Guiding Light Update Wednesday 8/7/02

By La'Homal

In Chicago

Gus just does miss Harley at Saint Anne's as she continues on her quest to find Eden.  Harley finds herself in a restaurant filled with police officers.  As she shows Eden's photograph to an officer sitting at the bar, he recognizes Eden as the lady he arrested a couple of days ago.  Harley digs for more information, but the cop refuses.  When Harley fails to lift the cops notebook that has been sitting on the counter, she devises another plan.  As the cops gets up from his seat to receive a call from the precinct (made by Harley)  requesting him to return to work, Harley grabs the notebook and runs out of the restaurant.  The cop chases after Harley, but is unable to successfully catch up with her.  Before leaving Saint Anne's, Gus gives sister Catherine the money that Phillip paid him to leave Springfield. He tells her that it was a gift from his fairy godfather and that he wants her to use it for the children. Arriving at the "cop" restaurant,

At Ross and Blake's

Ross sends the kids out so that he and Blake can do some house cleaning. The couple agrees that everything in their home either reminds them of their past mistakes: Tory, Ben, and the fact that Ross initially purchased the home for his first wife, Carrie.  Ross throws a picture out that Tory once praised him for buying.  Later, the couple makes love on the single item (a rug) that remains in their living room.

Outside of Cedars

Carmen has summoned Edmond to a meeting.  Carmen presents Edmund with the "incriminating" tape, which shows Danny trying to murder Edmund.  Carmen hopes that Edmund will turn the tape over to Michelle in hopes of destroying the couple's marriage.  Edmund, in fear of his life, wants no part of Carmen's scheme. Carmen realizing that Edmund is genuinely afraid of Danny gives the tape to Garcia, her thug, and orders him to destroy the tape.  Edmund, taking no chances, destroys the take himself by slamming it to the ground and crushing it with his feet.  Carmen, then, convinces Edmund to send Danny a peace offering.  Later Carmen's thug returns with the real incriminating tape.

In Rick's Hospital Room

Father Ray stops by to see Rick, who is having tests done.  He gets to spend a moment alone with his cousin, Danny, who confesses to Father Ray that he almost killed Edmund the night before.  Danny explains to Father Ray that Edmund made threats against Michelle and the Bauer family.  Father Ray tries to convince Danny that this is just an isolated incident; Danny is just under a lot of stress "allowing his mind to go to those dark places."  Danny, on the other hand is convinced that this is not an isolated incident because he would do it all over again if someone else threatened his family.  Father Ray attempts to convince Danny not to give in to his impulses, but Danny announces that he may want to give in to them.  Danny rationalizes that he would only murder to protect his family.  When Father Ray tells Danny that Michelle would not be happy with his actions, Danny counters that what Michelle doesn't know won't hurt her.

Later, Danny and Michelle, who are still waiting for Rick to return from his test receive a gift basket from Edmund.  While Danny leaves to find scissors, Michelle realizes that she has something to open the basket with.  Upon opening the basket, Michelle finds the incriminating tape of Danny trying to murder Edmund.  Unaware of what is on the tape, Michelle is putting the tape into the VCR when Danny returns to the room.

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