Guiding Light Update Tuesday 8/6/02

By Megan

When Gus woke up and noticed that Harley was no longer in bed with him, he searched for her. When there was a knock at the door, he thought it was Harley, but it was Philip.

Harley called Frank from a pay phone in Chicago. Frank informed her that she was not allowed to leave when she was out on bail, but Harley said that she needed to find this girl.

Reva told Cassie that Richard was begging her to turn off his ventilator. Cassie ran out of the hospital.

Philip told Gus that Zach really missed Harley while they were away, so he wanted the two of them to spend more time together. In fact, he wanted Zach to be able to live with Harley again. Philip said he would even drop all the charges against Harley. Then he said that in order for all this to happen, Gus had to leave town.

Reva followed Cassie outside and tried to explain to her what she did and why. Reva said that Cassie would've done the same thing if she were there. Then she started to give her a complete recap of what happened that night. Cassie said she didn't want to hear it.

Philip gave Gus a big wod of cash and told him that Harley would never find out about any of this. Then Gus said he would leave, but if Philip didn't give Zach back to Harley, he would be back.

Harley went to St. Anne's where she met Sister Catherine. When Harley showed her the pictures of the girl, Sister Catherine recognized the picture of her when she was younger. She told Harley that the girl was nothing but trouble.

Reva continued telling Cassie what happened that night.  Cassie said she couldn't listen, but Reva kept going. Reva told her that she wouldn't have done it if Richard were any less certain or any less clear about what he wanted. Then Cassie turned to her and called her a murderer.

Chief Franklin visited Frank at Company and told him that Harley's court date was moved up so it could be done and over with.

Sister Catherine couldn't remember the girl's name. Harley found some year books and they started looking through them. Harley noticed that in each of the books there was a picture that was cut out along with the name of that person. They both figured that this was the girl they were looking for. Sister Catherine told Harley that she was welcome to stay there for the night.

Mel told Ed that she knew all along that it was Reva who killed Richard because she overheard her praying to God in the chapel.

Cassie was furious and started yelling at Reva, who was trying to make Cassie understand why she killed Richard. Cassie told her how wrong she was to take this into her own hands, and she refused to believe what Reva had been telling her. When Cassie asked why Reva hadn't told her sooner, she said that she didn't want to cause Cassie anymore pain. Cassie said she would never forgive her then stormed back into the hospital.

Sister Catherine told Harley that the girl had many boyfriends, but there was one in particular that she was inseparable from. Then she remembered that the girl's name was Eden.

Frank went to Gus and told him that Harley's court date was being moved up, and she needed to be there, but she went to Chicago to find this girl.

Ed went outside and tried to help Reva, but she told him that she did this on her own and she would have to face the consequences on her own.

Harley looked through the year books again and read some of the girl's wishes out loud. She found Eden's wish which was to have Nick (Gus) back forever.

Gus told Frank about Philip's visit. Frank said that he would pick up Zach. Gus told him that Harley means everything to him he needs to find her before she finds Eden.

Cassie visited Richard's grave and begged him for answers. She also begged for him to come back to her.

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