Guiding Light Update Monday 8/19/02

By La'Homal

Opening:  Inside Company.  Buzz, Frank, Marina, and Eden are at the counter.  Frank’s eyes are glued on Eden while Buzz has managed to bore the poor lad to death with pictures of various double decker buses. C’mon Buzz, at least show the girl some pictures of some available Springfield hottie.  The poor tortured soul quickly jumps behind the counter and volunteers to clear tables, do dishes, whatever, if Buzz would just spare her of the double decker bus pictures.  Eden is convinced…This is hell.  Eden walks over and takes a seat in one of the booths.  Marina follows.  Eden is in desperate need of a smoke and Marina agrees.  She (Marina) was just about to ask her (Eden) for one (a smoke).  Are you kidding me little girl?  Not in this life time, especially "with daddy pie" over here?  He’ll probably make me read his science report." Forget about it. Harley, who has now walked over to where Eden and Marina are sitting,  is happy to see the two (Eden and Marah) getting along so well, but right now, Eden dear, you are going to help me get my child back from my control-freak ex.

At the lighthouse:  Marah is alone and very lost.  She is remembering times with Tony.  He was so sweet.  He was willing to wait to be with her. For her first time, she shouldn’t even be in this town.  "You gotta be under a waterfall in like Hawaii… or some beautiful tropical rainforest,… somewhere where there is magic, not that you’re not magic all on your own… because you are."  Marah, then, has a vision of her and Romeo; the night that she gave her self to him.   Marah, girl, what in the heck were you thinking?  Oh yeah, I forgot, you clearly weren’t thinking that night. Next, she flashes back to when Tony found out about her little fling with Romeo and in his office no less.  How could you Marah?  Tony is out of control and ripping Marah’s clothes off as she pleads with him, "Stop. Tony, you’re hurting me.  Stop." Next stop, a "baring all" (not really, just his toned chest and abs) Tony is on the beach.  He wants to know why Marah was jealous when she saw him on the beach with Marina Cooper.

Infierno (Danny’s office):  Tony is looking through a file and Danny is obviously on the phone with a business associate who is concerned that loan payments are not being made in a timely manner (Cassie Winslow, probably).  Danny assures the party on the other end of the line that all payments will be brought up to date by the end of the week.  "If anything goes wrong, I will personally make it right.  Is that fair enough?"  Afterwards the two cousins have a heart to heart.  Tony thinks that fear equals respect, but Danny quickly brings his younger cousin up to speed. "Being here (in the mob), doing this is not about respect.  This is just what we know.  Maybe it is all that we know.  You tell me, what’s the price we pay for doing this?"  Tony is forced to remember that his lifestyle is what tore him and Marah apart, but he tries to convince himself that "it was just some nutty dream" that he had.  It would never have worked out for the two of them, not the way that things have worked out for Danny and Michelle.

Bauer kitchen:  Michelle is vigorously cleaning (obviously trying to forget her latest discussion with husband, Danny), "I would kill for you."  Ed enters.  He quickly brings Michelle up to par on the hospital board’s findings (Mel and Lillian have both been suspended, but he thinks Michelle is safe) while still observing his daughter’s odd behavior.  Michelle admits that she has decided that she is going to quit the PA program.  Ed urges Michelle not to make such an important decision when it is obvious how much stress she is under right now, but Michelle just wants to concentrate on helping her brother get well.  Michelle continues to ramble, so a concerned Ed finally asks the big question (No, not that one.  Michelle is his daughter for Pete’s sake).  This one:  Did you talk to Danny again about the video? What did he say?  "Not a whole lot, just that he would kill for me."

Rick’s hospital room:  Phillip is visiting his friend, Rick and helping get ready to leave the hospital.  Rick informs an "I thought I knew everything" Phillip that it was Reva who turned off Richard’s life support.  Richard was in a great deal of pain that could not be alleviated by medication.  Reva’s fate now lies in Cassie’s hands.  Reva could be looking at a very long jail time if Cassie decides to press charges.  Rick admits to Phillip that he feels that he is obligated to look over/protect Richard’s family.  What?  He’s now Prince Rick?  Phillip diverts Rick’s attention from all the bad news surrounding Richard’s death by telling him that he should be focusing on his second chance (at life).  Rick agrees.  They both should.  I sure hope that Rick is not referring to bipolar Beth. 

Inside Company:  Springfield is stifling. Gus is walking around in a half open shirt with tie undone.   Harley is practically demanding Eden to tell Phillip the truth about pushing the guy off the roof (the one that Gus took the blame for) so that she (Beth) can get her child back.  Beth exits to call Phillip.  Gus and Eden sit and have a heart to heart.  Eden has no idea what Gus sees in Harley.  Eden attempts to lay a guilt trip on Gus for walking out of her life.  She missed him.  She had no family, no one.  The only thing that kept her going was the thought of Nicky (Gus) going after the Santos family and making them pays for their father’s death.  Oh, Eden, are you in for a surprise?  Here goes.  "I have given up living a life of revenge, Eden." What?  What did you just say? I don’t think I heard you correctly.   Oh you heard him alright. There are no more vendettas, sweet cakes.  Little sis is obviously ticked.

Infierno (Danny’s office):  Tony is curious, "Danny, are you and Michelle having problems?"  Same ole, same ole.  Danny reminds Tony how he fell in love with Michelle.  Danny tried to change who he was for Michelle’s sake.  He even tried to make the family business legit, but its Danny’s last name that causes the most problems for them.   Tony quickly reminds him that he almost got killed while trying to go legit.  This is old news.  Danny is a Santos and no matter how hard he tries, he will not be able to change that.  Tony tries to comfort his cousin telling him that the two of them have always been able to work out their (Danny and Michelle) differences.  What changed?  The same thing that happened to you.  You just don’t know about it yet.  C-A-R-M-E-N. "Carmen gave Michelle a videotape of me threatening Edmund the night that I took him to the warehouse."  Michelle may believe in tough love, but for some reason she can’t seem to rise above murder or accept a husband who sees murder as a problem solver.  That is unless it was going to save a member of her family’s life, like say Rick, for instance.  Enough double standards already.  Tony wants to believe that the couple will somehow get past this.  Danny was just trying to protect his family.  "Do you think that Michelle will be able to accept you for who you are?" Maybe that’s the problem.  Now Michelle knows exactly who I am.  Danny exits.  Tony is left alone where he sits on a crate placed in the doorway.  He appears to be lost in thought.  Maybe he thinks that if things are going this badly for Danny and Michelle, maybe he and Marah really don’t have a chance after all.

Rick’s hospital room:  Oops, I was wrong. "What’s bothering you," asks an inquiring Rick.  Rick is definitely referring to Beth (who’s jetted off to Mexico on some wild goose chase).  Phillip is upset that Beth is still on this "Lorelei quest."  Phillip doesn’t even know where she is at this very moment.  Not to mention the fact that Harley is still pining for Arturo.  Is Phillip jealous or concerned?  Phillip says that Gus is "doing a far better thing than he has ever done before."  Rick is intrigued.  Phillip’s phone rings—its Harley, who says "meet me at Company."   Phillip wants to discuss Zack.  Phillip has decided that since Gus is gone, Harley can have Zack back (sort of).  Harley implores Phillip to come over.

Company: Eden argues with Gus.  Revenge is on her mind.  Eden is selfish; "screw the little brat (Harley’s son)" is her reply to her brother’s request that she help his love interest.  Eden is spurned and Gus is changed.  Sorry Eden you lose.  Gus claims to know about love and attributes his "change" to that fact; he also reminds Eden that she knows nothing about love but will someday.  Aww how sweet, Not really…  "Maybe you’ll know one day," Gus says to his unloved sister.  Obviously, that day isn’t today.

Lighthouse: Marah is teary eyed and talking to Father Ray.  "You told me you were ok," Ray says.  She isn’t.  Her uncles dead, Aunt Cassies gone, and she’s still in love with Tony despite all her attempts to leave him in her recent past.  Ray tries to console her and tells her to "learn how to deal."

Bauer House: Michelle is with her father, who is trying to show her that her husband isn’t as evil as she makes him out to be.  Michelle is in turmoil.  "I thought he was the sweetest guy," she says.  Ed talks.  Wonder if she listens?  Danny enters.  "Hot one isn’t it," Danny says.  Yep in more ways than one.  Good icebreaker—weather talk.  Ed wants to take Robbie to the lighthouse.  Michelle says, "No."  She doesn’t want alone time with Danny.  He tries looking into her eyes.  Fat chance!  Ed exits.  Danny says, "Remember fun?"  No, she doesn’t, but remember prude, of course she does how she could forget.  Danny talks, Michelle tears.  "When you look at me and I look into your eyes nothing else matters, says a mushy Danny.  Michelle is moved and follows with what is probably one of the sappiest lines ever heard on daytime television.  "Make love to me, sweet love to me Danny—make it all go away, "Michelle says.  Ah Please, sex is not the answer to all your problems, sweetheart, trust me.  Gag me please…

Lighthouse: Marah with Ray and Ed, who just came in with young Robbie.  Ed tells Marah of their plans for a sort of "comfort zone" for troubled persons.  Marah is all for it.  "I wish you guys were open new, I’d be there," says a shaken Marah.  She’s upset with Reva because she killed Richard and Cassie didn’t get to say goodbye.  Ed offers more comfort getting an early start I see.

Company:  Harley with her love, Gus, and brother, Frank.  "Phillip should be here in any minute," Harley says.  Franks thinks that Gus should skid addle.  Phillip enters, rolling up sleeves, "this is what you want me to see," he says.  Harley interjects, while Phillip interrupts.  "Thought we had a deal, I thought we had a deal," an enraged Phillip shouts at Gus.  Gus knows, so does Frank, but Harley is confused.  Phillip is glad to explain—Gus was supposed to leave town, actually he was paid to leave town, so that Harley could have Zack back.  But our Good Samaritan (Gus) "gave the money to a little nun in Chicago."  That’s sweet.  Harley is losing trust in everyone.  She says, "I don’t trust you, you, or you."  Get a grip, drama queen.  Phillip is keeping Zack, so ninja Harley just ends up losing on all areas of the playing field.  Gus shouts to an exiting Phillip, "hate me all you want, hate me." Um yeah he’s doing that already, so much for giving him new privileges.  Phillip is concerned with Zack.  Harley is frantic, "30 seconds let me get Eden"—who’s left.  Harley is frantic and Phillip is leaving.  Harley begs, "Please, please."  Phillip leaves.

Infierno:  Closing time.  Tony says, "Sorry guys Infierno’s closing. You’ve got to go."  Guys?  There’s only like three people in the whole place.  Tony goes back to the office and switches on the radio.  Marah appears.  "Hey," says Tony.  Awkward moment.  Marah approaches Tony wanting to know how to contact Cass Winthrop, a top notch attorney (that’s right better than Ross Marler).  Tony listens to Marah discuss her family’s problems.  "I just, I don’t understand how these things happen.  It’s like you’re stuck in this really bad dream and it just won’t stop and it hurts.  God it hurts so much," says Marah.  Whoa Marah are we talking about Reva or are we talking about Tony?  Tony listens, intently.  "Your family is supposed to be the killers," says a grief-stricken Marah.  Oh how nice, what a polite way to ask for someone’s help.  A concerned Tony looks at her as if he wants to reach out to her in some way.  He just doesn’t know how…

Hospital:  Rick is getting ready to leave as Tammy enters.  "You’re lucky, my dad…," says Tammy as she tears up.  Rick comforts a devastated Tammy.  They lost it all.  "Reva stole my dad’s heart," interjects Tammy.  Rick resumes his role as comforter and defends Reva (somewhat).  Rick offers friendship.  Does Tammy want to be friends?  "I guess," she says.

Outside Company:  Harley and Gus.  Harley’s worried, but Gus tries to offer some solace.  "Eden’s not gone, gone, she’ll be back.  I took her wallet," says Gus.  Harley isn’t too impressed.  "We’re supposed to be a team," he says.  "Sorry that slipped my mind," says a distraught Harley.  Gus pulls out all the stops.  He rambles—"I love you, I’m sorry…"  But Harley isn’t moved, she’s upset.  Gus "is trouble or a big ‘glitch’," she concludes.  Gus, you lose.  Game over.

Infierno: Tony says, "I hate for you to have to go through this," to a visibly upset Marah.  He’s comforting Marah as the lights flicker from the brown out.  Marah says, "My own personal brown out."  "I miss you," says Tony.  Marah says, "Don’t" (taking notes from Michelle...I see...).  He goes on to say, "I want you to have a good life."  Marah asks, "What kind of life do you want?"  For Tony it doesn’t matter.  Is Tony hinting at things to come?  Eden enters.  "What do you have to do to get a drink around here," she rudely asks.  I can tell you what you can do, but it doesn’t involve a drink at Infierno.  I could’ve sworn that place was CLOSED, but I forget that reading is so passé.

Bedroom: Danny embraces Michelle after "he made everything go away."  Puh-lease!  More sweet words follow as Danny is reduced to tears—maybe it’s Michelle, naw maybe it’s not.  Michelle is tearing up and looking sappy as usual.  Danny says, "There’s nothing else in the world except us, that’s how it’s always been Michelle."  Sorry to burst his bubble but not this time.

Stay Tuned….

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