Guiding Light Update Friday 8/9/02

By Megan

Carmen completely denied knowing about the tape, and asked Michelle to show her the tape.

Danny took Edmund to the beach to talk about the tape. He brought along a guy who never worked for Carmen. Edmund was shocked when Danny told him about the tape.

When Reva came home, Cassie was on her way out the door with the kids, and a couple of bags. Reva wanted to talk to Cassie, but she refused, told Marah and Shayne to talk to Reva about, then walked out the door.

Carmen told Michelle that Danny had both her and Edmund taken away for a week, and kept there. As Carmen was leaving, Ed came home and told Carmen to call him Dr. Bauer, not Ed. Michelle told him he didn't want to know why Carmen was there.

Edmund told Danny that he wouldn't be stupid enough to give Danny another reason to kill him. Edmund said that Carmen did it just to break up Danny and Michelle because she hates Michelle so much. Danny let Edmund go and told him to take care of Carmen.

Eden and Gus exchanged hellos. Gus told Harley that her hearing was moved up, so she needed to go home. Gus sensed how mad Harley was with him.

Reva told Marah and Shayne the story of how Richard really died. Shayne was supportive of her decision, but Marah wasn't.

Cassie took the kids to the Country Club where she told Tammy that they would make it, and she didn't want her to get a job. Cassie spotted Dr. Grant. She told him that Ed wasn't the one who killed Richard. She told him that it was Reva and she wanted the hospital to do something about it.

Gus told Harley that he couldn't stay away from Eden for the rest of his life. As Harley was leaving, Gus stopped her to tell her the real story. He told her that the promise he made was to his father, not to Eden. Then Gus told Harley that it was because Eden is his sister.

Michelle showed Ed the tape of Danny and Edmund. Ed thought it looked pretty real even though Michelle was in complete denial.

As Shayne and Reva were talking about what will happen next, Marah came down with some blankets, and said that Cassie called her. Marah said she was going to go to the Beacon and give them to her and some company.

Edmund met Carmen at the Country Club and asked her about the tape. Carmen admitted that she put the tape in the basket.

Harley promises that Eden will not be charged with murder if she tells Philip that it was her who pushed the guy off the roof. After Gus tried to get Eden to comply, she still refused and Harley cuffed Eden to herself. Harley says that if Eden doesn't come back to Springfield, she will stay shackled to her for the rest of her life.

When Danny got home, he found Michelle watching the tape again.

Edmund makes a toast to Carmen and tells her of a great chemist who made a poison that was tasteless, colorless, and odorless. Carmen assumed that Edmund poisoned her. Carmen drank the last of her wine and pretended to choke. After she started laughing, Edmund informed her that the poison would take 24 hours to start working.

Marah went to the Beacon and gave Cassie the blankets. Cassie told her that she could stay as long as she like. Then they stepped out in the hall, and Marah told Cassie that Reva told her what happened. Cassie told her that everything would be ok.

Dr. Grant went to Reva's and told her that Cassie told him what she did to Richard. He told her that she would need to come to a meeting at Cedars the next day, and she would need to bring a lawyer.

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