Guiding Light Update Wednesday 8/14/02

By La'Homal

Opening: Michael and Olivia at Company discussing business (Lorelei’s diary: there are several pages missing from it). Michael wants to know where these pages are and urges Olivia to get them to him ASAP. If not, he’ll publish the novel anyway because he knows a best seller when he sees it.

Inside Company, we find Bill with a shocked Ben, who can’t believe that Bill was/had been married, discussing his influence on Beth.

Back at Spaulding Mansion, Phillip has entered the den where we find Beth sketching more drawings from her past as Lorelei, after having snatched her arm away from a now frustrated Phillip. He insists that her take on therapy (sketching and what not) isn’t quite working; in fact, it seems to be propelling her deeper and deeper into her past as Lorelei Hills. Irritated, she kneels to continue sketching as Phillip grips the easel with his hand. She then proceeds to pull the sketch as it rips because of Phillip’s grip on it. Beth glares angrily at Phillip.

At her home, Reva is discussing her legal conundrum with a worried Billy and Ross, who wants to accompany her to her pre-trial to provide legal support. Reva is in denial of the seriousness of her situation and proceeds to trivialize the matter.

Rick is being examined by his physician, Ian, and is excited about the possibility of being release from the hospital while his wife (Mel) looks on. He assures her of the better times that are to come as soon as he is out of there. Nevertheless, she can’t seem to break away from her thoughts of the uncertain future in regards to her medical career and the affects that it could have on every aspect of her life. Most certainly when it comes to her relationship with her father…

Olivia concludes her discussion with Michael and makes her way inside of Company where she spots Bill. The two then proceed to straighten out the rest of the details regarding their imminent business venture together.

Back at Spaulding Mansion, Beth is know upset as Phillip is pacing around the room questioning her happiness. Beth shoots back at him by questioning his need for control. He tells her that her sketching can’t be “healthy” and delivers an ultimatum: she must “figure out what it is that’s making her hold on to this and let it go before she does some real damage.” He exits as Beth exclaims “I can’t let it go.” She then has a flashback of a drunken Lorelei at the mission (in her sketches), while Bill, who is smoking a cigar, is standing above her laughing with a priest—this leaves an unnerved Beth, puzzled.

Rick’s cleared to go home and Mel reminds him that it’s “not a time for visiting family, it’s a time for rest.” She exits as Bill enters. He wants to discuss his relationship with Beth and his role in her recovery. Rick wonders why Bill is concerned with Beth, so Bill enlightens him. Bill tells Rick that he knew Beth as Lorelei and had picked her up while she was hitchhiking and how they became close. Bill seems to think that it’s his presence that’s bringing all these memories back for Beth; so, he feels obligated to help Beth fill in the blanks. Rick discourages Bill’s interference and tells him to leave the psychology to the professionals.

Beth now panicked calls her psychologist (Mel’s mother) for support. She’s in fear that Lorelei may be trying to resurface, so she proceeds to discuss her vision with the doctor.

Marah strolling through a small thicket on the beach finds Cassie standing there. Cassie apologizes for being angry. Marah says that “the house is empty without her and the kids there.” Cassie assures Marah that she is going forth with the investigation; she has to for her the sake of her kids. Tammy overhears Cassie’s revelation: Richard wasn’t supposed to die.

Reva’s home: she doesn’t want to escalate the situation between her and her sister. Ross insists that he must be there. Billy agrees, but head strong Reva insists that she must do this alone.

Billy is alarmed, Reva feels that Cassie will get the wrong impression if she shows up in court with Springfield’s top legal eagle. “This isn’t some court room drama“, she says. She feels that she can explain things to her sister alone. Ross is still in doubt, but Reva, as always, gets her way. Ross exits. Billy assures Reva that she will rise above this, as she has time and time again in the past.

Tammy is convinced that Richard would’ve died anyway; but Cassie tells her that that is true, but Reva’s interference prevented them from saying good bye. Cassie explains Reva’s blatant actions; unplugging Richard’s life support was not up to Reva, it was a decision to be made by Cassie. Tammy is now angered and confused. Cassie now urges Tammy to go look after her siblings until she returns. Cassie says that her sister acts on impulse and says that Reva must pay, just as anyone else does for their actions. Marah now identifies with her aunt, stating that she too has had to deal with a lot of the consequences of her mother’s actions, as Cassie leaves the beach to go be with her children.

Bill is still with Rick discussing the stimulation of Beth’s memory. Rick tries to advise Bill, who wants to help. Bill leaves and calls Olivia to let her know that he is going to the airport and that he will start work on the project tomorrow. Olivia, forever the vixen, makes sure that Beth knows that she is having a discussion with Bill. Beth now wants to know where Bill is going and how to contact him, but Olivia “insists” that she must not divulge that information to anyone, which deters Beth…

Beth prods Olivia (not really) for the information. Beth guesses that Olivia gave Bill the job and Olivia confirms this.

Mel is at dinner with her mother and father discussing Reva’s hearing and her role (Mel’s) in Richard’s death. She’s worried that because she didn’t report the disconnection of his life support system right away that she could face repercussions for it both personally and professionally.

Reva prepares for her hearing. As she moves toward the door, Billy calls for Shayne, but Reva tells him that she told Shayne that it would be better if she did this alone. She doesn’t want it to appear as if she is pitting the family against itself. Billy reminds her that if Josh was there he wouldn’t want her to do this alone. Reva assures him that Josh would understand her reasons for doing this alone. Reva exits, while Billy is wishing her luck. He appears doubtful as Reva leaves for her inquisition.

Phillip enters the den to find Olivia sitting on the sofa. Phillip is searching for Beth and tells Olivia how his father always seems to draw his ire (nothing new). Olivia and he discuss things. She tells Phillip to apologize to Beth for his behavior. Olivia’s obviously taking this as an opportunity to put a move on Phillip (at least verbally…).

Mel’s mom assures her that they will back her every step of the way, so does her father. They commend Mel for her strength and undying commitment to love over the past couple of months.

Outside the location of the inquisition: Marah arrives to Reva find standing in the hallway. Reva is delighted and confesses to Marah that although she had assured everyone that she wanted to do this alone, she had never felt so alone before in her life. But to Reva’s surprise (and disappointment), Marah tells her that her real reason for being at the courthouse was in support of not her mother Reva, but her widowed aunt, Cassie, who arrives just in time to give Reva a cold stare before the ending credits roll.

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