Guiding Light Update Monday 8/5/02

By Megan

As Harley packed Jude's bag for Frank, they discussed Gus' mystery girl. Harley told Frank that she knows enough about this girl to start looking for her. Frank remembered the picture that Gus had with him, and told Harley. She headed off to his hotel room, but Frank stopped her.

Marah saw Tony arguing with someone outside of Company and heard him say that the Beacon was a Santos gig, not Winslow or Spencer. Marah told Tony that she will not let him ruin this project for Cassie.

Reva noticed that Marah had left and starred at a picture of Richard and Cassie.

Ed wanted to talk to Cassie in private, but she refused. Danny asked what happened and Cassie told him that Ed killed Richard to give Rick his heart. Rick overheard them arguing outside his room. Cassie asked Ed why he had been so nice to her and her children. Then they all rushed into Rick's room when they heard his machines beeping.

Reva imagined telling Cassie the truth about Richard being a car salesman.

Edmund visited Richard's grave, and vowed to make whoever was responsible for his death pay.

Frank reminded Harley that she is out on bail, and if she gets caught breaking and entering again, he won't be able to get her out of jail. But he then gave in to Harley and said he would watch Jude. Frank noticed that Harley forgot her cell phone.

Marah gave Tony his cell phone. Then Marah knocked on the window of Company to get Frank's attention, and Tony grabs her arm. He said he was sorry and he didn't mean to.

Cassie walked outside of the hospital and Edmund found her. Cassie told Edmund that Ed confessed to killing Richard. Edmund told Cassie that it wasn't her fault and she should sue them all. Cassie said she wouldn't do it.

Danny called Reva and told her that Cassie thinks Ed killed Richard. Reva headed to the hospital.

Rick refused to rest until Michelle, Mel, Ed, and Danny tell him what is going on.

Outside Rick's room, Mel explained to Michelle and Ed that she was only turning Richard's machines back on.

Right after Gus left his room, Harley found they key and went in. She looked through all his stuff and finally found the pictures in his drawer. When she opened the door to leave, Gus was standing there.

Marah said that Tony didn't hurt her that time. Tony told her that Cassie came to him and Danny for help, and they will give it to her.

Gus asked Harley what happened to her hand and she should've called him so he could help her. Harley tried to leave, but Gus kisses her. Harley stops him and tells him about Phillip taking Zach out of the country. They told each other how much they miss being together, and kiss again. Harley asked about the girl again, but Gus refused to tell her. Then he found a marker and signed her cast, "Gus loves Harley."

Marah told Tony that she will never forget what he did for her when he confessed to killing Catalina. Marah said she couldn't apologize for sleeping with Romeo, and Tony walked away.

While Gus slept, Harley got all her things together and kissed him good bye. She said that they will be together one day and she will make it happen.

As Cassie argued with Ed and Mel, Reva showed up and told her that Ed wasn't even at the hospital the night Richard died. Then Reva told her that she was the one who turned off Richard's life support.

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