Guiding Light Update Monday 8/26/02

By Megan

Josh visits Reva in jail. He says that she doesn't deserve to be in jail for what she did. Josh tells her that he would get her out, but ends up getting arrested so he can be with her.

Rick comes home. He asks Michelle where Danny is, but she doesn't tell him the truth. Rick and Mel tell Michelle that they are going to go to rehab early. Rick and Mel take Jude and are on their way. Rick says he wants to go do something first, and goes to visit Richard's grave.

Danny interrupts Carmen's massage and tells her that his marriage to Michelle is falling apart. He tells her he is going to leave Michelle because he loves her so much. Danny tells Carmen to stay away from Robbie. Later, Danny goes to tell Michelle that he is moving out.

Sam and Olivia spy on Phillip reading Lorelei's diary. Olivia tells Phillip that she would help him, but he leaves to find Beth.

Beth confronts Bill about his marriage to Lorelei. She tells him that she needs to know the truth. Bill tells Beth about their wedding. He tells her that he was in love with Lorelei. Beth tells him that the marriage meant nothing to her. When Phillip gets to them, Beth and Bill are making out on the couch.

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