Guiding Light Update Thursday 8/22/02

By LaíHomal

Opening scene (Company).  Harley is in Company and enjoying a cup of coffee when Gus enters.  Gus wants to know why Harley hasnít been returning any of his calls.  "Oh, Iím sorry.  Did you call?" replies a very sarcastic Harley.  Didnít he just say that?  Gus realizes that Harley is frustrated and he apologizes for Edenís behavior (taking off).  Gus is sure that Eden will be back (He has her wallet which leaves Eden completely broke).  Harley doesnít think that it matters if Eden comes back or not because she is not going to confess to pushing anyone off of a rooftop.  Phillip is going to keep Zack.  Harley, do you know what your problem is?  "You see the glass as being only half full."  See, thatís where you are wrong Gus.  "I see the glass as being completely empty."  Harley shows a letter to Gus that she has received from the Mayor.  She is scheduled to have a meeting with him (the mayor) and her chief to discuss the charges of breaking and entering and assault.  Ninja Harley, watch out.  Harley is not only concerned that she is going to lose her son, but now she is concerned that she is going to lose her job as well and it is all Gusí fault.  Harley walks away.

Rickís hospital room:  Mel is helping Rick pick his jacket on as he is preparing to leave the hospital.  The two are sharing a kiss when Tammy enters.  Tammy is still confused and needs to ask Rick a question, "Do you feel guilty that you got to live and my dad didnít?  Ouch, Tammy.  Talk about being blunt.  I wonder how Rick is going to answer that one.

Courthouse:  Cassie arrives on the scene.  She informs Edmund that she is not there to help him squeeze whatever profit he can out of the loss of her dead husband.  Edmund quietly walks away like a puppy with his tail between his legs.  "Then why are you here?" asks Reva.  Cassie picks up a newspaper (Headline reads Arrest made in princeís death) from a bench seat in the hallway.  How convenient? "Iím here for Richard, "a still upset Cassie responds.  The bailiff announces that the judge is ready to hear Revaís case.  Cassie enters.  Marah, who has now decided to support her mother, beckons her mom, "Come on."

Company:  Gus is still reading the letter from the Mayorís office informing her of the meeting that they have scheduled.  Harley is convinced that the mayor is out to get her badge, her head, etc, etc.  Gus doesnít agree.  The mayor is "just blowing smoke."  By the way Harley, isnít your hearing today?  "No, itís been postponed until after my little chat with the Mayor."  Gus has a plan; he can fix this.  Hmmm, like you fixed the problem with Phillip, with Eden.  Donít listen to him Harley.   Harley is not in the mood.  Sheís about three seconds away from losing her son and one more of Gusí fix-its, heís (Zackís gone for good).  Gus is sure that he has all of the answers.  First, we get this meeting postponed, right?  Next, we get Eden to tell Phillip the truth, right?  So far, so good right?  Not, Gus has the "anti-midas touch".  Everything he touches turns to lead.  Gus turns on the charm, "Not this time he proclaims." He and Harley made vows to each other when they moved in together.  They vowed to stick together for better or for worse, and this is definitely one of the worse.  Gus is not about to abandon Harley now.  GoingÖ goingÖ gone.  Heís snagged her with that line.  Harley gives in and is even able to muster up a pleasant smile for her love interest. "Iím going to the hospital to see Rick.  Heís getting out today, okay? You do what you have to do, I trust youÖ" Just leave it to me, Gus says.  Harley pleads with Gus not to screw things up this time as he is exiting.  Gus forgets to give Harley a "see you later" kiss and returns to do so.  Ahhh, how sweet?

Rickís hospital room:  Wow, Tammy, you really threw us for a loop with that question.  Look, weíre sorry that your father is dead.  We would do anything to bring him back says Mel.  Rick chimes in that there is not a single day that he doesnít think abut the wonderful gift that he gave him (his heart and the gift of life).  Mel is happy to have her husband alive and healthy and she is not going to apologize for that.  Wow, Mel, great bedside manner you got there.  Do you talk to your patients like that as well?  The child is obviously hurting and she is confused.  You could benefit from a few classes in tactfulness.  So, you donít feel guilty, huh?  Melís pager goes off and she excuses herself leaving Tammy and Rick alone to continue their conversation.  Rick wants to know whatís really bothering her and if there is anything that he can do to help Tammy?  Tammy is confused about her Aunt Reva pulling the life support on her dad.  Did he really want to leave her, her mother, and her brothers that badly.  Rick tries to comfort Tammy.  Richard was in a great deal of pain and maybe he didnít want his loved ones to see him that way.  Tammy wants to know if her father was afraid---of dying.  Rick admits that he was afraid of dying, but Tammyís dad was a much braver man than he.  This gives Tammy some comfort.  She only wishes that her dad had discussed his wishes (to die) over with the family first.  Mel enters and announces that she jut heard via one of the nurses that Reva has just been arrested and that there is a bail hearing going on. "Because of my dad?" asks a concerned Tammy.   Tammy exits to attend the hearing while Mel offers to keep an eye on RJ and Will, who are in the hospital daycare.  Rick wants to know if Cassie pressed charges.  Mel is unsure.  Rick is concerned about Tammy, who is trying to heal.  "Thatís never going to happen if she keeps getting ripped apart like this."

At the courthouse:  District Attorney Wolfe talks with Cassie in the back of the courtroom.  Reva is concerned about her sister "putting herself through this kind of pain again."  Ross wants Reva to focus on herself right now.  Blake pulls Ross aside for a second.   She almost had Cassie convinced that this continuous round of blows with Reva had to come to an end, but then the "dark prince."  This concerns Ross.  If Cassie sides with Edmund, Reva could find herself living on bread and water for years to come.  Shayne and Marah approach Reva.  Billy is still trying to contact Josh in Russia.  Whatís wrong with this picture?  First, the phone lines were down and now Josh is on one of the oil rigs, but no one seems to know which one.  Marah wonders if they could get a postponement until they can contact Josh, but Reva wonít hear of it.  She has Marah and Shayne there.  Edmund approaches DA Wolfe who has just finished talking with Cassie.  Edmund wants to know if she is going to testify against Reva.  Nope.  "That just means that I will have to work a little harder, but I still think that I can convince the judge to deny bail," states DA Wolfe.  Reva plead, "Not Guilty" to the charge of second degree murder.  Ross requests bail for Reva and asks that she be released on her own recognizance.  DA Wolfe quickly objects, Reva unplugged a manís life support, which resulted in his death.  She failed to obtain the permission of the deceasedís wife or brother.  Ross argues that Reva had the consent of her deceased brother-in-law.  Pardon me, Ross.  I donít mean to be a pessimist, but isnít that going to be a tad bit difficult to prove, since no one else heard Richard make this request of Reva?  The judge wants to hear arguments on both sides before he makes a ruling.  DA Wolfe calls Edmund to the stand.

SFPD:  Gus enters.  The chief is upset that he has to meet with the Mayor with Harley later today.  Chief thinks that the Mayor is using Harley arrest to bring him down, "because he doesnít think that I know how to control my own detectives."  Well considering some of your detectivesí inappropriate behavior, Iím going to have to agree with the Mayor on that one: You donít know how to control your own detectives.  Gus pleads with the Chief to get the Mayor off of Harleyís back (so to speak).  Harley is absolutely sick over this whole thing.  Sick?  Yeah sick.  Thatís funny.  She didnít look to sick to me just a couple of minutes a go.  The Chief decides to call the Mayorís office and postpone their (Chief and Harleyís) meeting with him.  Besides the Mayor has a phobiac, especially when it comes to germs.  Oh,and by the way, Gus, I want to see Detective Cooper. WhaÖwhaÖwhat doyou mean you want to see her.? Just what the man said, Gus.  He is speaking English, you know.  "Take me to her. " Oh boy, Gus is in trouble now.

Rickís hospital room: Harley has decided to let Rick and Mel take Gus while Rick continues his rehab.  Harley insists that they are actually doing her a favor considering she has a broke wrist.  Rick informs her that he knows about the "situation" with Phillip.  Harley admits to Rick that it was actually Eden who pushed the guy over the rooftop all those years ago instead of Gus.  Gus made a promise to his dad that he would protect her and thatís why he took the blame for a crime that he did not commit.  Harley brought Eden back from Chicago to tell Phillip the truth, but she took off before Phillip arrived.  Harley vows to take care of everything. "By the time you get back from your rehab, Phillip will realize that Gus is not the bad guy that he thinks he is and Zack will be back home with his mommy where he belongs."  Well, it appears that Harley has it all planned out.  Letís just see if she can follow through.  Harleyís pager goes off as she and Rick share a friendly embrace.  Bet I know who that is.  Yep, itís Gus, and heís got good news and bad news.  Good news is he managed to get Harleyís meeting with the Mayor postponed.  Bad newÖdonít know yet, but Harley was pretty upset, screaming on the phone like a lunatic, about it.  Sheís turns to Rick and pleads with him, "I need your help."

At the bail hearing:  Edmund has taken the stand and is being questioned by DA Wolfe.  Ed informs the court that he was stunned when he initially found out about his brotherís death, but then he became angry (staring at Cassie who is seated in the back of the courtroom with arms crossed) because no one bothered to call and tell him about his brotherís demise.  He says that although he and his brother had a "difficult" (Is that what they are calling it these days) relationship, he still loved him. Boy, is it getting deep in that courtroom!  When asked if he visited his brother while he was in the hospital, Edmund said yes.  The last time that Richard saw his brother that Edmund saw his deceased brother was the day that Reva kicked him (Edmund) out of his (Richardís) room.  Reva unplugged Richardís life support and kept it a secret from Cassie. "Itís as if she knew turning off my brotherís life support system was wrong," and the hospital tried to cover it up.  Pointing at Reva, Richard declares, "That woman made a presumptuous and selfish decision to end my brotherís life without consulting me or his wife."  Edmund claims that he is not looking for revenge, just justice.  As Edmund is allowed to step down, DA is asked to call her next witness.  She looks to a tearful Cassie for an answer, but Cassie slowly lowers her head and looks a way.  No further witnesses.  Ross pleads Revaís case before the judge.  Reva performed nothing less than an act of Mercy.  S the judge is ready to make his ruling, Cassie suddenly leaps to her feet and wants to say somethingÖif there is still time.  Reva has no idea what her still will or will not say, but she has a horrified look in her face.

At the hospital:  Well, I guess we know what the bad news is now.  Harley is in Rickís hospital bed and pretending to be sick.  The Chief tells her (Harley) not to worry about anything; he (the Chief) will handle things with the Mayor.  The Chief implores her to hurry and get back on her feet.  The Chief recognizes Rick and is concerned that they put him (Rick) back to work so soon after heart surgery.  Rick put himself back to work.  What is with these doctors and nurses at Cedars putting their licenses on the line for people?  Rick admits that once he found out what was going on with Harley, he (Rick) knew right away that she needed a shrinkÖdoctor.  As soon as the chief exits, Harley snatches the sheets off of her, "I could kill that Aituro."  Rick attempts to defend Gus, but Harley shoots him down at every turn.  Gus is complicating her already complicated life.  Outside the hospital room, Gus tells the Chief that he believes that Harley will make a speedy recovery, "say by tomorrow."  By tomorrow, Gus?  Alrightee then.  This reminds the chief that he forgot to tell Harley something, and prepares to enter her room again.  Gus attempts to stop him.

At the bail hearing:  Cassie is now on the stand.  She is distracted when Tammy enters the room and sits with Marah.  Cassie admits that she feels like she has been on an emotional roller coaster every since Richardís death.  Everyone is looking to her to say what she thinks should happen next.  Cassie realizes that nothing that she could ever do or say is going to bring her dead husband back to her.  What happened to her husband is a family matter, "and I want no part of these proceedings."  Hmmm, in your face, Edmund!  A disgusted Edmund hands DA Wolfe a note.  DA Wolfe poses the question, Do you think what your sister did was right?  Although, Cassie has made it abundantly clear that she wants no part of these proceedings, DA Wolfe has no problem in reminding Cassie that she did volunteer to take the stand and she is under oath.  Cassie admits that she does not think what Reva would right and she should not have unplugged Richardís life support unit.  Ross has no questions and Cassie is dismissed.  A very teary eyed Cassie quickly steps down, takes Tammy by the hand and leaves the court room.  The judge will render his decision after a brief recess.  Marah stands and pleads with the judge, "Please donít keep my mom in jail.  What my aunt said is true.  This is a family affair."  Unfortunately Marah, once this case entered the courtroom it became a legal matterÖ no longer a family matter.  Reva and Edmund come to blow.  Unlike Cassie, Reva sees right through Edmund, who is conspiring with the DA and obviously using Cassie in some ploy to seek financial refuge.  Blake begs Reva to just walk a way.  Save your breath, Blake.  This is Reva Shayne Lewis that you are talking to.  Edmund really know how to push Revaís buttons because she physically goes after him.  Shayne immediately comes to his motherís defense, "You leave my mother alone" as Ross holds Reva back.  The judge who is still in the courtroom and witnesses everything asks, "What is going on here?"

Bail hearing:  The judge orders the bailiff to escort Edmund out of his courtroom.  The DA claims that Reva attacked Mr. Winslow without provocation, while Ross argues that Edmund verbally attacked Reva.  The judge has made his decision.  He initially was going to set bail at $200,000, but due to Revaís inappropriate behavior, bail has been revoked and Reva has been found in contempt of court. Reva "will remain in jail until she learns how to control herself."  The bailiff places Reva in handcuffs.  Temper, temper Reva.

Beacon:  Mel is there and has just put the RJ and Will down for a nap.  Mel offers her services to Cassie and daughter if they need her.  Cassie apologizes that Tammy had to be at the bail hearing. Why? If I hadnít shown up, would you have said something different?," asks Tammy.  It sure looked that way to me, Tammy.  Cassie is not so sure if she will ever be able to forgive Reva for ending Richardís life, but one thing that Cassie does seem to be sure of is that she "doesnít want her familyís emotions being played out in public."  Cassie wonders if they should take Blake up on her (Blakeís) offer to stay in their (Blake and Rossí) home, while their sublease Oliviaís apartment.  She asks for Tammyís input, who doesnít know what they should do either.  Thatís just great, mother and daughter are clueless.  Tammy decides, finally a decision, she wants to stay there (at the Beacon) a little longer.  Itís the last place that she saw Richard and he was so happy then.  Thatís what she tries to rememberÖthe happier timesÖnot the way that Richard was at the hospital.  Mother and daughter embrace.

At the hospital:  Gus grabs his chief, who is about to enter Harleyís "hospital room", around the shoulders and redirects him.  The chief only wants to remind Harley of the departmentís upcoming PBA (who knows, probably some kind of policemanís ball ???) event.  Gus assures him (Chief) that Harley is fully aware of the upcoming event.  In fact, itís all that she talks about, but if you (Chief) want to go in there and talk about what to wear, accessories, hair styles, yada, yada, yada, be my guess.  "No, thanks, as long as she knows about it", states Chief.  By the way, keep me informed on Harleyís progress."  What progress?  Sheís  F-A-K-I-N-G it.

Inside Rick/Harleyís hospital room:  Gus enters after getting rid of the Chief.  He wants to know what Harley is doing dressed again.  The chief couldíve walked backed in and he almost did.  Harley wants to know what she is doing in a hospital room pretending to be sic.  And I want to know, why Harley was not at the bail hearing showing her support for her so called best friend, Reva?  Some best friend Harley turned out to be.  Harley dismisses Gus.  She wants him to stop helping her out.  "And another thing, Iíve changed my mind about Eden.  I want you to keep her as far a way from Phillip as you possibly can", Harley exclaims.  Every time Gus tries to help Harley out, he only gets her into more trouble.  Harley has had enough. An exiting Gus is clearly hurt.  He tries so hard.  Harley turns to Rick.  She needs Rick to remind her why with Gus.  Well, if you need Rick to remind you, then maybe you shouldnít be with him.  "How are you going to fix this mess?," asks Rick?  Sheís going back to Chicago.

Oliviaís apartment:  Ross and Blake are present.  They donít believe that Reva should be in jail.  Yeah, well, attacking an egging Edmund wasnít too bright with the judge standing right there.  Blake wants to try to take Ross mind off of the case at least for the night.  Hmmmm. That could mean trouble for you, Ross. Blake and Ross make out on the couch in Oliviaís living room.

Beach:  Tammy is alone on the beach staring out into the distance.  She needed a friend, so she called Marina.  Marina is concerned about Tammy who claims to be alright.  Marina has no idea what it is like to go through what Tammy is going through (losing a parent), and she doesnít pretend to understand, but she is really sorry.  Tammy explains to Marina, who doesnít understand why Tammy called her instead of Lizzie, that her mother can be standing right there in front of her (Tammy) but she (Tammy) canít seem to reach/get through to her (Cassie).  Poor thing!  Tammy admits to Marina that Lizzie is at piano lesson, but she would have called Marina anyway.  Tammy doesnít have to pretend to be strong around Marina or that nothing is bothering her.  Tammy is relieved to know that she can just listen when Marina is around.  Marina is touched as the two girls bond.  So, what do you want to talk about?  They simultaneously say Ben.  Okay, on second thought, Tammy, why donít we talk about you?  Letís talk about your dad.  And donít worry! You donít have to be strong with me.  Now thereís a best friendship in the making.  Two thumbs up for Marina Cooper.

Beacon Hotel:  Cassie alone.  She picks up and looks at a copy of the newspaper with Richardís face on the front page.  Headline reads:  Arrest made in Princeís untimely death.

SFPD:  Reva is placed in her cell as Marah and Shayne sadly watch from outside.  Reva thanks her children for being there.  Marah doesnít think that they were much help to her, but Reva assures them that they were:  Just being there.  Even though I donít know if I believe what you did is right?", asks a still conflicted Marah.  Even then replies Reva.  The police officer regretfully informs Marah and Shayne that visiting hours are over.  Reva kisses Marah and Shayne on the cheek good night. 

Beacon/SFPD:  Screen divided half and half with Reva and Cassie.  Both sisters appear to be lost and longing for somethingÖ.may be there relationship back.

Hospital room: Rick gives Harley her reservations to Chicago.  He sarcastically adds, "Are you sure that you donít want me to add a haircut and coloring for you?"  Harley enlightens Rick that she is going to Chicago in hopes of finding some information that she can hold over Edenís head.  The two bicker about what is right and wrong.  Harley thinks that Rick should understand that she is doing this for her son, Zack, and she knows that he would do the same thing for Zack.  Rick counters that he would never hope to find himself in this kind of situation (Phillip, Gus, Eden).  Harley would never keep Rick from seeing Jude the way that Phillip is preventing her from seeing Zack..  Rick wants to know what he should tell Gus when he (Gus) returns.  Donít tell him anything.  On second thought tell him that I love him.  The two embrace and Harley gives Rick a kiss on the cheek before leaving for Chicago.

Company:  Gus is about to enter Company when a police officer shows up with Eden.  Eden claims, "This is police brutality." Gus tells the officer that he owes him one.  Correction, this little brunette of yours is a handful, you owe me six. Brother and sister donít appear to be so happy to be in each otherís company anymore.  They are squaring off and neither is backing down.  Gus has another solution.. Oh brother.  They are going to solve this disagreement the same way that they did when they were younger (whatever that means).  If Gus wins, Eden is going to go to Phillip and tell him everything and if Eden wins Gus has to DUMP HARLEY. Oh no.  Oh no.  Gus replies, if Eden wins, she (Eden) wonít have to worry about that because thatís going to happen anyway. " Come onÖ.Letís go" Gus demands loudly.  They exit.

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