Guiding Light Update Wednesday 8/21/02

By La'Homal

Opening Scene: Company.  Buzz is serving customers.  An excited Marina enters with bags in hands.  She has been shopping for some new "rags" for Frank.  She plans to turn her dad into a major babe, someone that women will practically throw themselves at him.  Wow, can’t wait to see those clothes.  An unsuspecting Frank comes downstairs and his daughter fills his hands with boxes and beckons him to follow her upstairs.  Watch out Frank.

Outside of Company:  Edmund approaches District Attorney Wolfe, who has just finished her meal and leaving, and introduces himself.  Edmund wants DA Wolfe to prosecute the Lewis case to the full extent of the law.  "That’s what I do, Mr. Winslow "replies DA Wolfe.  Edmund knows that DA Wolfe wants to further her career (political aspirations), and the Lewis case is just the case that could help her.  Think about it, "A prince, a ruler…Struck down in his prime.  A case like this can define a career.  Edmund has a sure fire way for DA Wolfe to win the case.  She’s hooked.  Tell me more.

Beacon Hotel:  Boxes are everywhere and Cassie is on the phone.  From the sounds of it, she is talking to a bill collector.  My husband just died and …Forget about it lady, we want our money.  A frustrated Cassie slams the phone down, "Fine. Fine, you’ll get your money."  Blake enters.  Blake is trying to convince Cassie to let bygones be bygones as far as her sister (Reva) is concerned.  Fat chance.  Cassie feels like she is in a bad dream.  How about that?  So, does your niece, Marah.  Blake enlightens a clueless Cassie that Reva has been arrested.

Jail:  Reva is behind bars.  Ross is present. "Reva, we have a lot to do before the hearing," he warns her.  Josh used her one phone call to try to contact Josh, who is still away on business (in Russia), but the phone lines were still busy, so she called Ross.  Ross suggests that she get Shayne and Marah down to the courthouse to present "united front."  Eva is strongly opposed to Ross involving Marah.  She’s (Marah) struggling.  Ross cell phone rings, "Changing judges. What do you mean changing judges?  They can’t do that this late in the game.  Apparently they can and they did.  Ross excuses himself as Marah enters.

Clinic Site:  Holy arrives looking for a friend (Ed).  Oh, is that what they are calling it these days?  Ed appears.  "Buzz is unnerved since you (Ed) returned to town", Holly states.  As he should be.  Look at you, drooling all over Ed.  The last thing that Ed wants is to complicate Holly’s life. Yeah, yeah, yeah.  Ed and Holly engage in small talk about the clinic…Ross donated the space.  "My Friend’s Couch (name of clinic) will be a place where people in need can go for free medical attention, counseling, or even a place to sleep.  Holly offers her help.  She wants to write a "feature article, anything to help.  Sky’s the limit."  Hmmm, is that right?  What exactly do you mean by "anything to help" and "sky’s is the limit?"  I’ll just bet you do and it is.  Ed hands Holly a screwdriver.  Hmmm, that’s not really what I was expecting Ed.

Inside Company: Marina returns from upstairs. Marina is convinced that Frank is going to look, "hip, stylish", but she needs Buzz’s help to convince Frank, who is still upstairs changing.  Frank comes down stairs wearing black leather pants, a striped (black and gray) shirt  and a pair of dark sunglasses.  Frank, sunglasses inside?  Whatever…

Outside Company:  Edmund provides DA Wolfe with the transcript of the hospital board’s proceedings.  How did you get your hands on this, Mr. Winslow?  It’s all there… every word…including Reva’s confession.  Edmund admits that although the information that DA Wolfe is holding in her hands will not be admissible in court, she shouldn’t have a problem getting a subpoena (for a copy of the hospital’s record).  DA Wolfe thinks that Edmund is out for some type of financial compensation (civil suit) not justice, but Edmund assures her that he only wants to see justice.  DA Wolfe only needs one thing, make that person…Richard’s widow, Cassie Winslow.  Darn Edmund, why dredge this up all over again. Don’t you think that Cassie has been through enough already?  Apparently not.  Edmund assures Wolfe that this could be just the boost that she needs to reach fame; he’s obviously the skilled manipulator.  Like a moth to the flame, I’m sure she’ll do what Edmund has asked.  When the cameras roll, she’ll be there with her hand on Cassie’s shoulder "consoling her."  You can bet on that.

Jail:  Reva is pleasantly surprised to see Marah there.  Marah was encouraged by a friend who told her, "Don’t turn your back on your loved one.  I do still love you, mom."  Marah gives Reva the paper with Cass Winthrop’s phone number on it.  Reva thanks Marah, but wants to know how she was able to get Cass’ phone number.  Reva looks at the paper again and sees Tony’s name.  She (Reva) knows how hard it must have been for Marah to go to Tony, given the fact that she is still in love with him, but Marah says that it is harder seeing her mom in jail.  Josh returns and wants to know if Marah will be staying.  "No", Reva does not want Marah to be involved considering the fact that she is sill harbors mixed emotions.  Okay, Reva, have it your way.  How are you going to plead?  Guilty or innocent?  Ross needs to know.

Beacon: I don’t think I heard you right, Blake?  Reva’s in jail?  Yes. Reva was at Richard’s gravesite when Edmund showed with the SF police and had Reva hauled off to jail.  The arraignment is this afternoon, and Edmund is out for blood.   Cassie is obviously struggling with this newfound bit of information.  It’s not like the charges are false, Blake, Reva killed my husband.  Blake tries to reach a still angry Cassie.  "Richard’s gone.  And you can’t get him back.  Do you want to lose your sister, too?  Good question, Blake.  I’d like to know the answer to that question myself.

Jail:  Reva informs Ross and Marah, "I was going to plead guilty because it’s the only way to end all of this without a trial or a bunch of publicity.  Only problem, I’m saying I was wrong."  What you wanna run that by me again, Reva? Reva claims that the only thing that was keeping Richard alive was the machines.  Marah asks, "But Mom if you could go back and you could do it again…Reva interrupts, "I would do the same thing.  I would do it for Richard.  After hearing this Marah wants more than ever to call Cass Winthrop, but Reva refuses.  Reva wants Ross. She is willing to put her life in his hands.

Beacon: Put yourself in Reva’s place.  A grieving Cassie cannot comply.  Blake admits that if it were her, she (Blake) thinks that she would have done the same thing.  No correction.  She (Blake) knows that she would have done the same thing. Cassie is in denial.  "No only Reva. Only Reva.  Reva took my husband away from me.  I didn’t even get to say good-bye.  Cassie’s anger is displaced.  She’s really angry ant Richard, but since he’s not around, the next logical choice is Reva.  Possibly?

Outside Company: New Frank…buff.  He’s trying another outfit.  Khaki pants.  Marina is just trying to help.  Buzz thinks that Holly is always busy with Ed and that there is competition between Ed and him.  Buzz is edgy.  Buzz manages to put Holly on the spot.  The pressure is getting to Holly.  Buzz feels like he must outdo Ed.  Buzz tells Frank that his comments are biased, but Frank says, "No, I’m a detective."  Which, I’m assuming is supposed to mean that he notices things about his father that he loves dearly that he would never hurt in a million years.  Yeah Frank you’re not biased at all.  Frank tells Buzz that he has a lot going for him such as being romantic and the infamous Cooper charm that women can’t seem to resist.  Frank suggests a bowling date, minus the attitude, with a dash of "finding common ground," so to speak.  Buzz is inspired.  This sounds like a recipe for success…By the by this "polo club" look is out of place on the rough-n-gruff "Biff" as Frank likes to call himself.  Marina, go back to the drawing board.

Clinic:  Boxes and clutter around the room as Ed and Harley are putting a bookshelf together.  Ed asks, "What on earth is a lug nut?"  Hmm, you really aren’t good with your hands, at least not in this aspect.  Holly exclaims, "That this is the reason why I’m not a surgical nurse."  Can’t take directions?  That sucks.  Holly and Ed’s conversation turns serious to the big "R" word.  You know, relationship.  Ed claims to be noticing "changes."  Can’t be more than friends right, are you kidding me?  Why not?

Beacon:  Blake apologizes to a weary-looking Cassie.  Blake says, "I’ve been worried about Reva and I know you are too."  Cassie claims to be, "Worried about everything right now."  I mean Reva is not the center of the universe, Blake.  Blake suggests that Cass takes the kids away from their current temporary residence.  Edmund enters, inquiring about their conversation.  Blake shuts him down—for Cassie, who didn’t ask for her help.  Edmund asks Cass to attend the hearing with him, "If she’s interested in the outcome."  Blake speaks once more, only to be shut down by Cassie who wants to appear to be in control of the downward spiral of her life.

Company: Buzz at the bar.  Frank in a shiny jacket.  "Hey Liberace, I’m out," jokes Buzz before his exit.  Marina appears with clothes in hand for Frank.  She wants him to be exited, but Frank appears to be annoyed somewhat.  In the leather coat, Frank could join the Santoses.  Just a thought.  Marina compares him to Michael Douglas exclaiming that he "looks like a million dollars."  Frank calls her his "little makeover artist."  Father and daughter are bonding.  Both Marina and Frank are impressed by the leather jacket.  She wants him to look like he has money.  Frank asks how she paid for this (I guess she jogged his memory); he asks how she paid, she replies "oh your credit card." Yeah that would’ve jogged my memory too.  Marina hands him the bill and Frank appears to be all but pleased.  He’s stunned.

Office:  "Hey, what do you think," asks Ed.  He’s obviously proud of his bookshelf.  Holly is stuck on the relationship thing.  She admits to scrutinizing Ed, who is leaning against the bookshelf.  Ed brings up her past like her drinking, something about a school bus full of kids.  Holly seems vulnerable almost.  The two connect and they share a kiss.  A passionate one.

Courthouse:  Reva looks nervous as Ross is preparing to depart.  Marah watches on.  "This hearing is running a little late, I’ll be right back," says Ross.  Marah notices her mother’s nervousness.  "What if you don’t make bail," asks Marah.  She asks some tough questions.  Reva would rather worry about that when the time comes.  Reva inquires about Cassie.  "She was so angry.  She wouldn’t listen to anything I had to say," says Reva.  "Are you ok," asks Marah.  Like any parent that cares for their children, Reva can’t seem to hold back the truth.  "You want the honest truth?  I’ve never been so scared in my whole life," says an emotionally drained Reva.

Beacon:  Edmund is preaching to Cassie, whom he obviously wants to make bitter.  "I know any suggestion I make will be greeted with a certain amount of suspicion," says Edmund.  He wants to drive the point home with Cassie who still wants to appear to be strong, but if Edmund is the dog that he appears to be then he can see through this facade.  Edmund seems to want to prey on Cassie’s emotions.  He wants Cassie to attend Reva’s hearing for justice or so he says.  "You deserve it."  Oh really Edmund or is this apart of some scheme?  Cassie is suspicious and who wouldn’t be she knows that Edmund and Richard weren’t the best of brothers.  "If he would’ve died any other way, at least it would’ve been God’s will and not Reva’s," says Edmund as he departs for Reva’s hearing.  Powerful words.  Blake enters and is going to Reva’s hearing.  "I’ll drive you," says Cassie.  Bulls-eye Edmund, looks like you reached your target.

Outside Company:  Frank and Marina.  "Are you trying to escape," jokes Marina.  She wants to win her dad a babe and she’s encouraging him, but he’s doubtful—like Buzz.  Heart to heart for dad and daughter.  Marina thinks mom is a gold digger, so she knows the whole story about her mom and she has formulated an opinion, but Frank is reminiscing and comparing Marina to her mother and Aunt Harley at the moment.  He finally decides that Marina is closer in comparison to Harley.  Marina’s moving forward.  "Enough of that," she says.  "You’re a great guy.  I really believe that there is someone out there for you."  Of course there is, right?

Office:  Ed and Holly after the kiss.  Buzz enters.  Ed and Holly rise from the floor simultaneously.  Holly scrambles for an excuse trying to explain herself.  Buzz seems unaffected.  Holly decides to leave with Buzz, rather quickly which leaves Ed red-faced.

Courthouse:  "I’ve just heard that we are next," says Ross.  Reva nervous.  Edmund enters and calls Reva murderer.  "You’re so hated in this town, I might just receive a little sympathy," says sharp tongued Reva.  "You’re right but I’m not the only who is here seeking justice," exclaims Edmund.  He is never the one to be outdone.  Guess who this justice seeker happens to be: Cassie Winslow!!  Reva looks saddened and surprised, sort of.  But, this could’ve been expected, if you ask me.

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