Guiding Light Update Thursday 8/15/02

By La’Homal & Dimitri

Opening: Spaulding Mansion Scene: Den

Olivia is questioning Phillip regarding their kiss.  While aimlessly walking around the room, Phillip comes across the diary of Beth/Lorelei.  Olivia says, "Let it go, let it go."  Phillip insists upon reading it.  Olivia concerned, "Let it go—it’s just hallucinations."  Phillip disregards her as usual and proceeds to look at the diary concluding that Beth is somewhere pursuing Bill.

Bill is at the cabin making repairs, while Ben is at Company.  The two are having a telephone conversation.  Ben jokes about Bill’s marriage at one point by calling him "hubby" however Bill doesn’t appear to be in a joking mood.  Knock knock… Bill goes to the answer the door and surprise it’s Beth, looking puzzled.

The Hospital/Reva’s Hearing: Reva asks Cassie if she "really wants to go through with this."  Cassie reminds her that she was the one who "asked Dr. Grant to get it all out in the open."  Reva tries to convince Cassie to back down, but it’s a no go.  Marah tells Reva that Cassie is "tired of being protected" by her.  Ouch.

The presiding officer calls the hearing to order.  Lillian is the first to take the stand and appears to be shaken during her testimony.  Next is Mel, who attests to the fact that she didn’t report the disconnection of Richard’s life support per hospital protocol.  Verdict: Lillian and Mel are suspended until further notice for not adhering to the principals and values that represent their respective hospital.  Next witness…Ed Bauer.

Ben Reeves is still at the diner, but now talking to Holly.  They are interrupted by Buzz, who has just returned from his trip to England.  Buzz chats up the two, but mainly Ben, who he kids about being the object of Marina’s affections.  "I’m innocent, regardless of what she’s told you," Ben replies.  Ben’s beeper goes off (I guess you could say he was saved by the beep), so he exits.  Buzz sits down to flirt with Holly (are we surprised…) "Where do I stand," he asks.  Holly coyly brushes him off, proclaiming that he’s "exaggerating" as usual.  This is after Buzz claims to be left in the cold, AGAIN.

Bill talks with Beth wondering how she got there.  Beth has questions about her vision of being at the mission with him as Lorelei.  Bill says that they made out and had drinks—that’s it.  Rather simple.  Beth doesn’t buy it.  Bill, who has Beth up against the wall, literally, makes a move on her to help her remember (yeah Bill, we know you’re a playboy).  But according to Beth, this isn’t the kind of help she needs.  Down, boy, down.

Olivia denies her advances toward Phillip who is curious as to what her intentions are.  Olivia exits and Alan approaches her with the news that Sam will be living at the mansion from now on.  Seemingly vulnerable, Olivia says that she can only turn to Sam.  Alan says that he remembers a time when he used to be that person and then poses the question, "what has changed?"  Olivia stands before him mouth somewhat agape.  Alan tenderly embraces her saying, "all I want is to make you happy."  Olivia is teary-eyed fishing for a response no doubt as Alan squanders to recapture their "old glory" as a couple.  Sam enters.  "Who’s Thomas?  He bursts into the boarding house like he owns the place, packs my belongings and orders me to follow him here (Spaulding mansion)" he exclaims.  Alan explains that Thomas is his butler and that he instructed him (Thomas) to bring him (Sam) there to spend time with Olivia (his sister).  Olivia looks at Alan while declaring that she doesn’t interfere when it comes to speaking in terms of Alan’s actions.  Sam wants to help his sister, but Olivia swears that she is in control as usual.

Beth says she wants to know what happened at the mission, but Bill promises her that she doesn’t.  He wants the Lorelei that he sees in her.  They kiss passionately…

More flirting between Holly and Buzz; she wants a casual (shallow) relationship, but Buzz wants to "dive in" to find an answer.

Ed testifies explaining Richard’s injuries and tries to spare Cassie, who is up for this (well at least that’s what she implies).  Ed doesn’t see the point because they "have all this stuff on file."  The big question: would Richard die?  Ed thinks so and Cassie whimpers, so automatically Reva chimes in "Please stop torturing her like this."  Ed is excused; Reva takes the stand and Cassie insists upon listening, teary-eyed.  Reva recalls Richard’s final moments and her actions.  Elsewhere in the hospital, a disappointed/crying Mel is being consoled by father.

Buzz with Holly.  "Oh here comes Ed," says Buzz (like he was getting somewhere).  Ed says "hello."  Interrupting?  Yeah Ed you are, but Holly doesn’t seem to think so.

Spaulding mansion.  Olivia with Sam.  "Go with what works," says Sam while comforting an upset Olivia.  Meanwhile, Phillip talks business with Alan (sort of).  Obviously upset discussing Olivia’s business transaction, Phillip is worried that Alan and Olivia are on "shaky ground."  According to Alan, Phillip spoke too soon: "no need to worry about planning a double wedding," snaps Alan, bitingly.

Beth is now belligerent, so Bill gives her the truth or at least the name and location of the mission she sketched and asks her to leave.  She obliges storming out of the cabin.

Holly feeling pressured with her suitors (Ed and Buzz) exits.  Buzz is unhappy that Ed is back and Ed says that he can’t blame him.

Mel is still with her father.  They have an epiphany: "she’s terrific, but not perfect."  Daddy still consoles her; Mel is worried that her identity might be in limbo.  He proceeds to try and reinforce her wavering faith…

Reva apologizes to Cassie who is stone-faced and in tears.  Naturally, Cassie disregards Reva.

Olivia is with Phillip is planning an apology for Beth, who calls because of a "side trip."  Phillip is convinced that this has something to do with Lorelei and he tells Beth that he’s lost.  Beth hangs up, after asking him to kiss Lizzie and the kids for him.  Phillip appears upset and he exits saying that he "needs to go break something now, but that’s something that I must do in private."  Olivia is happy to say the least and calls Michael to talk about a sequel and promises to retrieve the missing pages from Beth/Lorelei’s diary.

Cabin.  We see Bill with the missing pages—probably thinking about Beth/Lorelei, no doubt.

Ed is trying to reach out to Buzz; they have something in common: they’ve both been spurned by Holly.  Buzz is looking for a "formal" relationship (get it?)  Ed feels that he is at fault for some reason.  The two are discussing their feelings when Buzz comes to the conclusion that they have way too much machismo for this (whatever), so Ed decides to order food…

Cassie says that she doesn’t fault the hospital, but she knows that "it’s her move ‘give it up or go to the DA’."  Cassie looks angrily at Reva, AGAIN, before the show ends.

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