Guiding Light Update Tuesday 8/20/02

By La’Homal

Opening: Bauer House.  Michelle is standing in the doorway attempting to cool off with a glass of cold ice tea.  Danny comes down stairs and wonders why she has turned off the air conditioner (still stifling).  She admits it’s due to the brown outs around the city.  Danny wonders if she left their bed because of the heat…couldn’t sleep.  Faking it? "Only the sleeping part", Michelle says.  It seems that things are still awkward between the two.  Danny asks if he made everything go away.  "Not."  You tried to kill a man.  Did you really think that your holier than though wife would let you off the hook so easily?

Infierno/Danny’s Office: "Drinks you serve them here, right," asks Eden.  What do you think, lady?  Tony explains that they are closed because of all the "brownouts."  Observing the chemistry between Tony and Marah, "There’s plenty of electricity in here.  Having your own private party?" Eden comments before going to the bar.  Well, Gus your sister may not know about love, but she knows a good fireworks show when she sees one ( ;-) ).  Tony and Marah follow.  Eden is behind the bar preparing a glass of water or at least that’s what she says.  After which, she’ll "be outta there."  She’s got some nerve waltzing into someone else’s place of business, especially a Santos’place of business—Good thing Carmen wasn’t around, parading around like she owns the place.  Marah is set to leave but Tony stops her.  "Let me get that lawyer’s number for you.  It’ll just take a minute.  Don’t leave.  Please," a desperate Tony begs.  He exits leaving Marah alone with the she-devil, I mean Eden.  Eden offers Marah a drink.  "I can make anything," says Eden.  Hmm Hmm, I’m more than sure that you can.  And didn’t she say she wanted a glass of water, not a drink?  Talk about overstepping your boundaries.  Eden questions Marah about her boyfriend...  "No we’re not a couple," says Marah.  "Really?  I would’ve thought that you guys were all hot and heavy," replies Eden.  "Looks can be deceiving," exclaims Marah.  I gotta agree with you on that one, Eden.

Spaulding Mansion: A frustrated Phillip is on the phone talking to Beth (or at least leaving a message for her cell phone).  Phillip doesn’t know what is going on.  He has no idea of Beth’s location?  What should he tell the kids? " I don’t know a hell of a lot."  That’s funny.  I thought Mr. Phillip saw all, heard all, and knew all.  He sure thinks he knows everything when it comes to his ex-wife (Harley) and Gus’ alleged manslaughter.  "Wish you were here.  Call me," are the words Phillips utters as he plops down on a chair to conclude his message to Beth’s answering machine right as a startled Olivia appears.  Ha, you missed me.  Darn.  Maybe Phillip should try again, no such luck.  Phillip admits that he was not aiming at Olivia unless of course you were one of my ex wives.  Olivia’s thrilled not to be in that company.  She attempts to leave but Phillip beckons her to stay.  "I could use the company," says a down and out Phillip.  Your wish is my command Phillip.  Olivia is under this man’s spell.

Company: Buzz outsmarts the competitors and supplies his business with a private generator.  Marina is not too pleased about that.  Shayne enters and takes a seat at the counter.  Marina rambles, but Shayne’s thoughts are a million miles away (not really thinking of Reva).  The whole town knows about Reva’s role in Richard’s death at least they will tomorrow when the information is made public.  Marina tries to cheer her friend (Shayne) up.  "Can I do anything?" Marina asks.  Shayne just needs "some kind of clarity."  Ben Reade enters with Lizzie Spaulding and a friend.  Marina’s not happy.  Ben apologizes for hurting her feelings the other day and claims to be trying to make it up to her.  I have the perfect idea for a make up gift (of sorts)—she wants you Mr. Reade, give her a date and I’m sure she’ll forget all your past transgressions.  I’m assuming that you may be SOL, Mr. Reade because first you make plans with Marina, who you dump for teen dream Marah, who just so happens to be head over heels in love with Tony, for the upcoming Beacon Gala—and this is all on the same night!!! I’m sure they’re confused because I sure am.


Spaulding Mansion: Olivia is awfully close to a wife-beater clad Phillip, who has been drinking, and who is now offering Olivia a drink as well.  "Come closer or do I have to throw it," Mr. Spaulding asks.  I’ve never seen Phillip drink beer before, but according to him, "It’s a beer kind of night."  We’ll see what Alan thinks about that.  Phillip informs Olivia that Alan is still in Chicago on business, so she’s going to have to wait until tomorrow morning to find out how Alan is going to respond.  Oh really Lizzie spending the night with a friend, the boys are down in the pool house with Thomas and the air conditioning, then you have Alan who is out of town.  Beth is off chasing the unknown.  Hmm, this maybe the perfect chance for Olivia to put the moves on Phillip.  Olivia finds a CD that Lizzie downloaded from the internet for her parents.  Phillip claims that he is not that old.  "Wasn’t it like a day and a half ago when I was in high school?  I had my whole life ahead," says a self-pitying Phillip.  Keep dreaming Phillip.

Bauer House: Michelle is putting up a welcome home sign for Rick.  Danny is helping out.  The two come back to their previous discussion…Edmund.  Danny promises that things are going be different but Michelle is not buying it.  "Wanting to kill Edmund isn’t something different Danny.  It’s the same Santos problem solving technique," she says.  Michelle doesn’t want to go through this again (or so she says).  Danny you were wrong, just accept it, because your "perfect" wife has already condemned you.  Danny admits that he would do anything to protect his family.  Killing is not something that he doesn’t take casually or lightly.  "Michelle, if you don’t know this by now just…forget it.  "I’m going to the club.  Don’t’ wait up for me," he says.  Danny exits.  Michelle rips the welcome home sign down.

Infierno:  Tony returns.  He informs Marah that Cass Winthrop has agreed to represent Reva.  Although Cass has some other cases, he will drop everything and run to Reva’s rescue.  All Marah has to do is call and mention Tony’s name.  Tony gives Marah the paper with Cass’ number on it.  Their hands touch.  They stop and stare deeply into each others eyes.  Tony tells Marah that if she ever needs anything she knows that she can call him.  "I know," she says as she exits.  Tony watches—longing for Marah.  Tony diverts his attentions to Eden.  That’s water huh?  Well, it will be once the ice melts, that is.  Eden comments that Marah is way too young for Tony…or maybe Tony is still a child.  She tries flirting with Tony.  Give it up Eden.  What’s Love Got to Do With It and if it did you wouldn’t know anything about it (ask your brother, Gus), so don’t waste your time flirting, Eden.  Tony only has eyes for Marah Lewis.

Company: Ben is still at the counter talking to Marina.  You thought that you could make it up to me by bringing country club girls in here to watch me bus tables.  Ben thought Marina could use some friends.  Lizzie’s friend is talking loudly, "My dad told me that Shayne’s mom killed that Prince guy."  Look out here comes Marina.  "Put a sock in it.  Shayne is still sitting at the counter and Ben Reade is impressed." "…He came in here to have a nice meal, not to feed your appetite for trashy gossip."  That’s telling them Marina.  Give that young lady a round of applause.

Spaulding mansion: Phillip and Olivia listen to Lizzie’s CD.  The two begin to dance to Lionel Ritchie’s "Hello."  Olivia seems to be enjoying this a lot more than Phillip.  Phillip tells Olivia how he and Beth became involved…prom night when they were elected queen and king.  They were nuts about each other before, but she (Beth) was Rick’s girl.  That is until Phillip stabbed his best friend in the back and stole his girl.  Phillip seems to be drifting back to that time while he is holding Olivia close.  Uh oh, Alan’s back and he does not like what he sees.

Company: One more crack about Shayne or his mom and you are out of here.  "I thought waitresses were supposed to take orders not give ‘em" Miss Junior High society continues with her snotty remarks.  Marina grabs her by the arm.  Alright that’s enough you have no manners, no clue, so you get no service o.k.?  Marina is pointing to the door now, "Leave. Out." "Bye-bye."  Shayne goes over to thank Marina, who reminds him of his mom sometime.  Ben Reade returns to the table where Shayne and Marina are sitting.  "Aren’t you a little spit fire?" Yeah, well, Ben, you’ll never know because you missed your chance.  Ben asks if she’s done with him.  As Marina attempts to walk away, Ben stands close to her.  "So, if I were to rearrange my plans and ask you to the Beacon Dance, you’d shoot me down?"  Stop torturing that girl, Ben.  You know she wants to go with you. Alright, Shayne, it’s your turn to rescue Marina.  You’re too late Reade; Marina is going to the dance with Shayne.  Marah, who quickly gets Ben’s attention, leaves.  Marina is left feeling like second best again…if that.

Infierno: Eden is rushing to finish her drink.  Eden goes in to her purse to find her wallet, but is unable to find her wallet, which unbeknownst to her Brother Gus has.  "Can I write you an IOU or work it off," she asks.  Uh no…I like Tony’s response though, "No but there is a stair master over there in the corner"—pointing to the stairs that lead to Infierno’s exit.  Eden leaves from behind the corner.  Pointing at Tony, "You are so gone on that blonde."  "Don’t talk about her," Tony says.  Eden and Tony introduce themselves.  Tony enlightens a surprised Eden, who has been making wise cracks about Tony getting in trouble with the boss, by telling her that he is the boss.  "It’s my family’s business and I manage it."  As the two continue their "small talk," Danny enters.  "What’s going on?  I thought I told you to close up?"  "Just giving the lady a night cap", Tony says.  Eden introduces herself to Danny…Danny Santos.  This can’t be happening.  Eden resumes her conversation with big brother Gus, who delivers the blow that he is through with this vendetta against the Santoses.  Eden doesn’t look like she has.  I think this girl is going to be TROUBLE.  Tony, leaning over Eden’s shoulder, tells her "You should leave.  The drink will be on the house.  Eden walks up to the stairway, and turns to take one final look around before exiting.

Spaulding mansion: Alan leaves before being spotted by Phillip and Olivia who are just finishing their dance.  Olivia seems to have been caught up in the moment.  Phillip thanks Olivia for her company.  He thinks that Olivia is reading more into what they are but Phillip wants Beth.  Olivia tries to play it off saying that she is taken too.  Phillip exits to go "check on the boys."

Company: Marah and Shayne are sharing a booth.  Shayne was still unable to get in touch with Josh, who is in Russia on business. News of Reva’s role in Richard’s death is going to be all over the media soon.  Neither of them have seen Reva since the hearing.  They don’t seem to be alarmed.  Marah informs Shayne that she got Cass Winthrop to represent Reva.  "He’s a real shark and he doesn’t care whether you’re guilty or innocent."  Meanwhile, Ben is sitting at the counter and can’t take his eyes off of Marah.  Clearing her throat to gain Ben’s attention, Marina, informs Ben that "We don’t have bib’s here, so if you drool over yourself, you’re going to have to wear that shirt."  Nice one Marina.  Ben can’t figure out why Marina cares so much about who he looks at.  "You’re done with me and besides you’re going to the Beacon dance with Shayne, right?"  Hold on, do I detect a bit of jealousy Mr. Read?  Ben goes over to Marah to offer his help, but she doesn’t need it.  Although Marah doesn’t feel like it, she is still going to attend the Beacon gala with Ben to show her support for Cassie.  Marina watches sadly.  Shayne goes over to the counter and tells Marina that she really doesn’t have to accompany him to the Beacon gala if she doesn’t want to.  "I just did that to help you bust Ben, but Marina wants to go with him!"

Infierno: "So, you’re going to spend the night here or what," asks Tony.  Danny’s not so sure.  He just had to get away.  Someone’s at the secret passageway.  Oh great, it’s Michelle and she has Robbie with her.  Tony is excited to see his God-son and offers to watch him while she and Danny talk, but it’s obvious that she doesn’t want the baby near any of them stating that Robbie needs to be there while she talks to Danny.  She doesn’t want Robbie to grow up facing the same choices that Danny has.  Michelle tells Danny that no matter how much she loves him (Danny) she has to love Robbie more.  Michelle and Danny are both tearful.  If Danny loves them (Michelle and Robbie), he will let them go.  Michelle picks up Robbie and exits.  A hurt Danny calls, "Michelle."  I say let her go, Danny.  Good riddance.  You’re much better off without that self righteous hypocrite.

Spaulding mansion:  Alan is in office having a "stiff drink" after seeing Phillip and Olivia dancing together, and looking at a picture of him (Alan) with Olivia and a picture of Phillip.  Both, of which, are situated on Alan’s desk.  Olivia receives a fax from Michael informing her that Lorelei’s diary will be hitting the shelves tomorrow.  Olivia, pleased with her little coo, walks over and plays Lionel Ritchie’s "Hello" again.  She is dancing alone when Phillip walks pass and observes her secretly from the hallway. 

"Hello" continues to play in the background. 

At Company:  Shayne stares at Marina who is staring at Ben who goes outside to stare at Marah.  Marah takes the paper that Tony gave her with Cass Winthrop’s phone number on it and traces Tony’s name with her finger.

At Infierno (bar area):  Tony is alone and obviously thinking of Marah.

Scene continues to alternate back and forth between Danny and Michelle, who are both thinking about and longing for each other. 

Everyone appears alone and sad at the closing of today’s episode.

Stay tuned…

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