaving her behind to get her groove on with young Bill.  Beth seeking answers prepares to run after Phillip, but Bill stops her.  "What’s wrong?” he asks.  Beth is screaming at an already departed Phillip. “You can’t just leave me with something like this and then disappear.News flash Beth, Lorelei, or whatever the hell your name is, he can and he did.  She turns and gives the copy of Lorelei’s diary to Bill, who is also surprised to see Lorelei’s deepest secrets in print.  Well, it appears that seeing Lorelei’s diary in hardback is quite “The Shocker.”

Beacon Hotel:  Cassie is sitting at the desk reviewing bill after bill.  “I need a miracle. I need a miracle,” she cries.  Cassie begins to play with the engagement ring on her finger.  She searches through the yellow pages and makes a phone call, “Hello. Do you deal in estate sales?...Well, I think I have some things that I think you may interest you.  Yeah, very substantial”, as she look at her engagement ring again.  Cassie gives her phone number to the party on the other end of the phone line.  She then removes the ring from her finger, “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, Richard.  I love you so much and I would never do this if I didn’t have to” she says as she kisses the ring.  Josh now enters to find a crying Cassie.  Cassie rushes into her brother-in-law’s arms.  Cassie apologizes and then changes the subject to some small talk…How was Russia?  The kids really missed you. Blah, blah, blah.  Josh notices the paperwork that Cassie has strewn around the room.  She apologizes again as she begins to pick up the papers claiming to have fallen behind.  Josh picks notices some of the papers on the desk, picking them up and looking them over briefly.  He offers his help, but Cassie takes the papers from his hand and says that she doesn’t need his help.  I’m sure you didn’t come here to be my accountant.  What is wrong with this broad?  Didn’t Tony just tell her that those people wanted their money like yesterday? And didn’t she just say that she wouldn’t get rid of her engagement ring if she didn’t have to.  Hello.  Help is staring you right in the face.  Take it.  Josh and Reva’s conversation now takes a new path…Reva.  Josh admits that he came to see her as her brother-in-law.  Cassie is still very angry with Reva.  She wants Reva to understand…to hurt like she’s (Cassie’s) hurting…to feel what she is feeling.  Reva’s actions cheated Cassie out of the opportunity to say good-bye to her husband.  Cassie poses the questions, “Would you want me to spare you, Josh?  If that was Reva in that hospital bed, wouldn’t you want to hold her hand? Wouldn’t you want to look in her eyes and whisper, ‘I love you' one last time?”  Reva robbed Cassie of that.

Lewis home: Holly exits.  She informs Reva that her show is going to be pulled.  “Why are you doing this to me?” Reva cries.  Holy explains from that it is only temporary and from the “investors” perspective.  They embrace.  Friend or not, Holly knows when to abandon ship.

Santos yacht:  Marah waltzes onto the Santos yacht, uninvited I might add.  She immediately begins blasting Tony for asking Cassie for the money that his family loaned her.  “Your job is to threaten her for the money, right?” Marah charges.  “It’s business” Tony says.  He represents the other families.  Marah knows this, but is being ignorant or at least trying to be ignorant to the fact.  “It’s not my money, “Tony says.  "They’re your partners”, Marah says. Explain to them what happened to Richard.  Yeah, Marah, they care. Not! It’s business, remember? Tony asks Marah why she is using him or attempting to. “You’re afraid of me, but you’re not afraid to ask for help or to use my connections.”  Oh yeah, he’s asked her to get off the yacht, which is now leaving port.  Marah after flapping her gums realizes this.  “Tony, stop the boat”, she yells.  Fat chance of that.  You should have gotten off when he first asked you. Here’s a clue: The sun doesn’t rise or set around Marah Lewis.  “He (Tony) should help out for what they had” according to her.  She doesn’t respect what they had---by constantly abusing his status.  But I see that Marah walks on a one way street: Her way or no way kind of like Michelle and her Aunt Cassie.

Beacon Hotel:  Josh and Cassie are still discussing Reva.  Josh wants to reason, but Cassie is clearly gone over the cliff and hanging by a string.  “What did she do send you here to plead her case?” Cassie snaps.  “No”, Josh says.  “She doesn’t even know that I’m here.”  Cassie has no love for Reva.  She (Cassie) cannot realize that Richard had no second chances.  Cassie is right in her disturbed mind.  Reva’s a murder in her book.  But Josh is trying to open her eyes.  Josh has also come for his children, especially Marah.  “Tell Marah she needs to get out and do some things that kids her age do,” Cassie says.  Yeah, as if that is possible when your family is constantly fighting.  Easier said than done.  Josh picks up Cassie’s bill to Lewis Construction and rips it to shreds.  An ungrateful Cassie screams, “I don’t want you to do that.  Yeah, well, you may not want him to do it, but you need him to do it.  You’re broke, remember?  Broke, as in no money. 

Mystic Lake:  Beth is still with Bill and they are discussing Lorelei’s diary.  Beth’s upset and pointing the finger at Bill for the release of Lorelei’s diary, but Bill doesn’t seem to care.  There are other things on his mind, “What I had with Lorelei will remain between Lorelei and I. It’s private,” Bill says.  Yeah, those are the pages you tore out of the diary, ”Beth says.  She’s pathetic and now upset with Bill who is remaining cool under pressure.  He must be wearing Degree.

Santos yacht:  Tony and Marah are still together.  Tony remains cool despite Marah’s cruel remarks.  What is with these chics or at least this one?  Tony’s standing his ground.  “I’ve got a job to do.” Tony says after Marah demands that he take her back to shore.  I’ll swim,” she threatens.  Um, yeah, sure you will…Marah takes off.  After thinking that maybe Marah really is going to jump overboard, Tony takes off after her.

Mystic Lake:  “I can’t take any more pressure right now, no talking.” Beth beckons.  She’s finally about to shut up.  Thank God.  We can only hope.  Bill seems doubtful.  “But, what’s in that book isn’t you,” Bill says.  Bill is still attempting to comfort a shaken Beth who’s upset about the book when suddenly she grabs her head, “Oh my god, it’s Lorelei, it’s Lorelei, it’s Lorelei…No such luck.

Outside Company:  Phillip is sitting outside on the bench when Holly comes along.  Holly’s just destroyed Reva.  She and Phillip are down in the dumps.  “Don’t feel bad nobody wants to be my friend either”, Phillip says.  Excellent observation, Phillip.  Phillip receives a phone call from the pilot (Spaulding jet) who is still waiting for Beth to return.  Phillip instructs the pilot to bring the jet home, “Let her (Beth) find her own damn way home.  Phillip is pissed and down in the dumps…that mental case.  Here’s a thought, why not hook him and Cassie up?

Beacon hotel:  Cassie is alone, upset, and gathering papers.  She is desperate.  Crying. Awww. She picks up the phone and makes a phone call.  Who could she be calling?  Hope it’s not Tony; he’s already told her she has twenty-four hours to get the money together and I really don’t think that he is going to budge.  Oh, it’s Reva.  What?  No?  Reva hangs up phone because unstable Cassie won’t speak.  Reva’s been getting hate calls all afternoon. Question:  How did anyone know that Reva was released?  Josh is pissed. Reva’s shaken.  “What about Cassie, “Reva asks.  She’s concerned about her (Cassie’s) opinion.  “Cassie is stubborn, “Josh proclaims.  Josh comforts a vulnerable Reva.

Santos yacht:  Marah dived?  Hmmm. Tony returned shirtless, soaking wet, looking good, and oh carrying an also soaking wet Marah across his shoulder.  “You alright,” he asks.  I am now that you saved me with your fine @$*. Uh oh, trouble.  You struck an iceberg?  . Damage to the yacht?  Can you fix it? Tony asks. Tony turns to Marah, “We’re not going anywhere tonight.  We’re trapped,” Tony informs Marah.  Hmmm.  This could make for a very interesting night.  Be happy.  Be happy that you’re stuck on a yacht alone with that stud muffin, Tony Santos, in the middle of nowhere.  Go get him, girl.

Stay tuned…

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