Guiding Light Update Tuesday 8/13/02

By La’Homal

A shirtless Tony has just finished his run on the beach when he is approached by Marina Cooper. Marina wants to know what the deal is between Tony and Marah. “Marah is out of control and on the loose.” Most importantly, Marah is interfering with Marina’s opportunity to become a member of Springfield’s elite.

Bill visits Marah, who still has conflicting feelings about her mother’s role in Richard’s death, at the Lewis home. Bill tries to divert Marah’s attention from everything that is going on between Reva and Cassie by giving Marah their mail, which includes an invitation to the Beacon gala for Marah. Marah tries to convince Bill to come along. Their must be some girl who would love to go to the gala with him. “Yeah, there is, but she just doesn’t know it.” Marah realizes that Bill is keeping secrets from his “mystery lady” and pleads with him to tell her truth. Marah knows all too well that nothing good can ever come from keeping secrets from the one that you love. Look at what happened between her mom and Cassie as well as she and Tony. Marah makes Bill promise that he will come clean with his “mystery lady”. Bill promises, but only under one condition: Marah must agree to get out of the house and start having some fun again.

Beth has been inspired. For the first time in years, she has begun to sketch again, only her sketches are from her life as Lorelei Hills. Alan arrives and is none too pleased with Beth’s new hobby of sketching scenes from Lorelei’s life. Beth, not wanting to get into it with Alan, reminds him of his meeting with Olivia at the Country Club.

Sam Spencer is back in town and spending time with his sister, Olivia, at the Country Club. Olivia lights up when she sees Phillip and becomes even more ecstatic to have an opportunity to rub suntan lotion on the hunk’s back. Phillips tells Olivia that he knows what she is up to, but it is not going to work. If she wants to get Alan’s attention, it is going to take a lot more than an extended back rub after their steamy kiss in the hot tub at the Spaulding mansion.

Marina informs an unhappy Tony that Marah has agreed to attend the Beacon gala with Ben Reade, which has got Marina ticked off, especially since Ben had made plans with her that same night only minutes before asking Marah out. Marina is convinced that she can change Ben’s mind and get him to take her to the gala if it were not for Marah. Tony tries to convince Marina to find a guy in her own league, but Marina wants Ben. Ben is her way to the good life. He’s good looking and he’s got money. Marina asks Tony if he knows what it is like to want something so badly, but everyone says that he cannot have it. Tony assures Marina that he knows all to well as he stares off into the distance. Marina wants to know exactly what it is that Tony wanted so badly that others said that he couldn’t have. Tony is tight lipped, but Marina tells him that she already knows---it’s Marah. Tony is becoming aggravated, but Marina tells him it’s only because she is telling the truth.

Phillip and Olivia are sharing a table at the Country club. Olivia is aware that people in Springfield think of her as a “heartless, manipulative witch who is only out for money and power.” Phillip assures Olivia that he doesn’t see her like that. Sam is observing the two from a safe distance and quickly notices that his sister is drawn to Phillip. When Alan arrives, he asks for a moment alone with Phillip. Alan urges Phillip to get home immediately and lay down the law with Beth. “Beth is home right now scribbling as if her life depended on it.” Phillip reminds Alan that Beth is an artist, but Alan is more concerned about what Beth is sketching---the mission in Mexico when she was Lorelei. Phillip thinks that Alan should spend less time worrying about him (Phillip) and Beth and more time worrying about his (Alan’s) relationship with Olivia.

Tony and Marina are sitting on the beach discussing Marah. Tony thinks that he and Marah are from two different worlds, but Marina is well aware of the way that the two look at each other. Marina tells Tony that Marah is an idiot for ever letting him go. Tony tells Marina that she is a good kid, and that she should just stick to “being Marina first.” Marina wants more—she wants to be a star, have her own clothing line, she’s into the “whole J Lo thing.” Tony teases her about wanting to be a star when just a few minutes a go she had wanted her picture on the society page with Ben Reade. Marina pulls Tony back down beside her as he gets up to leave. Marina has her hand on Tony’s shoulder and they appear very close when Marah appears holding her shoes in her hand and telling Tony that she needs to talk to him. Marina replies, “Like you needed to talk to Ben.” Marah is not backing down and sends a young Marina on her un-merry way. Tony gets up and wants to know why Marah sent Marina away.

Bill stops by the Spaulding mansion intending to keep his promise to Marah, but decides against it when he sees that Beth has been sketching a picture of the mission where they spent some time together in Mexico. Beth notices Bill’s reaction to her sketch and asks Bill if he recognizes the place. Bill admits that he does recognize it and that it Beth has captured its true essence. Bill tells Beth that he and Lorelei spent some time there together, but he does not elaborate any more than that. As Bill exits the Spaulding den, Phillip is arriving. Phillips sees all of the sketches and wants to know what is going on. Beth informs Phillip that she is not going to stop sketching until she remembers what happened, because she knows that she knows that place and Bill admitted that he spent time there with Lorelei.

Tony thinks Marah sent Marina away because she (Marah) was afraid that Tony was going to hurt her (Marina). Tony is trying to explain to Marah what she saw when she walked up on him and Marina. He tells her that they were just talking and he was trying to get up and leave when Marina pulled him back down beside her. Marah tells him to stop explaining, that she believes him. It’s just when she saw him with Marina, another girl she became jealous. Tony is shocked.

Marina innocently reminds Ben that their date on the beach is scheduled for the same night as the Beacon gala. Marina asks Ben if he plans to take her. He tells her that she doesn’t want to go, but he has to go. He plans to leave the gala early so that he can still meet up with her on the beach for the date. Marina informs Ben that she is aware that he has already made plans to take Marah Lewis to the gala. Marina is livid. She is good enough to spend time with on the beach in the middle of the night, but not in public. Ben and everyone else in Springfield see the Coopers as the help. Ben is snobby enough to be a Spaulding, and he is going to realize that he needs her (Marina).

Tony cannot believe that Marah was jealous when she saw him with Marina. Tony walks over to where Marah is standing and asks her she means by that. He watches Marah and waits for an answer, but she simply walks away leaving a confused Tony. Tony can only stand there alone and watch Marah walk away.

Alan tells Olivia that what goes on between them stays between them, and he does not want her discussing it with Phillip or anyone else. Olivia tells Alan that she can do whatever she pleases and walks out. Later Olivia admits to Sam that she does have feelings for Phillip. Although it all started out as a game to get back at Alan, she is now falling in love with Phillip.

Phillip wants to know what is going on with Beth. He is not pleased that she is continuing with this quest to find out more about her past as Lorelei. When the pictures that Beth has been sketching becomes scattered on the floor, Beth frantically tries to gather them. Phillip grabs Beth by the arm as he has had enough. He tells Beth that he is there with her now, not Lorelei and not Bill. Beth snatches from Phillip’s grip and stares at him hard.

Ben is still at Company when Bill arrives. Bill appears on edge so Ben invites him to attend the Beacon gala with him and Marah. When Bill refuses, Ben tells Bill that he is acting as though he is married or something. Bill admits that he is indeed married.

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