Guiding Light Update Thursday 8/8/02

By Megan

Michelle started watching the tape and it was all of Robbie. Danny wanted to take the tape out, but Michelle wouldn't let him.

Harley asked Eden if she remembered Gus Aitoro, but she didn't recognize the name at all. Harley realized that she would've known him as Nick August. As soon as Harley mentioned the name, Eden lit up and asked a lot of questions about him and how he has been doing.

While Marina was talking to Ben and Bill outside of Company, Frank came out and asked if Ben would keep an eye on Marina while he went to take care of something. Ben agreed and they went inside to eat, where Ben saw Marah sitting by herself.

After the footage of Robbie was Danny trying to kill Edmund in the warehouse. Michelle doesn't believe it and thinks that Carmen made the tape just to make her mad at Danny. She decided to go home and took the tape with her.

As Gus was being arrested, he noticed the picture of his father that was hanging on the wall. He told a bunch of stories about him to get the other cops to believe that he was Joe August's son. Finally they did believe him, and invited him to join them.

Philip told Beth that since Gus left town, he would let Zach go back to Harley and he would even drop the charges against her.

Carmen and Edmund were dining together close to Beth and Philip. Carmen wanted to give Beth a show, but Edmund told her that Beth would never be jealous of her, and then he left.

Eden told Harley that Gus was keeping the truth about their relationship from her because he loves Eden more than Harley, but Harley wanted her to go back to Springfield anyway.

Philip couldn't get a hold of Harley and Beth told him not to worry about it because she would get Zach when she was ready. When Philip asked Beth where her wedding ring was, she had a flash from when she was Lorelei of someone putting a ring on her finger. Then Frank showed up to pick up Zach.  Frank said Harley wasn't talking to Philip yet because he hadn't formally dropped the charges against her. Then Frank asked about the money he gave Gus so he would leave. They bickered for a bit then Frank left. Then Beth got mad at Philip and said he needed to apologize, and with that she left.

Bill, Ben, and Marah talked about the Fifth Street Diner and how much they loved it. When Marina found out that Marah lived in Italy, she went off on how great Marah's life was. When she mentioned Tony, Marah got uneasy and left. Ben offered to take her home. Marina asked Bill for help with Ben.

Edmund showed up at the hospital to see if Danny liked the gift basket. Danny said that he wanted to talk to Edmund about the night he almost killed him, so they went for a walk.

At home, Michelle was surprised by a visit from Carmen. Michelle told her that her plan with the video tape to break up her marriage would never work because she knew the tape was a fake.

Harley told Eden that she was not afraid of losing Gus to anyone. Eden told her that Gus will probably be mad when he finds out that Harley tracked her down. With that there was a knock at the door and it was Gus.

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