Guiding Light Update Friday 8/16/02

By LaíHomal

Opening: Company.  The gruesome threesome (Gus, Harley, and Eden) have returned from Chicago.  Eden and Harley are obviously still at odds and Gus, feeling as though he is caught between his sister and the woman that he loves, tries to calm the two womenís differences. Eden wants her freedom (still handcuffed to Harley).  Instead, Harley introduces Eden to her big brother, Frank, who surprise, surprise just so happens to hold the key to the "handcuffs that bind." Gus receives a call from the station.  Exiting, he tells the two women to "play nice." Frank provides Harley with the key to the handcuffs, but Harley is  a little hesitant about releasing the only person that can help her get her son back from Phillip.  Eden apparently knows how to turn on the charm, not just with Big Brother Gus, but with Harley as well as she convinces an unsuspecting Harley to give her the keys to the handcuffs.  "Gotcha sucker."  After freeing herself from Harley, Eden handcuffs Harley to a chair.  "Donít you ever do that to me again", Eden exclaims as she exits, but not before dropping the key to the handcuffs into her blouse.

Millennium:  Claire is back in town and making a house call to a distressed Carmen (I guess thereís a first time for every thing) who fears that she has been poisoned.  (Pardon me, did we hear the untouchable Carmen Santos correctly?)  She thinks that she may have been poisoned, but by whom? Danny?  Michelle?  None of the aboveÖEdmund Winslow.  Claire informs a very worried Carmen that she is unable to help her if she does not have the antidote, but not before informing her that the person who pulled the plug on Richardís life support system has stepped forward.  Who? Who? Who? Donít tell me? Let me guess. Rickís wife, Mel?  DingÖWrong.  The Sanctimonious Dr. Ed Bauer?  DingÖWrong again.  Oh, Iíve got it.  Iíve got itÖ little Mrs. Perfect, herself, Michelle?  Ding.  Wrong again.  Carmen is not too good at playing the guessing game.  Claire, give her a clue.  R-E-V-A.  Carmen is rocked by this information, "No way."  In walks Edmond, holding a vial in hand that obviously contains the antidote.  Hmmmm, this tidbit of information could not have come at a better time.  Carmen anxiously asks Edmund if that is the antidote.  Carmen is desperate to get her hands on it, but Edmund is not in a giving mood.  Time to play letís make a deal. I have information about your brotherís death, Carmen happily announces.

At the hospital:  Dr. Grant is still in the inquisition room with Cassie and Reva.  He informs Cassie that the hospital has all done all that they can do.  This is now a family affair and it is up to Cassie to decide if she wants to take further measures (have Reva prosecuted).  Cassie announces that she just wanted a public record of the circumstances surrounding her husband death.  It was the acts of a selfish, thoughtless person who cheated her those final moments with her husband.  The last face that Richard saw was not that of his loving wife.  Dr. Grant exits and the sisters square off. However, the two sisters do seem to agree on one thing:  Richard was a noble, protective man/ husband, but Reva unplugging Richardís life support was still not her (Revaí) call. Reva claims that Richardís greatest wish was to spare Cassie pain.  How could she (Reva) take that away from here?  Oh, I see.  "So, you took him away from me instead?"  (Now, Cassie, that was cold).

Infierno: Carmen informs Edmund if he gives her the antidote, then she will give him the name of the person who killed Richard, and help him to get a nice financial settlement.  Try again, Carmen, Edmund does not seem to be impressed.  Itís not a Bauer.  Itís someone that Edmund would least expect, but would love to exact his revenge on.  However, if Edmund wants to wait days or maybe even weeks before the hospital board makes its findings public, itíll keep.  Alright, Alright, Alright, Iíll bite.

Inside Company:  Harley is furious and is ready to kill Eden for handcuffing her to a chair.  Next, sheís going to kill Phillip if he doesnít return her son soon.  Meanwhile, Frank is working diligently with a saw to free his sister from the chair. 

Infierno:  Edmund questions Claire as to whether or not Carmen really does know the culprit who ended his brotherís life.  Yeah, sure.  For once in Carmenís life, sheís actually telling the truth.  Claire has had enough watching these two indulge in their twisted love/hate game and decides to exit.  Oh, and by the way, Carmen if you do need medical attention, call 911, not Claire Ramsey.  Name?  Antidote?  Name?  Antidote?  How about a compromise?

Hospital Inquisition room:  Reva informs Cassie to do whatever she feels she needs to for them to get past what has happened.  Forget about Reva; itís not going to happen.  What to do, Cassie?  What to do?  "Whatever you decide, Iím sure I will hear about it?" Reva says as she exits leaving a tearful Cassie alone.

Hallway/ Outside Inquisition Room:  Reva smiles; she is happy to see Marah still waiting.  Wipe that smile off your face Reva, because your daughter doesnít look so happy to see you and you are probably are not going to like what she has to say.  Reva apologizes to Marah that she had to hear what was said in the inquisition room and wants to know what Marah is thinking.  Cassie exits the inquisition room and Marah offers her a lift.  Cassie thanks her, but tells her that she needs to go somewhere.  Mother and daughter continue their conversation.  Are you disappointed?  Shocked?  (Here goes.)  Not only am I disappointed mother dear, but for the first time in my life, Iím ashamed of you.  (Twist that stake in your motherís heart, Marah, why donít you?).  Marah tells her mother that all her stunts in the past like driving off the bridge and running away to San Cristobel were wild and impulsive, but they were all things that she could take back, but not this time.  An upset Marah tells Reva, "Your instinct/ gut stinks, Mom, and it is time for you to stop relying on them."  Reva claims that some good did come out of all of this:  Marah is becoming more and more like her dad every day unlike her mom who "does not look before she leaps." A teary eyed Reva claims "my instinct/gut has brought me some of the greatest joys of my life and some of the greatest sorrows, like now, but she never meant to hurt anyone."  Marah counters, "You never do."  Reva needs to get out of there and asks Marah if she is coming and she (Marah) shakes her head, "no."  Reva exits as Marah enters the hospital inquisition room where the hospital proceedings/ findings are laying openly on the table.

Infierno:  Edmund and Carmen are both holding on to the antidote for dear life.  If I tell you who it was that killed your brother, then will you let go of the antidote.  You can give it your best shot.  It was Reva.  Did you get that?  It was Reva.  Edmund is floored.  He cannot believe his ears.  He is angry and out for "revenge that the likes of Springfield have never seen before." He allows Carmen to have the antidote and she quickly gulps it down.  Carmen wants to know if the antidote that she drank, "Is this all that I need?"  Edmund is on his way over to the hospital when Carmen realizes that Edmund "never did poison her"  "Maybe I just did" Edmund replies as he makes his exit.

Inside Company:  Harley is furious with Eden.  She is screaming at the top of her lungs.  Never mind that they have customers in the restaurant.  Marina is getting a kick out of the thought of an upcoming cat fight between her Aunt Harley and Gusí sister, Eden.  Harley and Frank play tug-of-war over the board (from the chair) that Harley has now been released from as she prepares to face off with Eden.

Outside Company:  Gus is explaining to his sister how much he loves Harley, but she just canít see Nicky falling in love.  Whoa, here comes trouble.  Harley approaches Eden.  She appears very apologetic, but looks can be deceiving.  Harley grabs Edenís arm and twists it behind her back.  Gus instructs the two women to break it up.  Gus has to hold Eden back.  The women verbally taunt each other.  Gus has had enough, and decides to take matters into his own had.  Gus, with water hose is had, instructs "Cooper, back away from the sister."  Harley is all smiles as Eden turns around just in time to get "cooled off" by Gus. 

Inside Company:  Marina turns her attention to her dad (Frank), questioning him about his love life.  Marina is about to turn her dad into a "babe magnet."  Letís see some "hipper clothes, different hair cut."  And what will Marina be doing while her dad is out on a date?  Chasing Ben Reade, but not if Daddy has anything to say about it.  Give it up already, Marina.  "Heís too old for you and thatís that."

Inside the Inquisition Room:  Marah is reading the hospitalís report when Edmund bursts through the door.  Am I too late?  "Yes, yes, youíre too late.  Itís over."  Edmund wants to know the boardís findings, but when Marah tells him that she doesnít know, Edmund asks her what itís like to be the daughter of murderess.  Marah defends her motherís actions telling Edmund, "My mother was just trying to end Richardís suffering.  Edmund notices the papers in Marahís hands and snatches them out of her hand.  He skims the papers briefly before deciding that the board is trying to sweep the matter under the rug.  Marah tells Edmund that at least her mother cared enough to help him (Richard).  Edmund claims that he, too, loved his brother, now more than ever.  "Perfect timing" Marah retorts as she exits.

Richardís gravesite:  Cassie is kneeling beside her deceased husbandís grave and talking to him.  She wishes that she had just five more minutes alone with him to touch his cheek, see I love you in his eyes.  She would have done anything that he asked.  "Why didnít he ask her (to end his suffering)?  Reva arrives at Richardís gravesite as well, Cassie turns and stares hard at her.

Outside of Company:  Gus tells his sister to cool down.  Instead of being angry at her brother for drenching her, Eden and Gus share an intimate embrace.  Buzz introduces himself to Eden, who desperately wants to leave. Marina questions her about her availability as she and Frank steal a few peeks at each other.  Can we expect an Eden/Frank match up here?  Buzz grabs a dry blanket to cover Eden and coaxes her to go back into going back inside Company for a nice, home cooked meal?  Harley is ticked off that Gus is resorting to some childhood technique to get a handle on his sister when getting her son back is a stake.  Harley calls Eden the enemy.

Infierno:  Carmen is at the bar enjoying a brandy when Marah arrives looking around.  She notices Carmen and immediately turns to leave, but we all know Carmen, "Ahhhh, come on, donít leave on my account, little girl?  Are you looking for someone?" Yeah, is Michelle around?  (Yeah right.  How about Tony). Carmen invites Marah to a little girl talk.  She tells Marah that she admires her mother for what she did.  "It was very brave, very loving."  Marah tells Carmen that thatís ironic coming from her seeing how she doesnít have a problem putting people out of their misery.  Marah exits.

Richardís grave site:  Reva apologizes for interrupting Cassie telling her that she did not see her car.  Cassie walks over to Reva telling her to wait.  Cassie explains to Reva that she didnít ask Marah to accompany her to the inquisition.  She would never try to turn her daughter against her, no matter how angry she (Cassie) was with her (Reva).   Reva admits that she is Marah against her (Reva) all on her (Reva) own.  Cassie exits to go be with her children.  Reva goes and kneels beside Richardís grave.  She tells him, "Together we have made such a mess of things."  Edmund tracks Reva down at Richardís grave site and refers to her as a hypocrite and a murderer, yet he is not alone.  He has the Springfield police with him place and Richard is pleased to help the police officers read Reva her rights as they put her in handcuffs.  Initially, Reva is tearful, but then stares coldly at Edmund before the show comes to an end.

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