Guiding Light Update Monday 8/12/02

By Megan

In Chicago, Eden refused to go with Harley and Gus because she thought she would get in trouble. Gus told Eden that he needed her to help them out. Gus told Eden that he was in love with Harley and would do almost anything for her.  

At Company, Frank wanted to take Marina on a vacation, and was showing her brochures, but she didn't want to. Then Lizzie came in and they talked. Marina told her what her plans are to get Ben.

At the beach, Ray found Marah sitting by herself, and tried talking to her to make her feel better. Marah didn't tell him what Reva did. Ray told her that no matter what, she could trust him and talk to him about anything.

Buss came home, and Frank told him about everything that had happened while he was away.

Marina followed Ben outside, and set up a date for the two of them, even though Ben was very hesitant.

At the Bauers', Michelle confronted Danny about the tape. Danny told Michelle that the tape was real, and he said that he was trying to protect Michelle and the rest of her family. Then he told her that he was threatening to kill Edmund. Michelle asked for an explanation.

When Marina found out about the big party at the Beacon, she decided to score a date with Ben so she could be in the newspaper. Lizzie told her that Ben would never ask her to the party.

Gus and Harley told Eden that they would protect her and she only needs to tell Philip what really happened.

After Danny told Michelle exactly what happened that night he threatened Edmund, she was furious, and hurt. Danny told her that he would not apologize for it. Then Danny told Michelle that the only reason he didn't kill Edmund was because she called him that night to tell him that Richard was killed.

Buzz told Frank about the boys, and then he decided to go lie down. Marina told Frank that he needs to get out more and date. Then she headed to the beach to find Ben and talk about the Beacon Party.

Ben found Marah at the beach, and asked her if everything was ok. Marah didn't want to talk to him about Tony. Ben told her that she should move on, and try to forget about Tony all together. He then asked her to go to the Beacon Opening party with him. She was hesitant at first, but then agreed. Marina overheard Ben ask her, and was hurt.

Harley told Gus and Eden that she didn't have the keys to the hand cuffs, and she would as soon as they got back to Springfield. With that, they headed back to town.

When Danny asked Michelle what was going to happen next with them, she said she didn't know, and then walked out the door.

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